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E161 I Cheated With a Man ... Again Courtney's fiance has cheated twice; Jack says he regrets being unfaithful to his wife. Wed, August 06 2014
E160 Dead-End Relationships Brad has a list of reasons why he wants to break off his engagement. Mon, August 04 2014
E159 Girlfriend Wannabes ... Dumped Krissy learns why her relationship with her boyfriend has not escalated. Fri, August 01 2014
E158 Buzzkill Boyfriends Kade fears that what he did at his bachelor party may ruin his upcoming marriage. Thu, July 31 2014
E157 I Had Sex With My Ex A woman prefers her friend's boyfriend; Ryan has an obsessive devotee who will not leave him alone. Wed, July 30 2014
E156 Fabulous Fights Gay Deyoun regrets hooking up with the woman who took him in when he had no place to go. Tue, July 29 2014
E155 Mudslinging Mistresses JJ's one-night stand challenges his fiancee to a mud-wrestling match. Mon, July 28 2014
E154 Family Drama Pregnant Shativa recruits her friend to get revenge on her cousin, who slept with her baby's daddy. Fri, July 25 2014
E153 Love Tyrants Lanie says her baby's daddy drives her insane, and she is ready to move on. Thu, July 24 2014
E152 Booty Bumpin' Breakups Crystal's threesome goes awry; the love of Nicki's life is pursuing a woman named Cheeks. Wed, July 23 2014
E151 Brides Get the Boot Jay wants to reveal a shocking secret before he proposes to his girlfriend. Tue, July 22 2014
E150 I'm Leaving My Baby Mama Dave gets a surprise when he proposes to the love of his life. Mon, July 21 2014
E149 Transsexual Temptations Male strippers battle it out for a woman's affection, but she has a revelation to make. Fri, July 18 2014
E148 Indecent Proposals Foot model Ashley wants to give her best customer the time of his life. Thu, July 17 2014
E147 Twin Trouble Marcus says his girlfriend's twin sisters seduced him into having a threesome. Wed, July 16 2014
E146 I'm an Honest Cheater! Meech apologizes to Kristina for leaving her after hooking up, but she has a surprise for him. Tue, July 15 2014
E145 Fights! Pregnant Ashley's boyfriend cheats on her with multiple women. Mon, July 14 2014
E144 We're Practicing for Porn Single mother Montel wants to make easy money with her friend's man. Fri, July 11 2014
E143 I Propose We Break Up! Veronica learns that her husband has been cheating with her sister. Thu, July 10 2014
E142 Big Time Liars Newlywed Emma reveals the identity of her mystery lover; Brian's secret is eating him alive. Wed, July 09 2014
E141 Bros Get Brutal Donte wants to win back the love of his life, but she has moved on. Tue, July 08 2014
E140 Sister Showdown Zack is unable to decide between two sisters, so they wrestle in the mud for his love. Mon, July 07 2014
E139 Smashed and Passed Addie wants her best friend to leave her husband and children for her. Fri, July 04 2014
E138 Nice Guys ... Finish Last Amber reveals her deep and dirty secret; Joe's girlfriend is newly attracted to women. Thu, July 03 2014
E137 Man Stealers Slapped! A man confronts his boyfriend-stealing friend; a man confesses to cheating. Wed, June 18 2014
E136 Peek a Boo ... I'm Leaving You In order to break up with her boyfriend, Amy cheated on him with her friend's man. Thu, June 05 2014
E135 I Slept With My Twin Brother's Boyfriend Melloh has second thoughts about marrying his fiancee after being seduced by her friend. Wed, May 21 2014
E134 Trailer Park Hustle Brady is unfazed by his girlfriend's admission; Tiffany's revelation may derail her husband's plans. Tue, May 20 2014
E133 Sexy Cyber Hook-Ups Jahari must choose between his girlfriend and his Instagram interest. Mon, May 19 2014
E132 Worst. Boyfriend. Ever! Brandi has dreams that her boyfriend is cheating on her; Chris has a confession to make. Fri, May 16 2014
E131 Misleading Men Natasha threatened to do bodily harm to her boyfriend if she caught him checking out another woman. Thu, May 15 2014
E130 BFF Beatdown Keyanna blames social media for ruining her relationship; David has a secret to reveal. Wed, May 14 2014
E129 Crazy Prison Breakups Dusty's latest conquest may be the straw that broke the camel's back. Tue, May 13 2014
E128 Toxic Marriage Madness Lonnie has a big secret to reveal, and he does so through song. Mon, May 12 2014
E127 Stripper Fight Free-for-All Loreal confronts two dancers who have been taking up too much of her man's time. Fri, May 09 2014
E126 Dirty Fights Meghan wants to get back together with her boyfriend, but has trouble trusting him. Thu, May 08 2014
E125 Sugar Daddy Smackdown James must choose between his daughter and his girlfriend; a stripper gets revenge on a co-worker. Wed, May 07 2014
E124 Strippers Make It Rain on Springer Levi wants to rid himself of his stripper-pole addiction and do right by his girlfriend. Tue, May 06 2014
E123 Epic Baby Mama Brawls A contrite man confesses through song; Sha Sha discovers that her father slept with her roommate. Mon, May 05 2014
E122 Outrageous Proposals Tamara's man left her while she was pregnant to stay with her best friend. Fri, May 02 2014
E121 Seduced by the Single Life Demond feels trapped in his relationship with his baby's mother and has a secret to tell. Thu, May 01 2014
E120 Trash-Talking Transsexuals Raven hopes divulging her secret will cause her one-night stand to give up on her and move on. Wed, April 30 2014
E119 I Didn't Cheat ... I Had a Hall Pass Eric's girlfriend shows up wherever he goes; Mac says his girlfriend's cousin is stalking him. Tue, April 29 2014
E118 Super Fun Springertime Kymber hopes her romantic fantasies for a pole-dancer named Honey become a reality. Mon, April 28 2014
E117 Big Slap With a Side of Fights Rashell's shocking revelation may put her boyfriend's wedding plans on hold. Fri, April 25 2014
E116 Social Media Meltdown James' online girlfriend reveals her true identity; Aaron's girlfriend meets his online crush. Thu, April 24 2014
E115 Long Lost Lesbian Lovers Payton must break up with her current girlfriend in order to proceed with another. Wed, April 23 2014
E114 Instacrushed CeCe learns the identity of the person who has a crush on her. Tue, April 22 2014
E113 Having Sex With a Brother ... and His Sister Tristin's confession of love for a woman makes his sister's blood boil. Mon, April 21 2014
E112 Hot Young Hook-Ups Talissa confronts her fiance and the woman she suspects is his mistress. Fri, April 18 2014
E111 You Owe Me a Threesome Lamaine wants another chance with his girlfriend, but has something to confess. Thu, April 17 2014
E110 Lesbian Rebound Ridiculed by her girlfriend, pregnant Kesha finds support and nurturing with another woman. Wed, April 16 2014
E109 Leave Your Husband for Me Chelsea's decision may ruin two relationships; Korena makes a shocking confession to her friend. Tue, April 15 2014
E108 Butt Out, Bro! Mariah confronts the woman she believes ruined her relationship with her fiance. Mon, April 14 2014
E107 Party Girls Get Down Briana wants to get her ex-husband back from his current girlfriend -- her aunt. Fri, April 11 2014
E106 Desperate for My Ex Danny realizes he made a big mistake in letting his fiancee's ex-boyfriend move into his home. Thu, April 10 2014
E105 Stop Playing Head Games Stephen learns that a woman with whom he hooked up is not really a she. Wed, April 09 2014
E104 Girls Get Feisty Consuela confronts her ex's new woman; Meghan says a woman hit on her husband right in front of her. Tue, April 08 2014
E103 I'm Not a Lesbian: I Want Your Brother Victoria has a secret crush on the brother of a woman she met on a dating website. Mon, April 07 2014
E102 Your Boyfriend Is Gay Sequoia fears that her boyfriend has been cheating with his female roommate. Fri, April 04 2014
E101 Throwdown Thursday Tiffany wants to know why her friend trashed her home and her relationship with her boyfriend. Thu, April 03 2014
E100 He Stole My Heart and My Cash Melissa learns that her boyfriend played her for a fool; Vernon confesses to his girlfriend. Wed, April 02 2014
E99 Sister Shockers Wesley must choose between his furious girlfriend and her sister; Sam has a confession to make. Tue, April 01 2014
E98 Sexcation Greg gets invited to his stripper sister-in-law's private rehearsal. Mon, March 31 2014
E97 Be My Brother, Not My Lover Jay slept with his stepsister and wants to take their relationship to the next level. Fri, March 28 2014
E96 Stripper All-Stars Chika confronts the stripper who hooked up with her man; two strippers compete for Bobby's love. Wed, March 26 2014
E95 Scorched by Love Stephanie admits she slept with a married man; Hannah learns that her fiance prefers her friend. Mon, March 24 2014
E94 Cheating: There's an App for That Johnathan dumps his fiancee for his mistress; Joe tells his fiancee what happened at a strip club. Thu, March 20 2014
E93 Twerk Attack! Jas hooked up with her longtime crush, but he is in a relationship with someone else. Tue, March 18 2014
E92 Serenades and Smackdowns Amanda's indecent proposal to her boyfriend has him singing a different tune. Wed, February 26 2014
E91 Smashed-Up Weddings Killa's live-in lover is becoming too attached and cramping his style. Tue, February 25 2014
E90 I'll Stop Being Gay for You Rick breaks off his engagement because his fiancee does not satisfy his dream-girl fantasy. Mon, February 24 2014
E89 Stripper Fights, Sparks Fly! Amanda learns that her baby's father has been blowing his money on strippers. Fri, February 21 2014
E88 Threesome in a Double Wide Que no longer wants to keep his girlfriends in the dark; Misti says a threesome ruined her marriage. Thu, February 20 2014
E87 Trannies Twerk It Out Ladeja confronts her husband and the woman who sent text messages to him. Wed, February 19 2014
E86 I'm Leaving You for a Porn Star Stripper Crystal wants to make her biggest fan's fantasy come true. Tue, February 18 2014
E85 Ice Cold Baby Daddies Tonya proposes to her boyfriend; Adrean confronts a woman who hooked up with her child's father. Mon, February 17 2014
E84 Big Love on Valentine's Day Mariah gets a surprise when she reveals her plans with her girlfriend. Fri, February 14 2014
E83 Doin' It on the Low Marquise is ambivalent about his sexuality and is not sure he should stay with Taylor. Thu, February 13 2014
E82 Mean Girl Meltdowns Shaq lets both of his women know that he is not looking for a relationship with either of them. Wed, February 12 2014
E81 My Husband Had Sex With My Ex-Husband Maranda and her boyfriend are expecting a child, but that does not keep him from hooking up. Tue, February 11 2014
E80 Tricked Into the Truth Jessica suspects that her fiance and her brother's girlfriend have something going on. Mon, February 10 2014
E79 Lesbian Kiss Offs Chelsi says her sister's friend has manipulated her into being gay. Fri, February 07 2014
E78 Ratchet Relationships Ryan wants his brother's girlfriend; Dawn's stripper shoes went up in smoke. Thu, February 06 2014
E77 Girls Come Out Swinging Tera's husband groped her friend's breasts; Lena enjoys taking other women's men. Wed, February 05 2014
E76 Mom, Don't Ruin My Tranny Wedding Cheating fiances; Leynah wants her fairytale transsexual wedding to become a reality. Tue, February 04 2014
E75 Turned Up on Springer Khalik regrets his night of passion with his partner's friend; emcees compete for Pauline's heart. Mon, February 03 2014
E74 Jerry's Polar Plunge Ashley brings her best friend to the show to reveal her crush on her. Fri, January 31 2014
E73 You Make Me Crazy Brittany protects her family name, collects the rent and restores order. Thu, January 30 2014
E72 Couples Get Nasty Jesse and Amber have some say in whether or not a married couple can reconcile their differences. Wed, January 29 2014
E71 Shocking Secret Guests Amani confronts an online woman who has hooked up with her man; Jessica learns her fiance's secrets. Tue, January 28 2014
E70 Mind-Blowing Secrets Kemari learns that alcohol and a transsexual stripper do not mix well. Mon, January 27 2014
E69 BBW Buffet Isaiah has a secret apartment that he uses to party and entertain women. Fri, January 24 2014
E68 Cheaters Get Smoked Out Royale admits to sleeping with her cousin's boyfriend, but blames alcohol. Thu, January 23 2014
E67 Lesboliscious A brother and sister are in love with the same woman; Jessica wants to have a lesbian experience. Wed, January 22 2014
E66 Home Wrecking-Ball Shell's boyfriend says that sleeping with her sister was an accident and that it is Shell's fault. Tue, January 21 2014
E65 Selfie Seduction Tony raps for his girlfriend to prove that he is sorry about cheating on her. Mon, January 20 2014
E64 Stripper Mania Ericka and Summer feud over a violation of the "stripper code." Fri, January 17 2014
E63 I Cheated on My Cousin With a Stripper Brandon learns that his intended had an affair with his best friend. Wed, January 15 2014
E62 Proposals: Fail Stormy's man pops the big question but reveals a dirty little secret. Mon, January 13 2014
E61 You Better Run Meranda proposes that she, the woman she has a crush on and the woman's boyfriend form a family. Fri, January 10 2014
E60 Frenemies Confronted Doneatha fell in love with her cousin's boyfriend; Lydia's husband hooked up at a party. Wed, January 08 2014
E59 Man Stealin' Virgin Crystal makes an indecent proposal; Tim gets confronted about hookups he has had. Mon, January 06 2014
E58 Fiery Lesbians Unable to decide between them, Katie makes her girlfriends wrestle it out for her love. Fri, January 03 2014
E57 I Won't Share My Baby's Daddy Dejuan must choose between his babies' mothers; Sabrina has been hearing rumors about her husband. Thu, January 02 2014
E56 Happy Hour Hook-Ups Krystal is ready for a second round with Molly; Raymond learns that one of his girlfriends is a guy. Tue, December 31 2013
E55 Gift Wrapped! Megan wants to give her friend a threesome before he deploys; Kaylyn learns her date is a cheater. Mon, December 30 2013
E54 Take My Virginity ... Please Lexi wants to lose her virginity to her sister's ex-boyfriend. Fri, December 27 2013
E53 Hard Up for Sex Rachel does not know if she can trust her boyfriend after his one-night stand. Thu, December 26 2013
E52 Stripper Sisters Square Off Chris breaks the terms of an agreement he made with his baby's mother. Tue, December 24 2013
E51 Sneak Attack on Springer Courtney has more than enough evidence to prove that her girlfriend is a cheater. Mon, December 23 2013
E50 If You Have a Threesome, I'll Marry You Jessica's boyfriend has found another woman; FooFoo, the self-described master seducer. Wed, November 27 2013
E49 After T.H.O.T. Mike confronts a past guest, whom he dated until she revealed her true gender. Tue, November 26 2013
E48 Desperate for a Baby Daddy Mariah tells her boyfriend she cheated with his best friend, who shows no remorse. Mon, November 25 2013
E47 We Just Broke Up ... You're Married! Ashleigh finds out that her husband has been getting back together with his old flame. Fri, November 22 2013
E46 Sideline Sisters Jake tries to sabotage his relationship with Kayla, but her forgiving ways may foil his plans. Thu, November 21 2013
E45 Eye-Opening Secrets Ted says it is not his fault that he cheated on his girlfriend, because he has "sexsomnia." Wed, November 20 2013
E44 Baby Mamas Blow Up Fantasy scores a date with one of the eligible contestants Springer has assembled. Tue, November 19 2013
E43 Girls Get Savage Jill confronts her supposed friend about sleeping with her boyfriend. Mon, November 18 2013
E42 Lesbian Love Gets Dicey Jennifer's boyfriend comes clean about his challenging past; another woman steals Erin's fiancee. Fri, November 15 2013
E41 Baby Mama Dreams Popped Serial cheater Jamie learns that his wife has been unfaithful. Thu, November 14 2013
E40 Tranny Takedowns Nate discovers the truth about his online crush; Daishawn comes clean about his recent fling. Wed, November 13 2013
E39 Proposals ... Denied Unfaithful Kenny wants to propose to his girlfriend, but his friend Corey enters the picture. Tue, November 12 2013
E38 Blow Offs and Beat Downs Shamica confronts her boyfriend and her ex-friend for betraying her. Mon, November 11 2013
E37 Front Row at Strip Show! A proud stripper takes revenge on a colleague by sleeping with her boyfriend. Fri, November 08 2013
E36 Crazy ... for You What Corey thought was a one-night stand turns out to be more than that for his softball teammate. Thu, November 07 2013
E35 Guests Return ... for Battle Caila chooses from three viewers who wish to be the object of her affection. Wed, November 06 2013
E34 Explosive Breakups Sierra learns that her girlfriend has found a romantic interest in her friend Platinum Kitty. Tue, November 05 2013
E33 Lovers Strike Out! A young man tries to end his relationship by getting high and hooking up with a friend's girlfriend. Mon, November 04 2013
E32 Ultimate Baby Mama Mayhem Martin tells his girlfriend that he had sex with his ex to see if he still has feelings for her. Fri, November 01 2013
E31 Little Show of Horrors Marissa and her brother deal with a boyfriend who wants to call it quits. Thu, October 31 2013
E30 Steamy Hook-Ups Zoe makes women battle it out to spend her birthday with her; Meech pits sisters against each other. Wed, October 30 2013
E29 Spare Me Your Excuses Jessica says she is in love with her housemate's boyfriend and will stop at nothing to land him. Tue, October 29 2013
E28 Brotrayel Woo suspects Man is cheating on her with AJ's girlfriend, Jasmine. Mon, October 28 2013
E27 I'm Not a Hot College Girl ... I'm a Man Jamie demands that her neighbor admit to having an affair with her stepmother's girlfriend. Thu, October 24 2013
E26 Love Offline King Adonis has a crush on and wants to meet one of his biggest online fans. Tue, October 22 2013
E25 Easy Lay-Up Brittany says she and the children always take a back seat to her husband's hobby: basketball. Fri, October 18 2013
E24 It's Over ... I'm Taking the Dog Michael's mother wants to know if he is cheating on his girlfriend. Thu, October 17 2013
E23 I'm in Love With a Gay Stripper Ty's secret love affair with a stripper may ruin his girlfriend's big plans. Wed, October 16 2013
E22 Sexting Affairs Kathryne thinks her fiance is leading a double life; Nicky's friend spreads rumors. Tue, October 15 2013
E21 Social Media Choas Dale's girlfriend learns that he has befriended a woman online. Mon, October 14 2013
E20 Lockdowned Lovers A husband claims he was forced to turn to a another to acclimate to life outside of prison. Fri, October 11 2013
E19 I'm Into You A woman wants to move forward with her boyfriend, but he has another girlfriend. Thu, October 10 2013
E18 You Got Me a Tranny Stripper!? A man's girlfriend and cousin reveal a secret; a man hires a transgender stripper. Wed, October 09 2013
E17 Twerk It! A woman has evidence of her boyfriend's cheating, but he says her monitoring is what drove him away. Tue, October 08 2013
E16 Will Cheat for Food A woman doesn't believe texts on her boyfriend's phone were just an innocent conversation. Mon, October 07 2013
E15 Wheel of Wrath Kyle must choose between his baby's mother and his old flame; Bryan says he loves too many women. Fri, October 04 2013
E14 Blindsided With My Bro Cecilee is caught in a love triangle with her fiance and her childhood friend. Thu, October 03 2013
E13 My High-School Crush Had Sex With My Aunt Kylia wants to confess her unwavering desire to be with Koda, but he has a secret to tell. Wed, October 02 2013
E12 Cousins Having Sex Poo-Pooh insists that she has been sleeping with her friend's boyfriend, though he denies it. Tue, October 01 2013
E11 That's Why You're Dumping Me? Destiny wants her ex-boyfriend to leave his new partner for her. Mon, September 30 2013
E10 I'm Gay, But Please Have My Baby Charles' old flame wants him back; DJ tells his girlfriend he prefers men. Fri, September 27 2013
E9 Doomed Grooms Brittany learns that her fiance cheated on her with their mutual friend. Thu, September 26 2013
E8 My To-Do List Alex must choose between ex-girlfriends; Ashley drops a bombshell on her cheating baby-daddy. Wed, September 25 2013
E7 Shot in the Heart Cierra's boyfriend may be the father of her good friend's unborn child. Tue, September 24 2013
E6 Womanizers Busted Morgan finds salacious text messages on her boyfriend's phone. Mon, September 23 2013
E5 Sexy Summer Hook-Ups Jordan blames his girlfriend for his one-night stand with another. Fri, September 20 2013
E4 Super Beatdowns Envious Sparkle confesses to an affair with her sister's boyfriend. Thu, September 19 2013
E3 Quadruple Dog Dare Disasters Tanner says he wants to earn back the trust and heart of his baby's mother. Wed, September 18 2013
E2 Jerry, It's Go Time Wesley says it is inappropriate for his girlfriend to text and hang out so much with a male friend. Tue, September 17 2013
E1 Baby Mamas vs. Bad Girls Black is involved in a love triangle with the mothers of his children. Mon, September 16 2013