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E6 T.J. A 38-year-old woman alternates between being a wife and mother and a singer who is a drug addict. Tue, December 23 2014 9:00 pm EST
E5 Candace A 23-year-old mother becomes addicted to cocaine and opiates. Tue, December 16 2014
E4 Andrew A man begins to spiral into addiction after his surrogate father figure is killed in a car accident. Tue, December 09 2014
E3 Aimee A 25-year-old woman is caught in the same cycle of addiction that killed her mother. Tue, December 02 2014
E2 Holley A woman acts out through alcohol and cocaine abuse and gives birth to three children while addicted. Tue, November 25 2014
E1 Tammy A woman follows in her parents' footsteps and descends into a world of drugs and danger. Tue, November 25 2014
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