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E14 Jack and the Bean Stalk Jack finds some magic beans that grow into a huge beanstalk. Sat, October 13 2007
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E13 Silly Show Jack, Mary and Mel decide to do seven silly things. Sun, April 01 2007
E12 Mel's Bath Day Mel gets dirty when he digs up the trombones that he buried in the backyard. Sat, February 10 2007
E11 Laurie's Big Song Laurie Berkner stops by the playhouse to sing a special song with Jack, Mary and Mel. Sun, February 04 2007
E10 Jack's Super Swell Sing-Along Jack and Mary are masters of ceremony for a big neighborhood sing-along in the clubhouse. Sat, February 03 2007
E9 Groundhog Day Gertrude the Groundhog hides from the crowd in the clubhouse. Fri, February 02 2007
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E8 Scat Cat Jack is jealous when Mel's friend from Animal Music Camp comes to visit. Sun, January 28 2007
E7 Jack's Big Orchestra Jack looks for his conductor's baton so that he can pretend to lead an orchestra. Sat, January 27 2007
E6 Jack's Big Oops! Jack accidentally breaks Mary's new musical instrument. Sun, January 21 2007
E5 Phil the Coo-Coo Bird Jack, Mary and Mel must teach Phil how to do the coo-coo dance. Sat, January 20 2007
E4 Jack Bunny Mel uses a magic horn to make musical magic-tricks happen. Sun, January 14 2007
E3 Spunky the Alien Spunky the alien must stay in the clubhouse when his spaceship breaks down. Sat, January 13 2007
E2 Leonard the Country Squirrel Homesick squirrel. Sun, January 07 2007
E1 Snow Day The clubhouse becomes a winter wonderland when Mel's sand machine shoots out snowflakes. Sat, January 06 2007
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