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E100 3 Point T.H.O.T.S Kareem admits to cheating on his baby-mama with her best friend. Mon, March 30 2015
E99 Sexercise Me Sammie says he offered a woman sex instead of money when he lost a bet to her. Fri, March 27 2015
E98 Snowed In Sex Jay admits to cheating on his girlfriend with a woman who wants to take it to the next level. Wed, March 25 2015
E97 Frenemies Attack! Psychic Nana says she has a premonition that her fiance is sleeping with her friend. Mon, March 23 2015
E96 Past Guests' Mash-Ups Viewer Josh comes on the show to teach a past guest a lesson about respecting women. Thu, March 19 2015
E95 Awkward Hook-Ups Kelvin assures his girlfriend that an encounter he had at a movie theater meant nothing. Tue, March 17 2015
E94 Bossy Brides Aldo wants to get all of his skeletons out of the closet before taking a trip down the aisle. Wed, February 25 2015
E93 Slapped With the Truth Kelsey is ready to take her relationship off life support and get together with someone else. Tue, February 24 2015
E92 Sleeping With the Frenemy Jerrad wants his ex to break up with his boyfriend and come back to him. Mon, February 23 2015
E91 Lesbians Come Out ... of the Cold Derrick reveals a secret he has been keeping from the woman he has been seeing. Fri, February 20 2015
E90 In Your Face Mistresses Arianna learns that her girlfriend has another on the side; Anthony cheated on his girlfriend. Thu, February 19 2015
E89 Catfight Fever Aaron admits he hooked up with his fiancee's stripper friend. Wed, February 18 2015
E88 Busted by Your Bestie Freddie insists he wants to be with his wife and his days of hooking up with his ex are over. Tue, February 17 2015
E87 Stripnotized Fefe confronts the strippers with whom her boyfriend had a threesome. Mon, February 16 2015
E86 Secret T.H.O.T.S Chanti blames her boyfriend's behavior on social media; Selina hates her brother's ex-girlfriend. Fri, February 13 2015
E85 Sexperiments Backfire Bobbie wants to end an online affair with a woman named Encore. Thu, February 12 2015
E84 He's Taken! Hayli wants to give her boyfriend a chance to come clean about a recent fling. Wed, February 11 2015
E83 Grooms Full of Bologna Deshawn is engaged to his baby's mother, but it did not stop him from hooking up with his friend. Tue, February 10 2015
E82 Ice Cold Breakups Summer feels no remorse for having sex with her best friend's boyfriend. Mon, February 09 2015
E81 Springer Strip Off Shianne confronts the stripper she says is destroying her marriage. Fri, February 06 2015
E80 Side Chick Sex Rachel discovers that her husband has been unfaithful with one of her friends. Thu, February 05 2015
E79 Baby, I'm Weak Diamynn admits to hooking up with a man who has a girlfriend and a child. Wed, February 04 2015
E78 Played by a Transsexual Bottle learns that the sexy woman he met online was born male. Tue, February 03 2015
E77 You're Pregnant by Him, but It Should Be Me Becca wants to rekindle her relationship with her ex, who has a pregnant new girlfriend. Mon, February 02 2015
E76 Past Guests Get Turned Up Viewers confront some of the baddest, saddest and feistiest guests from past shows. Fri, January 30 2015
E75 I Had Sex With My Baby Mama's Twin Junior offers his wife a symbolic gesture of his love and commitment, but she has moved on. Thu, January 29 2015
E74 Young Mom Meltdown Eleni went through her boyfriend's cell phone and found revealing text messages from another woman. Wed, January 28 2015
E73 Sexy Girl Crushes College student Jenna wants two of her female friends to compete for her heart. Tue, January 27 2015
E72 Big Booty Mistakes New mom Coralena is engaged in a war between her fiance and her friend. Mon, January 26 2015
E71 I Paid Your Girlfriend for Sex Khristal's significant other does not take kindly to Billy's advances. Fri, January 23 2015
E70 Half-Baked Proposals Jon confesses a shocking secret to the woman he wants to marry. Thu, January 22 2015
E69 Frosty Females Teekah slept with her sister's boyfriend and wants to be with him. Wed, January 21 2015
E68 Steamy Sister Sex Makayla confronts the woman with whom her children's father hooked up. Tue, January 20 2015
E67 Sideline Chicks Smackdown Jeremy confesses his feelings for another man's girlfriend through a romantic rap. Mon, January 19 2015
E66 Bad Baby Daddies Demond confesses to cheating on his baby-mama with a woman he met at a gas station. Fri, January 16 2015
E65 Wrestling With a Secret Rodney confesses to doing the unthinkable; Sarah says she no longer wants to marry her girlfriend. Wed, January 14 2015
E64 Driven to Cheat Nee Nee confronts the friend she thinks is trying to sabotage her relationship with her boyfriend. Mon, January 12 2015
E63 Man Snatching Sister Tia says she has proof that her brother-in-law cheats on her sister; Kaila wants a threesome. Thu, January 08 2015
E62 Megabeast Unleashed Zach is running out of time to come clean to his wife about an affair he had with their neighbor. Tue, January 06 2015
E61 I'm Not His Cousin, I'm His Fiancee Thomas' baby's mama and fiancee demand that he choose between them. Fri, January 02 2015
E60 Bitter BFFs Jordan admits that he has not been faithful to his girlfriend. Wed, December 31 2014
E59 Stripper Slapfest Audrina wants to get to the bottom of rumors that her boyfriend slept with her strip-club co-worker. Tue, December 30 2014
E58 Bad Boy Toys Emily's damning information may spell disaster for Kadie and Casey's nuptials. Mon, December 29 2014
E57 Pregnant Secrets Dropped A man cheats on his girlfriend, then tries to apologize; woman gets more than she bargained for. Fri, December 26 2014
E56 Transsexual Surprise A woman suspects her husband is cheating; a stripper hired for a bachelor party turns out to be man. Wed, December 24 2014
E55 Boyfriend Stealing Bestie A woman thinks her friend is sleeping with someone she is dating; a man wants his girlfriend back. Tue, December 23 2014
E54 Next Level Shockers A woman confronts her fiance and his ex; a man tells girlfriend he has been involved with another. Mon, December 22 2014
E53 Mistress Takeover When a co-worker started rumors about her, Samantha got even by sleeping with the woman's boyfriend. Wed, November 26 2014
E52 Fooled by a Fake Friend Mike is ready to end his relationship with his girlfriend because of her jealous ways. Tue, November 25 2014
E51 She Took My Man ... and My Car! Strippers Precious and Jewels have too much in common; DJ's girlfriend wants to see other people. Mon, November 24 2014
E50 One Night Stands Reunited T-Jay says it is time to share his deep, dark secret with the woman he has been seeing. Fri, November 21 2014
E49 Hot Headed Bromance Another man may thwart Devin's pursuit of a relationship with a college student. Thu, November 20 2014
E48 Baby Daddy Deception Casey wonders whether she should get back together with a man who constantly lies. Wed, November 19 2014
E47 Hillbilly Heartbreak Deja confronts her boyfriend about his indecent proposal to twin strippers. Tue, November 18 2014
E46 Don't Settle for My Sister ... Pick Me Josh says his world was ruined once his girlfriend gave birth, so he slept with her sister. Mon, November 17 2014
E45 Sex Secrets & Regrets Tracy is angry because her one-night stand has never called back. Fri, November 14 2014
E44 I Was Set Up! Paige disapproves of her sister's boyfriend and devises a plan to get her to leave him. Thu, November 13 2014
E43 WCW: Women Crushed Wednesday Paige tries to make her boyfriend forgive her for cheating by offering him a threesome. Wed, November 12 2014
E42 Strippers Shake It Up Tanisha confronts her boyfriend and the dancer who hooked up with him. Tue, November 11 2014
E41 I Cheated Because You're Pregnant Scoota wants the benefits of a relationship without the attachment. Mon, November 10 2014
E40 Stone Cold Sisters Destiny confronts her friend about trespassing on other people's property. Fri, November 07 2014
E39 Mom, We're Sleeping With Your Man Tori confesses that she has been sleeping with her mother's boyfriend. Thu, November 06 2014
E38 Horrible Husbands Brooklyn sheds light on why a married woman contracted an STD. Wed, November 05 2014
E37 Threesomes and Throwdowns Brian wants to leave his possessive girlfriend, but she refuses to give up without a fight. Tue, November 04 2014
E36 Bestie Blindside Shannon challenges her boyfriend's other woman to a wrestling match. Mon, November 03 2014
E35 Halloween: I'm Sorry Boo Alex, who left his girlfriend while she was pregnant, wants her back. Fri, October 31 2014
E34 Barely Legal Hook-Ups Ashleigh wants two women to show off their hidden talents to win her love. Thu, October 30 2014
E33 Baby Daddy Denial Megan's sister knows something that could change her mind about her cheating boyfriend. Wed, October 29 2014
E32 Chronic Cheaters Destiny admits to cheating on her live-in boyfriend with a one-night stand. Tue, October 28 2014
E31 You're Not Man Enough Alex refuses to lose his ex-girlfriend without a fight; Kyle and his sister have secrets to confess. Mon, October 27 2014
E30 I Slept With 120 Men ... and Yours Paige admits to sleeping with her friend's boyfriend; Alex confesses to cheating with two women. Fri, October 24 2014
E29 Battle Royal With Cheese Stripper Brittany confronts a co-worker who hooked up with one of Brittany's clients. Thu, October 23 2014
E28 I Cheated With Three Strippers Josh says he is addicted to strip clubs; Jesse's fear of commitment lands him in hot water. Wed, October 22 2014
E27 Girlfriends Get Rolled Joanne wants to have a threesome with her friend and the friend's boyfriend. Tue, October 21 2014
E26 I'm Gay & Sleeping With Your Nephew Kenny hooked up with a woman who is pressing him for a relationship, but he has a surprise for her. Mon, October 20 2014
E25 Mistresses Reeled In Giovanni blames his girlfriend for his infidelity; Winona wants to spice things up in the bedroom. Fri, October 17 2014
E24 It Was a 1 Night Smash Brady proposes to his ex-girlfriend, then she learns he cheated with her friend. Thu, October 16 2014
E23 Auditioning New Girlfriends A transgender man has second thoughts about marrying a woman. Wed, October 15 2014
E22 50 Shades of Springer Tayshun blames his girlfriend for his infidelity; a porn star wants her crush to act out a scene. Tue, October 14 2014
E21 Down for a Threesome? Things were going great with his new girlfriend until Roger found himself in bed with her friend. Mon, October 13 2014
E20 My Big Gay Wedding Barin's new girlfriend has a secret; Ericka disapproves of her sister's girlfriend. Fri, October 10 2014
E19 A Hot Minute Sarah confronts her boyfriend and the woman with whom he is rumored to have had a rendezvous. Thu, October 09 2014
E18 Heartburned Richard confesses to his fiancee that he cheated while she was locked up. Wed, October 08 2014
E17 Proposal Do-Over Antiatte's friend and sister determine whether she will accept her boyfriend's marriage proposal. Tue, October 07 2014
E16 Clingy Chicks Nick's girlfriend finds out why he spends so much time with their neighbor. Mon, October 06 2014
E15 Bring It Bro A man wants to get back with his ex-girlfriend; a woman seeks to end two relationships. Fri, October 03 2014
E14 Lesbian Twin Love Triangle A woman finds romance with her fiancee's twin sister; a man turns to another woman for attention. Thu, October 02 2014
E13 Girlfriend Grudge Match A woman finds out her co-worker went out with her boyfriend; video of another woman. Wed, October 01 2014
E12 I Slept With Your Twin & Your Mom A woman sleeps with her twin sister's boyfriend; a man is caught between two women. Tue, September 30 2014
E11 My Stripper Sister Strikes Again A woman wants the truth from her sister and boyfriend; a woman must decide between two men. Mon, September 29 2014
E10 Fight Fest Briget wants the rumors about her boyfriend's cheating to stop. Fri, September 26 2014
E9 Lesbian Sister Betrayals Brenda fears that a romance with Erika could ruin their friendship. Thu, September 25 2014
E8 Proposals Backfire Jarod says the stress of being the sole breadwinner has driven him down the path of adultery. Wed, September 24 2014
E7 Fall Flings Alex says he was forced into his relationship with his girlfriend, and he has a secret to reveal. Tue, September 23 2014
E6 Dangerously in Love Deja confronts her child's father to find out why she found her friend's number on his call log. Mon, September 22 2014
E5 Selfie Destruction Tish finds bad news while snooping through her friend's cell phone. Fri, September 19 2014
E4 Smothered ... With Sauce D'Handsome wants to call off his engagement; Jeff wants a threesome. Thu, September 18 2014
E3 Forecast: 90 Percent Chance of Cheating Morgan's boyfriend's controlling ways have driven her into the arms of his cousin. Wed, September 17 2014
E2 Turned Down for ... What! Frank has a revelation that will turn his girlfriend's world upside down. Tue, September 16 2014
E1 Love Sick Samantha goes on strike because she fears that her boyfriend is cheating. Mon, September 15 2014
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