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E13 A suspect tries to get male enhancement drugs from the jail nurse; a man has a crush on an officer. Sun, July 05 2015 3:54 pm EDT
E12 A man's outrageous behavior brought on by tequila; a woman attempts to sell drugs online; a DUI. Sun, July 05 2015 3:54 pm EDT
E11 A man lands in jail after dancing in the street in his underwear; a father is booked for DUI. Sat, July 18 2015 9:00 pm EDT
E10 A cologne salesman with a magic potion; a tough guy bloodies his neighbor. Sat, July 11 2015 9:00 pm EDT
E9 Offices in jail and on the streets prepare for the arrests and aftermath of New Year's Eve. Sat, June 27 2015
E8 A meth user tries to prove he is tough; a drunk woman's rage; officers find a couple's meth stash. Sat, February 28 2015
E7 A sloppy and combative drunk; a man tries to run from the police; casino winnings; a bail bondsman. Sat, February 21 2015
E6 An inmate thinks cops lost his money; a drunk man of god; a drunk trapeze artist driving a moped. Sat, February 14 2015
E5 Batman punches Chewbacca; a woman with a broken arm struggles with officers; a married boyfriend. Sat, February 07 2015
E4 A man refuses to give his name; an intoxicated woman gets behind the wheel a second time. Sat, January 31 2015
E3 A drunken veteran tests officers' patience; a woman has multiple identities; a one-legged biker. Sat, January 24 2015
E2 Two cousins visit jail; an inmate who won't cool off; a street artist meditates naked. Sat, January 17 2015
E1 An angry drunk kicks out a patrol car window; a woman takes a bite out of her boyfriend. Sat, January 10 2015
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