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E8 Ebb and Flow How water impacts the lives of elephants, hippoes, caimans and giraffes. Sat, November 22 2014
E7 Tree for Me Tigers; orangutans; monkeys; high-flying animals. Sat, November 15 2014
E6 Animals and Traditions Masai cattle; elephants and mahouts; cowboys of South America. Sat, November 08 2014
E5 Picky Eaters Pandas; marsupials; flamingoes. Sat, November 01 2014
E4 Creatures of the Night Stealthy hunters with night vision; bats; rats; vipers. Sat, October 25 2014
E3 Need for Speed Horses; kangaroos; cheetahs; falcons. Sat, October 18 2014
E2 Helping Hands Baboons crossing the road; dogs getting vaccinated; orphaned animals getting nursed back to health. Sat, October 11 2014
E1 Animal Engineers Weaver ants; mountain gorillas; sea turtles. Sat, October 04 2014
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