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E52 Nurse Accused of Abuse; Foster Child at Fault? A woman says she found a nurse straddling her sick mother, trying to get blood from her neck. Wed, October 22 2014 10:41 am EDT
E51 Wheelchair Runs Over Caregiver?; Broke Down Dating! A health-care aid says he was verbally and physically abused by his disabled boss. Wed, October 22 2014 10:41 am EDT
E50 Never Read Your Boyfriend's Texts!; Bitter Roommate Battle! Ex-roommates fight over partying, strangers sleeping in a woman's bed, and an incarcerated brother. Wed, October 22 2014 10:41 am EDT
E49 Assault or Self-Inflicted Injuries? A woman says her boyfriend attacked her and she ran, naked, from his home to escape. Wed, October 22 2014 10:41 am EDT
E48 Speeding Motorcyclist Crash!; Incriminating Photos Despite speeding, a motorcyclist blames another driver for a fender-bender. Wed, October 22 2014 10:41 am EDT
E47 Gas Leak Scare!; Vandalism Caught on Tape! Tenant forced to leave home because of repeated gas leaks; vandalism and stun-gun use. Wed, October 22 2014 10:41 am EDT
E46 Bicyclist Lands on Head!; Chicken Coop Massacre!; Kicked Out Before Moving In? A cyclist and an uninsured motorist fight over medical bills; dogs are accused of killing chickens. Wed, October 22 2014 10:41 am EDT
E45 Good Deed Punished!; Pricey Patch-Up Job! A good Samaritan who gave two teens a home is accused of kicking one of them out. Wed, October 22 2014 10:41 am EDT
E44 Divorce Slap in the Face!; Wrong Side of the Law? A gift vs. a loan; a lawsuit against a roommate found with an online advertisement. Wed, October 22 2014 10:41 am EDT
E43 Eco Friendly Backfire!; Betrayal of Trust! A man says he caught a former friend stealing his expensive watch. Wed, October 22 2014
E42 Brother/Sister Lease War!; BFs Not Forever; Deceased Father's Harley Siblings fight over a room; teens call it quits after five days of living together. Tue, October 21 2014
E41 Childcare Trade Gone Wrong?; Ripped-Off While in Jail?; Son-in-Law Payback? Ex-roommates fight over their living situation; a former father-in-law demands repayment for a loan. Mon, October 20 2014
E40 House War; Thief and a Hustler? A former tenant submits questionable evidence of mold growing in her rental unit. Fri, October 17 2014
E39 Teenage Phone Vandal?; 8-Year-Old Takes the Stand! A 13-year-old denies breaking an ex-friend's phone but confesses to spitting on it. Thu, October 16 2014
E38 Fish Tank Destruction! A man is accused of causing damages during a drunken rage; he says he flushed his son's pet fish. Wed, October 15 2014
E37 Pawned Family Jewelry; Hurricane Season Dog Fight; Motorcycle Mayhem A woman says a neighbor's dog damaged her doors while trying to get inside during a storm. Tue, October 14 2014
E36 Drug Addict Destruction?; Restraining Order Damages; Freeway Crash Former friends feud over rent and property; a motorist admits he lost control of his vehicle. Mon, October 13 2014
E35 Rescue Pit Bull Euthanized; Bikini Swap A pit bull's owner blames its victim; teens trade accusations of lying and criminal trespassing. Fri, October 10 2014
E34 Legal Battle; Car Crash Into a Cemetery! A car full of teenagers goes airborne and slams into a tombstone. Thu, October 09 2014
E33 The New Wife; Debit Card Downer A woman sues her ex for a false restraining order and overdrawing her son's bank account. Wed, October 08 2014
E32 Lose the Puppy!; Boxer on Steroids? Landlord and tenants battle over a puppy, a brawl and accusations of theft. Tue, October 07 2014
E31 Doused With Gasoline!; Pit Bull vs. Bijon After a pit bull attacks a small dog, the animals' owners fight over damages and responsibility. Mon, October 06 2014
E30 Furniture Feud!; Deportation and Disability A mother sues her former landlord for rent, furniture, harassment and false charges. Fri, October 03 2014
E29 Pesticide Assault?; German Shepherd Scare! A heated confrontation leads to an assault accusation; an off-leash German shepherd. Thu, October 02 2014
E28 Neighborly Plant Destruction?; Facebook Furniture?; Follow the Money! A woman claims her plants were purposefully destroyed by her neighbor. Wed, October 01 2014
E27 Uninsured Motorcycle Crash!; Crash After Bible Study! An accident involving an uninsured motorcyclist leads to a dispute. Tue, September 30 2014
E26 Three's a Crowd; Moving Out Madness A teen and his girlfriend claim their ex-roommate owes them money; moving costs are disputed. Mon, September 29 2014
E25 Grand Theft Drama; Premature Lock-Out? A former tenant sues a landlord for the return of her security deposit and belongings. Fri, September 26 2014
E24 Bare Bones Apartment Dispute; Vintage Clock Breakdown Tenants sue their landlord for not fixing up their apartment as promised. Thu, September 25 2014
E23 Father and Daughter Gang Up on Ex!; Boy Traumatized After Dog Attack A child has nightmares and PTSD after being mauled by a neighbor's dog. Wed, September 24 2014
E22 Police Officer Assaulted by Landlady?!; College Football Scholarship Hiccup A woman is accused of trying to rip off a cop's badge while impeding arrest. Tue, September 23 2014
E21 Crowbar Wielding Mother!; Failed Friendship A woman grabs a crowbar in a skirmish with her ex over their child's book bag. Mon, September 22 2014
E20 Friendship, Finances and Flirting; Designer Jeans Disaster! Accusations of inappropriate flirting surface when a man demands payback for a loan. Fri, September 19 2014
E19 The Anguish of Ex-Lovers; World Cup Woes A two-week coma and accusations of abuse come into play when unwed parents feud. Fri, September 19 2014
E18 Daughter-in-Law Dilemma; Worst Job Interview Ever! A driver is accused of crashing into the car of the man who interviewed her for a job. Thu, September 18 2014
E17 When German Shepherds Attack!; TV Remote Control Assault? A woman sues the breeder of her German shepherd that became aggressive and bit her child. Thu, September 18 2014
E16 Blind Curve Catastrophe!; Trashed Transport? An uninsured motorist sues a driver who totaled her car; a man says his ex trashed legal documents. Wed, September 17 2014
E15 Transient Parenting?; Good Deed Gone Wrong A homeless father and child, who slept on a stranger's floor, sue for return of their belongings. Wed, September 17 2014
E14 Mama Drama!; The Mentor and the Squatter? A young man rents a room in another man's home, then denies owing for rent, gas money and insurance. Tue, September 16 2014
E13 Child and Car Custody Battle; Older Cabbie's Young Roomie A cabdriver opens his apartment to a young woman, then sues for unpaid rent. Tue, September 16 2014
E12 Soldier Accused of Credit-Card Theft; Super Lovebug Lawsuit A woman says her daughter's ex-boyfriend stole her credit card. Mon, September 15 2014
E11 Stabbed in the Face! Children's father is attacked by angry pedestrians on "picnic day." Mon, September 15 2014
E10 Incriminating Facebook Photos; Scissors vs. Shoes! A teen sues her sister for destroying several pairs of her shoes. Fri, September 12 2014
E9 Dad Calls Police on Daughter; Voicemail Vengeance Incriminating and graphic voicemail messages are presented as evidence in a dispute. Fri, September 12 2014
E8 Hidden Camera Catches a Thief?; Unwed Parents Parking Ticket Plight A landlord accuses a former tenant of stealing personal information. Thu, September 11 2014
E7 Eyewitness Perjury?!; Twice-Kidnapped Puppy A woman admits to stealing her friend's puppy once, but not twice. Thu, September 11 2014
E6 Vandalism Caught on Tape!; Two Moms Sue One Child Video evidence shows an angry man kicking his neighbor's vegetables and memorial to a cat. Wed, September 10 2014
E5 Salvaged SUV Scam?; Dog Walking Attack! Dog owners fight over responsibility after a large, leashed boxer attacks a little Maltese. Wed, September 10 2014
E4 Drunken Stupor Nightmare!; Dirt Bike Bonfire A man says police investigated a trail of blood from his apartment to his drinking buddy. Tue, September 09 2014
E3 Child's Dog-Bite Marks Disputed; Show Me the Money! A dog's owners deny responsibility even after viewing bite marks on a child. Tue, September 09 2014
E2 Fight Over a Funeral; Attorney Extortion? A dispute over funeral expenses leads to accusations of domestic violence. Mon, September 08 2014
E1 Parking Rage!; Best Friend Bailout A defendant denies revenge-keying a woman's car; an ex-best friend demands bail money payback. Mon, September 08 2014
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