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E22 Fair Winds and Following Seas Cresswell informs Harm and Mac that they are being reassigned; Harm to London and Mac to San Diego. Fri, April 29 2005
E21 Dream Team A seaman kills a much larger opponent during a shipboard fist fight. Fri, April 22 2005
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E20 Unknown Soldier Gen. Cresswell believes that remains of a soldier found are those of a pilot who saved his life. Fri, April 15 2005
E19 Two Towns The sole survivor of an Iraqi bombing is charged with arson shortly after his return home. Fri, April 08 2005
E18 Death at the Mosque Vukovic defends a Marine caught on tape killing a seemingly innocent Iraqi civilian. Fri, April 01 2005
E17 JAG: San Diego Mac and Vukovic face off against each other in court during the trial of a Marine. Fri, March 11 2005
E16 Straits of Malacca Mac is sent to negotiate a hostage release involving naval officers and modern pirates. Fri, February 25 2005
E15 Bridging the Gulf A brash new JAG attorney (Chris Beetem) has an unorthodox style that angers and intrigues Mac. Fri, February 18 2005
E14 Fit for Duty A Navy psychiatrist is charged with sending a soldier back into battle too soon. Fri, February 11 2005
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E13 Heart of Darkness Harm and Mac search for a Marine captain who set out to hunt down Osama bin Laden. Fri, February 04 2005
E12 The Sixth Juror Harm and Mac try an enlisted man accused of murdering a civilian. Fri, January 14 2005
E11 Automatic for the People Harm investigates a weapons test gone awry after an F-14 goes down in flames. Fri, January 07 2005
E10 The Four Percent Solution After an injury in a Christmas Eve car accident, a radio show sparks a memory for Mac. Fri, December 17 2004
E9 The Man on the Bridge Harm and Mac assist with an FBI investigation into the disappearance of a scientist. Fri, December 10 2004
E8 There Goes the Neighborhood Coates' once shady past comes back to haunt her when an old friend frames her for murder. Fri, November 26 2004
E7 Camp Delta Three MPs charged with abusing a prisoner at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp for al-Qaida terrorists. Fri, November 19 2004
E6 One Big Boat The Naval Academy's sailing instructor is accused of dereliction of duty. Fri, November 12 2004
E5 This Just in From Baghdad Harm and Mac investigate the death of a government official in Iraq. Fri, November 05 2004
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E4 A Whole New Ballgame The president nominates a tough Marine lawyer to replace Chegwidden. Fri, October 29 2004
E3 Retrial Harm convinces the Naval authorities to reopen a 20-year-old case. Fri, October 15 2004
E2 Corporate Raiders Mac and Harm investigate a friendly fire incident that claims the life of a Marine. Fri, October 01 2004
E1 Hail & Farewell, Part 2 A former British operative tells Mac there is a hit man looking for anyone associated with Webb. Fri, September 24 2004
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