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E100 Rock vs. Anderson Anthony says his designated driver drove recklessly and caused a major accident that injured him. Tue, February 25 2014
E99 Najdek vs. Najdek George regrets giving his son a loan to get his poker-playing career started. Mon, February 24 2014
E98 Richardson vs. Richardson Donna says her estranged husband took her car without permission and totaled it. Fri, February 21 2014
E97 Buzick vs. Montes/White Michelle regrets buying a lemon from a friend of a friend and feels they conspired to hustle her. Thu, February 20 2014
E96 Armour vs. Mace III Cheryl says her adult son blew out her car's transmission and fails to pay rent. Wed, February 19 2014
E95 Parker/LePeilbet vs. Deans Jack says his neighbor's cats are damaging his property; the neighbor says wild animals are guilty. Tue, February 18 2014
E94 Brown vs. Coleman Anthony thinks his former friend sold the clothes he was storing for him. Mon, February 17 2014
E93 Johnson vs. Hampton Sade says her former friend asked her to co-sign for her bail bond and refuses to pay her back. Fri, February 14 2014
E92 Garcia vs. Hilton Raechel wants Conrad to reimburse her for loans and pay their child's day care and medical bills. Thu, February 13 2014
E91 Albanese vs. Palmer Michael says he hired Phil to promote a beard contest, but Phil disappeared after being paid. Wed, February 12 2014
E90 Addison vs. Clayborn Curtis says his uncle did not return his car after fixing it for him. Tue, February 11 2014
E89 Smith vs. Finley/Lilley Former best friends refuse to reimburse a man for covering their moving costs. Mon, February 10 2014
E88 Smith vs. Cunningham Bobby says a woman he met online stole his laptop and left him stranded a hundred miles from home. Fri, February 07 2014
E87 Brown/McLean vs. Whyte Daniel says the vacation condo he rented was filthy and had vermin living in it. Thu, February 06 2014
E86 Banks-Fagan vs. Stearns Jaclynn says her houseguest stole her keys and vandalized her car. Wed, February 05 2014
E85 Banks-Fagan vs. Stearns Jaclynn says her houseguest vandalized her car, and she wants her to pay for the damages. Tue, February 04 2014
E84 Mann/Olmstead vs. Liebowitz A jazz vocalist says the owner of a record label disappeared whenever money needed to be paid. Mon, February 03 2014
E83 Winn vs. Avratin Jonathan says his then-girlfriend punched his car; she says he tried to drive off without her. Fri, January 31 2014
E82 Dickey-Crawford vs. Crawford Herlona says her father agreed to get braces put on her teeth but is refusing to pay the balance. Thu, January 30 2014
E81 Soraci vs. Disney Jod says his neighbor gave his special-needs dog the wrong food, causing it to become fatally ill. Wed, January 29 2014
E80 Soraci vs. Disney Jod says his special-needs dog contracted a fatal illness while in the care of his neighbor. Tue, January 28 2014
E79 Outerbridge vs. Prester Crystal says neighbor Paula showed up at her house drunk and broke her television. Mon, January 27 2014
E78 Simmons vs. Strickland Issia says her boyfriend stole her car and hit her with it after an argument. Fri, January 24 2014
E77 Clark vs. Lucas Timothy says he left his rented home because it was infested with mold and pests. Thu, January 23 2014
E76 Gilmore vs. Gilmore Melba says her mother wants to be repaid for a loan because she does not approve of her boyfriend. Wed, January 22 2014
E75 White vs. John Neighbors feud over insurance money, a loan and medical marijuana. Tue, January 21 2014
E74 Bonner vs. Brown Danequa regrets giving her "friend with benefits" a loan to buy a car. Mon, January 20 2014
E73 Cole vs. Garcia Tristina says her ex-friend Suzanne was always broke and coming to her for money she did not repay. Fri, January 17 2014
E72 Finley vs. Finley A young woman and her former guardian feud over criminal-defense attorney fees and income taxes. Thu, January 16 2014
E71 Jones vs. Gonzalez House painter Christopher says he left a job site after the homeowner bullied and threatened him. Wed, January 15 2014
E70 Lloyd Jr. vs. Olbert Duane is upset that his mother spends money on male strippers but does not repay him for bills. Tue, January 14 2014
E69 Leblan/Herron vs. Pakzard Mother and daughter say a caterer supplied chicken fingers and fries instead of fancy food. Mon, January 13 2014
E68 Browning vs. Johnson Kenetra says any money her ex-girlfriend gave her was part of being in a relationship. Fri, January 10 2014
E67 Green vs. Wilken Scott says he does not owe his uncle any money for paying for his education. Thu, January 09 2014
E66 Jones/Krause vs. Fisher/Porter Accused of vandalism, Dwayne says Catherine and Jayda mistreated him while he stayed at their home. Wed, January 08 2014
E65 Jones/Krause vs. Fisher/Porter Women say their boarder vandalized their car after they demanded that he clean up after himself. Tue, January 07 2014
E64 Guindazola vs. Navarro/Lopez Cousins argue over a car's title and late fees. Mon, January 06 2014
E63 Bean vs. Crenshaw Veronica says Kim lavished her with expensive gifts, then demanded she pay her back for them. Wed, November 27 2013
E62 Gonzalez vs. Florentino After borrowing Andrea's car and totaling it, Victoria refuses to take responsibility. Tue, November 26 2013
E61 Gonzalez vs. Florentino After a long night of partying, Victoria borrowed Andrea's car and totaled it. Mon, November 25 2013
E60 Travis vs. Frye Lawanda called the police to report a catnapping because her pet-sitter would not return her cats. Fri, November 22 2013
E59 Wesphanl vs. Sanchez Natasha's ex-boyfriend smashed up her car; he says he offered to pay for the damages. Thu, November 21 2013
E58 Miller vs. Parms A man says he lent a friend money to buy a car, but she insists it was a gift. Wed, November 20 2013
E57 Lavizzo vs. Trimble Lance accuses Nicholas of badmouthing him and ruining his reputation. Tue, November 19 2013
E56 Lavizzo vs. Trimble A talent booker says a celebrity client canceled, causing him to lose money. Mon, November 18 2013
E55 Wresinski vs. Myers A woman says she sold her ex a car, but he stopped making payments; he says the car was a gift. Fri, November 15 2013
E54 Hunt vs. Johnson-West Former best friends dispute whether money was a gift or a loan. Thu, November 14 2013
E53 Brockington vs. Carter A woman says her neighbor stole her car while she was sleeping and crashed, flipped and totaled it. Wed, November 13 2013
E52 Brockington vs. Carter A woman says her neighbor stole her car while she was sleeping and crashed, flipped and totaled it. Tue, November 12 2013
E51 Holloway vs. Jackson A woman's best friend falls asleep behind the wheel and crashes the car. Mon, November 11 2013
E50 Garner vs. Williams A jackpot winner wants a monetary gift returned after the recipient broke a promise. Fri, November 08 2013
E49 Powell vs. Rieffer Homeowner says a contractor made her pay more than the estimated price and never completed the job. Thu, November 07 2013
E48 Richardson vs. Troy/Holloway A concert promoter says Pastor Troy blew off an engagement in order to attend the BET Music Awards. Wed, November 06 2013
E47 Chang vs. Hice A woman who owes a former friend $2,000 says he made sexual advances toward her. Tue, November 05 2013
E46 Beres vs. Jaco/Jaco A couple stopped paying on their expensive engagement ring and say it was a gift from a friend. Mon, November 04 2013
E45 Rogers vs. Mosley Jr. He says she is suing him only because he refused to marry her. Fri, November 01 2013
E44 Shumaker vs. DiNatale A motorist and a pedestrian describe a road-rage event. Thu, October 31 2013
E43 Fortner vs. Proctor A client wants a caregiver to refund her wages because she did not have the proper credentials. Wed, October 30 2013
E42 Black vs. Smith Ex-friends feud over rent, loans and gas money. Tue, October 29 2013
E41 Nardella vs. Boyd/Olcott Laura says the men who sold her a scooter left her stranded on the side of the road. Mon, October 28 2013
E40 Clark vs. Bonilla A man who bought a phone advertised as new found out its account was frozen for an unpaid balance. Fri, October 25 2013
E39 Eubanks vs. Lopez A mother wants a refund from a sports manager because her son does not get enough plays per game. Thu, October 24 2013
E38 Vose vs. Reed A woman says her ex borrowed thousands of dollars, and she is tired of his broken promises to repay. Wed, October 23 2013
E37 Giles vs. McPhillips Former business associates argue over car repairs. Tue, October 22 2013
E36 Lomenick vs. Christenson Landlords say they learned on social media that a tenant planned to leave and skip out on the rent. Mon, October 21 2013
E35 Schnellman vs. McCabe A former roommate refuses to return belongings until outstanding debt is paid. Fri, October 18 2013
E34 Singson Jr. vs. Hexiquio Reynaldo admits to handing Jessica the keys to his car, which she drove intoxicated and crashed. Thu, October 17 2013
E33 Bridges vs. Hickey Men continue to argue over a crashed car. Wed, October 16 2013
E32 Bridges vs. Hickey Men dispute liability for a crashed car. Tue, October 15 2013
E31 Keyes vs. Lamb Women argue over a sick puppy. Mon, October 14 2013
E30 Mosley vs. Epley Former best friends argue over a bottle of perfume. Fri, October 11 2013
E29 Culbreth vs. Saucier/Self Michael says Ryan damaged a laptop he lent him so Ryan could DJ a party. Thu, October 10 2013
E28 Edwards vs. Catala Keisha sues her ex-husband, Benny, for garnished wages and an auto loan. Wed, October 09 2013
E27 Aguayo vs. Aghishian/Aghishian Edward says Arthur gave police wrong information after his daughter hit Edward's boat and trailer. Tue, October 08 2013
E26 Tropser vs. Hull Sherryl says she doesn't need to repay Dawn for bailing her out of jail. Mon, October 07 2013
E25 Cofer vs. Peterson Marvin says his former friend threatened him after he confronted him for damaging his car's engine. Fri, October 04 2013
E24 White Jr. vs. Johnston Drug addict admitted to using again, so they kicked him out of the home and disposed of his things. Thu, October 03 2013
E23 Johnson vs. Johnson James wants his ex-friend to repay him for a promissory note he had him sign after crashing his car. Wed, October 02 2013
E22 Kats vs. Priel A woman, sued for selling a defective boat, sues the man who sold it to her. Tue, October 01 2013
E21 Sheppard vs. Ong Repairmen who put the wrong transmission into a man's car say they undercharged him for it. Mon, September 30 2013
E20 Poppy vs. Sanson Unwed parents feud over a tax refund. Fri, September 27 2013
E19 Barnes vs. Jones A man arrested on suspicion of murder refuses to repay the company that bailed him out. Thu, September 26 2013
E18 Miller/Miller vs. Burns Juli wants a refund for the lemon she purchased for her teen daughter. Wed, September 25 2013
E17 Parks vs. Addison Penny says Kandy did not do the work she was hired to do and refuses to return the money. Tue, September 24 2013
E16 Akeem vs. Kamp Kaketia says a moving company lost some of her things; the company owner says she was already paid. Mon, September 23 2013
E15 Mai vs. Mai Theresa says her son stole her credit card, fails to pay rent and has not reimbursed her. Fri, September 20 2013
E14 Howard vs. DeLoach Jason says the money his babies' mother gave to keep him out of jail was a gift. Thu, September 19 2013
E13 Luevanos vs. Ingersoll/Owens A landlord sues former tenants for leaving the property without notice. Wed, September 18 2013
E12 Brown vs. Rubin Quar says he fired his graphic designer because she did not complete her work in a timely manner. Tue, September 17 2013
E11 Kohn/Stern vs. Houchin Tenants say their landlords evicted them out of spite after they reported them to the health board. Mon, September 16 2013
E10 Lebron vs. Lebron Sisters argue over rent and utilities. Fri, September 13 2013
E9 Acey vs. Washington A photographer says a makeup artist got into a verbal altercation with his client. Thu, September 12 2013
E8 London vs. Jacoby Jeff says his deceased mother's former caregiver has stolen and disposed of all of her belongings. Wed, September 11 2013
E7 Lewinson vs. Lewinson Kym's estranged husband says he repaid her for a down payment on a van by giving her rides. Tue, September 10 2013
E6 George vs. Hooker Jeff says Terry confessed that he was under the influence of medication after their car crash. Mon, September 09 2013
E5 Pitcher vs. Karaalp Former fashion-school friends feud over the impounding of a car. Fri, September 06 2013
E4 Robinson vs. Cole A calendar model says the photographer used an unapproved photo of her in a negative way. Thu, September 05 2013
E3 Macias vs. Solares A boyfriend comes between roommates. Wed, September 04 2013
E2 Turner vs. Drew Toshia says that after she bought her boyfriend a car, he changed. Tue, September 03 2013
E1 Bjazevich vs. Streit/Feuerstine Tristani says she became homeless because of her roommates; they say she walked out on them. Mon, September 02 2013
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