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E22 Call of the Wild Howler monkeys, sperm whales, wolves and lions make lots of noise. Sat, May 16 2015
E21 My Better Half Jack's wife, Suzi, encounters dolphins, elephants, cheetahs and poison dart frogs. Sat, May 09 2015
E20 Animal Rest Stops Sea turtles, whale sharks and wading birds. Sat, May 02 2015
E19 Second Chances Gibbons, horses, sloths and a pigeon get a second chance at survival. Sat, April 25 2015
E18 Hanna Detective Agency A disappearing civet; a missing elephant; decoding bats. Sat, April 18 2015
E17 Life in the Slow Lane Mellow manatees, koalas and giant Galapagos tortoises. Sat, April 11 2015
E16 Scavenger Hunt Jackals, sharks and leopards survive on remains hunters leave behind. Sat, April 04 2015
E15 It's All Relative Elephants and manatees; rhinos and tapirs; giraffes and okapis. Sat, March 07 2015
E14 Reptile Roundup King cobra; anaconda; tortoise; chameleon. Sat, February 28 2015
E13 Hair-Raising Adventures Diving in a submarine; trekking into mandrill country; coming face-to-face with a mountain lion. Sat, February 21 2015
E12 Seeing Red The color red is important to some animals' survival. Sat, February 14 2015
E11 Tall Tales Tails can be dangerous, powerful and critical for high-speed navigation. Sat, February 07 2015
E10 Jack to the Future Cheetahs; rhinos; manatees; kangaroos; a time-traveling tour through natural history. Sat, January 31 2015
E9 Born in the U.S.A. Moose; cougars; alligators; an underwater adventure in Hawaii. Sat, January 24 2015
E8 Ebb and Flow How water impacts the lives of elephants, hippoes, caimans and giraffes. Sat, November 22 2014
E7 Tree for Me Tigers; orangutans; monkeys; high-flying animals. Sat, November 15 2014
E6 Animals and Traditions Masai cattle; elephants and mahouts; cowboys of South America. Sat, November 08 2014
E5 Picky Eaters Pandas; marsupials; flamingoes. Sat, November 01 2014
E4 Creatures of the Night Stealthy hunters with night vision; bats; rats; vipers. Sat, October 25 2014
E3 Need for Speed Horses; kangaroos; cheetahs; falcons. Sat, October 18 2014
E2 Helping Hands Baboons crossing the road; dogs getting vaccinated; orphaned animals getting nursed back to health. Sat, October 11 2014
E1 Animal Engineers Weaver ants; mountain gorillas; sea turtles. Sat, October 04 2014
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