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E195 Farewell to Katie Katie looks back at the show's most powerful moments, celebrity guests and musical acts. Wed, July 30 2014
E194 Love Found on Death Row A man, sentenced to death, and his wife tell their unique story; a father-son marathon team. Tue, July 29 2014
E193 Memorable Guests/Elmo A teen with progeria; a hurricane survivor; a triathlete recovers after his bicycle hits a car. Mon, July 28 2014
E192 The DIY Revolution Entrepreneurs; a woman's journey to Uganda changes lives around the world; oral health. Fri, July 25 2014
E191 How to Live to Be 100 How to influence one's longevity; keeping the body and spirit young; dressing to impress. Thu, July 24 2014
E190 Dressing for Success An organization helps women prepare to get and keep jobs; makeovers; double-lung transplants. Wed, July 23 2014
E189 Changing Careers at Any Age Taking a career in a new direction; a corporate lawyer becomes a Lego artist; Lori Loughlin. Tue, July 22 2014
E188 Adult ADHD Adults with ADHD tell how it impacts their lives and families; staying focused; summer health. Mon, July 21 2014
E187 Internet Stars Musician Sam Tsui; "hair ninja" Mindy McKnight; comic Jack Douglass; model Carol Alt. Fri, July 18 2014
E186 It Could Happen to You A woman becomes paralyzed at her bachelorette party; comic Tig Notaro. Thu, July 17 2014
E185 Celebrating Nurses Nurses; blind film critic Tommy Edison discusses everyday activities that may pose challenges. Wed, July 16 2014
E184 Medical Mysteries Questions to ask a doctor; blogger Tavi Gevinson; Dolvett Quince ("The Biggest Loser"). Tue, July 15 2014
E183 Dangerous Teen Diet Trends Body-image issues; service dogs for autistic children; helping seniors stay independent. Mon, July 14 2014
E182 Men & Fertility Freezing sperm; the male biological clock; Jerry Bruckheimer; hidden sources of caffeine. Fri, July 11 2014
E181 Exceptional Kids An 11-year-old marathon-runner; 8-year-old who speaks eight languages; 13-year-old fashion designer. Thu, July 10 2014
E180 Are We Overprotecting Our Kids? The obsession with protecting children; adventure playgrounds; Katie Armiger performs. Wed, July 09 2014
E179 The Mindful Life Project A teacher brings mindfulness to inner-city schools; anchorman Bret Baier. Tue, July 08 2014
E178 Addicted to Painkillers Prescription drugs; actress Lynda Carter; making a family meal in 10 minutes. Mon, July 07 2014
E177 The Plight of the Honeybee Honeybees; honey-made products; the parents of Marina Keegan; gardening. Thu, July 03 2014
E176 Your Brain on Porn Pornography; actor Doc Shaw discusses weight loss and bullying. Wed, July 02 2014
E175 Divorced & Living Together Divorced parents live together in a modified house; saving money and hassle on divorce; Jeff Perry. Tue, July 01 2014
E174 Alive Inside Music awakens memories for people with Alzheimer's; a teen teaches himself to speak 23 languages. Mon, June 30 2014
E173 Are You Overwhelmed? Being overwhelmed impacts mental health and relationships; making the most out of down time. Fri, June 13 2014
E172 Rectify Cast Aden Young, Abigail Spencer, Clayne Crawford and J. Smith-Cameron ("Rectify"). Thu, June 12 2014
E171 The Search for My Egg Donor A teen meets the woman who donated the egg that helped to create her life; Mo Rocca. Wed, June 11 2014
E170 Laverne Cox/Nelly Performs! Laverne Cox ("Orange Is the New Black"); Carl Kasell, National Public Radio; Nelly performs. Tue, June 10 2014
E169 Gay in the Military Life in the military before and after "don't ask, don't tell"; the five languages of love. Mon, June 09 2014
E168 Crime Solving Crusaders Women on the front lines of homicide investigations; Anika Noni Rose; damaging diet mistakes. Fri, June 06 2014
E167 The Ivory Tower Whether college is worth it; one-of-a-kind artisan-made products provide employment for women. Thu, June 05 2014
E166 When Children Leave the Nest Preparing for when the children leave home; the cast of "Impractical Jokers." Wed, June 04 2014
E165 A Katie Exclusive With Hillary Holt Accusations of hazing; the mother of viral music sensation Zach Sobiech; chef Ben Ford. Tue, June 03 2014
E164 Marlo Thomas/Power of No Marlo Thomas; how to say "no" without offending friends and family; setting boundaries. Mon, June 02 2014
E163 What Would You Do?/Debi Mazar John Quiñones becomes the subject of a social experiment; Debi Mazar and Gabriele Corcos; vitamins. Fri, May 30 2014
E162 Foster Care Parents Foster parenting; attitudes toward disabled people; Peter Cincotti performs. Thu, May 29 2014
E161 Unstoppable Women Inspirational women; a Paralympian; a teen raises money for a rare medical condition. Wed, May 28 2014
E160 Toxic Hot Seat Potentially hazardous chemicals in furniture; a teacher's mission to help thousands of classrooms. Tue, May 27 2014
E159 Winning a Scholarship! Katie's Dream Award finalists; Irving Fradkin, Scholarship America; Adam Braun, Pencils of Promise. Fri, May 23 2014
E158 Road Trip/Wynonna Judd Getting the most out of a summer family road trip; Wynonna Judd and her husband perform. Thu, May 22 2014
E157 A Joyous Summer! Summer fashion trends; new beauty products; Olympic swimmer Dara Torres. Wed, May 21 2014
E156 Losing Your Mom in Youth Young women who lost their mothers during childhood; Army Ranger Cory Remsburg. Tue, May 20 2014
E155 The Bionic Chef Bionic chef Eduardo Garcia; an easy summer salad; prom trends; reducing sugar in the diet. Mon, May 19 2014
E154 Women in Politics Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz; Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.). Fri, May 16 2014
E153 Claire Danes/Afghan Hands Claire Danes and makeup artist Matin Maulawizada help Afghan widows; author Andrew E. Kaufman. Thu, May 15 2014
E152 AIDS: Then & Now Jeanne White-Ginder, mother of AIDS activist Ryan White; 100 Good Deeds movement; Jessica St. Clair. Wed, May 14 2014
E151 Spring Clean Your Closet! Cleaning up and organizing a closet; Clark Gregg ("Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."). Tue, May 13 2014
E150 The Confidence Gap Role confidence plays in women's ability to succeed; brothers break ground for paraplegic climbers. Mon, May 12 2014
E149 Exclusive With Moms' Night Out Cast Patricia Heaton, Sean Astin and Sarah Drew ("Moms' Night Out"). Fri, May 09 2014
E148 Fed Up Obesity in America; how to live healthier and longer; Nasty Gal's Sophia Amoruso. Thu, May 08 2014
E147 Ben's Bucket List A boy who is losing his eyesight creates a bucket list; opera singer Jessye Norman. Wed, May 07 2014
E146 From Stuttering to Success News correspondent Byron Pitts discusses overcoming his stutter; Tyne Daly ("Mothers and Sons"). Tue, May 06 2014
E145 Postpartum & New Parents Postpartum depression; photographer Anne Geddes; Clinton Kelly ("The Chew") and his mother. Mon, May 05 2014
E144 Distracted Driving A driver lives with the guilt of killing three children while texting; Natalie Merchant performs. Fri, May 02 2014
E143 Katie's Surprise Kick-Off; Jane Seymour Actress Jennifer Esposito; actress Jane Seymour; the hottest news. Thu, May 01 2014
E142 The College Sexual Assault Epidemic Valerie Jarrett and survivors discuss sexual assault at universities; Tori Amos performs. Wed, April 30 2014
E141 Health, Wellness & a Better You Integrative medicine; Ramin Karimloo (Broadway's "Les Miserables"); apps and gadgets for pets. Tue, April 29 2014
E140 Sofía Vergara Sofía Vergara ("Modern Family"); underactive thyroid; makeup advice; Laura Jansen performs. Mon, April 28 2014
E139 The Virginity Movement Guests talk about keeping their virginity; Benjamin Stockham ("About a Boy"); germs in the home. Fri, April 25 2014
E138 Jewel Jewel; Cecile Richards; Ted Allen and Alex Guarnaschelli ("America's Best Cook"). Thu, April 24 2014
E137 Smart Money, Smart Kids Teaching children about money; Dominic Monaghan ("Wild Things"); getting vacation deals. Wed, April 23 2014
E136 Earth Day With Jane Goodall Primatologist Jane Goodall; family meals and easy recipes; wedding-planning apps. Tue, April 22 2014
E135 Surviving a Natural Disaster A Washington mudslide survivor; chef Judy Joo; Stephen Fanuka ("Million Dollar Contractor"). Mon, April 21 2014
E134 Colin Firth; Boston Marathon One Year Later The Boston Marathon bombing; Colin Firth and Jeremy Irvine ("The Railway Man"). Fri, April 18 2014
E133 The Organ Donor Chain; Forgiving the Unforgivable A kidney-donor chain; a woman loses her grandchildren in the Oklahoma City bombing. Thu, April 17 2014
E132 Hope for Paralysis Patients Implants for people with paralysis; actor Alan Thicke; personal trainer Bob Harper. Wed, April 16 2014
E131 Morgan Freeman/Bob Saget Morgan Freeman ("Transcendence"); comic Bob Saget; chef Roblé Ali. Tue, April 15 2014
E130 Dangerous Teen Trends The signs that a youngster is involved in harmful behaviors; Mayim Bialik. Mon, April 14 2014
E129 Morgan Spurlock/Richard Marx Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock ("Inside Man"); Richard Marx performs. Fri, April 04 2014
E128 Escaping Depression Tanya Brown, sister of Nicole Brown Simpson; Kyle MacLachlan ("Believe"). Thu, April 03 2014
E127 Redefining Success Arianna Huffington; Cobie Smulders; Ellie Krieger prepares quick, healthy dinners. Wed, April 02 2014
E126 Getting Happier Journalist Dan Harris; starting a career and moving out on one's own; summer fashions. Tue, April 01 2014
E125 Game-Changing Moms Mothers use social networking to change the world; attorney Anita Hill. Mon, March 31 2014
E124 Sarah Jessica Parker Sarah Jessica Parker; family is challenged to live without sweets for six weeks; trending topics. Fri, March 14 2014
E123 Colon Cancer Awareness Screening for, preventing and fighting colon cancer; Shay Mitchell ("Pretty Little Liars"). Thu, March 13 2014
E122 Invest Money Without Risk Investing and stock charts; Nigel Barker ("The Face"); germy places and how to clean them. Wed, March 12 2014
E121 Insider Secrets of Germs Trying on clothing and eating from grocery stores and fast-food restaurants can expose one to germs. Tue, March 11 2014
E120 Surviving the Unthinkable Protecting oneself against an attacker; women entrepreneurs in the tech world. Mon, March 10 2014
E119 Grown Kids Living at Home A plan to get grown kids out of the house; a woman helps foster children. Fri, March 07 2014
E118 Breadwinning Moms Women who are the breadwinners in their homes; actor Jason Hervey; the new kinds of milk. Thu, March 06 2014
E117 Are You Losing Your Hair? Hair loss fact vs. fiction; a Hollywood stuntman; Latin cooking with a healthy twist. Wed, March 05 2014
E116 Proving Innocence A man discusses his fight for freedom after being accused of sexual assault by his own children. Tue, March 04 2014
E115 Men and Breast Cancer A young man diagnosed with breast cancer; Lauren's FEED projects; tips to freshen up a room. Mon, March 03 2014
E114 Winning the Gold Ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White; science educator Bill Nye; trending topics. Fri, February 28 2014
E113 Kids for Cash A woman pushes for an investigation into kickbacks; actress Jaclyn Smith. Thu, February 27 2014
E112 Roma Downey & Mark Burnett Roma Downey and Mark Burnett ("Son of God"); Jason Momoa ("Game of Thrones"); wedding cakes. Wed, February 26 2014
E111 Talking Hormones Menopause symptoms and preparation; photo apps; taking the perfect selfie. Tue, February 25 2014
E110 Tattoo Artistry Dave Navarro and Chris Nunez ("Ink Master"); tattoo removal; ventriloquist Terry Fator. Mon, February 24 2014
E109 Female Inventors Competition Three female inventors of everyday items compete to win a prize; Honey Boo Boo and Mama June. Fri, February 21 2014
E108 The Loud Music Trial Verdict The parents of fatal shooting victim Jordan Davis discuss the "loud music" trial; Oliver North. Thu, February 20 2014
E107 Melinda Gates Philanthropist Melinda Gates; people open up their homes like restaurants; honeymoon planning. Wed, February 19 2014
E106 Protecting Young Models Models Coco Rocha and Sara Ziff; actor Dulé Hill; apps to beat the winter blues. Tue, February 18 2014
E105 Is Your Medicine Counterfeit? Potentially dangerous counterfeit pharmaceuticals; other items that may be fake; Ken Burns. Mon, February 17 2014
E104 Finding Love on Valentine's Day Carly Rae Jepsen and Fran Drescher (Broadway's "Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella"). Fri, February 14 2014
E103 A Katie Exclusive With the Munoz Family The husband and mother of a brain-dead woman discuss the battle to keep her alive; actress Bo Derek. Thu, February 13 2014
E102 Keeping Your Children Safe The mother of Avonte Oquendo; Brian Boitano; Randy Fenoli ("Say Yes to the Dress"). Wed, February 12 2014
E101 The Dark Side of Obsession Women who became the objects of people's obsessions; Andrew Rannells; love apps; digital dating. Tue, February 11 2014
E100 Sexual Assault Claim Goes Viral Woman accused a teacher of sexual abuse; Hank Azaria; GERD. Mon, February 10 2014
E99 Overcoming the Odds A medical condition leads a woman to be a motivational speaker; a blind woman makes pageant history. Fri, February 07 2014
E98 Have You Been Scammed? Bernie Madoff's victims; other scams that have changed people's lives forever; Jennifer Beals. Thu, February 06 2014
E97 Lifesaving Robots A man's robotic suit helps him to walk; Padma Lakshmi talks about a women's health issue. Wed, February 05 2014
E96 Does Your Background Make You Successful? Authors Amy Chua and Jed Rubenfeld; the woman behind the movie "Philomena" and her daughter. Tue, February 04 2014
E95 Guide to Finding Love Inspiring lessons of the heart; actress Angie Everhart; the health benefits of tea. Mon, February 03 2014
E94 Katie's Super Bowl Party! Snack ideas for the game; Super Bowl Boulevard; past Super Bowl ads; game predictions; Beth Stern. Fri, January 31 2014
E93 Sex Trafficking and Sporting Events Protecting young women from human trafficking at major sporting events; musician Pete Wentz. Thu, January 30 2014
E92 The Dolphin Controversy/Drew Brees The hunt and slaughter of thousands of dolphins in Japan despite massive protests; NFL's Drew Brees. Wed, January 29 2014
E91 Connect Your Mind & Body Singer Naomi Judd; top beauty products; apps to save money. Tue, January 28 2014
E90 The Brave Among Us People commit amazing acts of bravery; Tim Gunn ("Under the Gunn"); chef Rocco DiSpirito. Mon, January 27 2014
E89 Kick Your Sugar Habit Kicking a sugar habit; a family lives without eating sweets; Rosanne Cash performs. Fri, January 24 2014
E88 Things They Don't Want You to Know The bank's hidden money secrets; what home contractors do not tell; Diana Nyad; Val Chmerkovskiy. Thu, January 23 2014
E87 Secret Lives of the Paparazzi Photographer Rick Mendoza; documentary "$ellebrity"; Rev Run and wife Justine Simmons. Wed, January 22 2014
E86 Life-Changing Drones/Ghost Hunters Drones; Jason Hawes, Samantha Hawes and Steve Gonsalves ("Ghost Hunters"); inventor James Dyson. Tue, January 21 2014
E85 Teens Battling With Alcohol Teen binge-drinking; parents who lost their son to drinking and driving; Cuba Gooding Jr. Fri, January 17 2014
E84 Katie Gets Wedding Fever Brides get advice and takeaways; Martha Stewart; Tony Bennett performs. Thu, January 16 2014
E83 When Your Child Is Mentally Ill Parents of mentally ill children; Olympian Tara Lipinski; WWE superstar John Cena. Wed, January 15 2014
E82 The Ladies of Law & Order Etiquette; Elisabeth Röhm, Jill Hennessy and S. Epatha Merkerson ("Law & Order"). Tue, January 14 2014
E81 Are We Becoming a Marijuana Nation? Legalizing marijuana; a marijuana store; author Mitch Albom; diet book author Jorge Cruise. Mon, January 13 2014
E80 The Knockout Game Assailants try to knock out an unsuspecting victim in one punch; Jessie Mueller performs. Fri, January 10 2014
E79 Interracial Relationships in 2014 An interracial couple tell of receiving a racist message on their valet ticket. Thu, January 09 2014
E78 New Life Calling! Reimagining life and getting the most out of the future; chef Michael Symon; comic Wanda Sykes. Wed, January 08 2014
E77 Life After Loss Parents of Laci Peterson, Chandra Levy and Natalee Holloway discuss enduring the loss of a child. Tue, January 07 2014
E76 Money Myths Busted Saving money and getting out of debt; transgender model Carmen Carrera and actress Laverne Cox. Mon, January 06 2014
E75 The Selfless Gift of Organ Donation Parents donate their daughter's heart; Ralph Fiennes and Felicity Jones; Lady Antebellum performs. Tue, December 24 2013
E74 Will Ferrell & Ron Burgundy Fever Will Ferrell and David Koechner; Sam Donaldson and Connie Chung; a weight-loss reveal. Mon, December 23 2013
E73 Love Your Body; Mary J. Blige Getting a positive body image; Mary J. Blige performs; trending topics; responses to recent topics. Fri, December 20 2013
E72 Keeping the Faith The modern face of religion in America today, with Joel Osteen and Carl Lentz. Thu, December 19 2013
E71 Inside Look at Katie's Holiday Home Decorations Katie's home holiday decorations; organization expert Jeffrey Phillip; actress Danica McKellar. Wed, December 18 2013
E70 Is Someone Watching You? How to handle being stalked; the widows of three fallen Arizona firefighters; Kyle Abraham. Tue, December 17 2013
E69 Secret Lives of Sex Addicts A couple whose marriage was ruined by sex addiction; Jeff Corwin; Grace Hightower. Mon, December 16 2013
E68 One Year After Sandy Hook/Emma Thompson Guests share stories of loss and forgiveness a year after the Sandy Hook shooting; Emma Thompson. Fri, December 13 2013
E67 The Murphy Brown Cast Reunion The cast and creator of "Murphy Brown"; Eva Longoria and Howard Buffett fight hunger. Thu, December 12 2013
E66 Ryan Ferguson Living in Freedom A man wrongly convicted of murder wins his freedom after nearly a decade; Mel B performs. Wed, December 11 2013
E65 Can a Medical Mystery Land You in Jail? A father is wrongfully accused when his daughter's mysterious medical symptoms mimic child abuse. Tue, December 10 2013
E64 Surviving an Unthinkable Childhood Aziza Kibibi; a woman gives up a high-powered career to run a farm; e-cigarettes. Mon, December 09 2013
E63 Is Anxiety Ruining Your Life? Anxiety; Jack Osbourne ("Dancing With the Stars"); Follow-Up Friday; Susan Boyle performs. Fri, December 06 2013
E62 The Bonnie & Clyde Cast/Sheryl Crow Emile Hirsch, Holliday Grainger and Lane Garrison ("Bonnie & Clyde"); Sheryl Crow performs. Thu, December 05 2013
E61 The HPV Vaccine Controversy/Rosie Perez A woman says she lost her daughter after taking the HPV vaccine; Rosie Perez; Lisa Whelchel. Wed, December 04 2013
E60 The Kirstie Cast/Gluten-Free Myths Busted Kirstie Alley, Rhea Perlman and Michael Richards ("Kirstie"); gluten-free facts and myths. Tue, December 03 2013
E59 Are 3D Printers Life Changing?/Ed Burns A man changes his son's life with a 3-D printer; Ed Burns; Danielle Bradbery performs. Mon, December 02 2013
E58 Mom Inventors Win Money!/Amy Grant America's hunger crisis; volunteering; singer Amy Grant; women pitch their business ideas. Wed, November 27 2013
E57 Katie and Bryant Gumbel Together Again/Mike Tyson Bryant Gumbel discusses sports stories; female bodybuilding; boxer Mike Tyson. Tue, November 26 2013
E56 Katie's Fantasy Job/Holiday Shopping Tips/Angela Bassett Tabatha Coffey helps Katie to be a hairstylist; saving money; Angela Bassett. Mon, November 25 2013
E55 Katie Helps Fill a Food Bank/Vince Vaughn Vince Vaughn; Oliver Stone discusses the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination; The River Fund. Fri, November 22 2013
E54 Exclusive With Shellie Zimmerman; Anjelica Huston Shellie Zimmerman, estranged wife of George Zimmerman; Anjelica Huston; Life Pieces to Masterpieces. Thu, November 21 2013
E53 Sexual Assault in the Military/Shirley MacLaine Sexual assault in the military; Shirley MacLaine; Alternatives for Girls. Wed, November 20 2013
E52 Men With Eating Disorders/Demi Lovato Men discuss their eating disorders and body image; Demi Lovato; Coats for Colorado. Tue, November 19 2013
E51 Can Katie Feed 1 Million People?/Julian Lennon Performs St. Mary's Food Bank; Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords; Randi Zuckerberg; Julian Lennon performs. Mon, November 18 2013
E50 Surprise: You Got the Job!/Model Life, With Christie Brinkley Model Christie Brinkley; job candidates learn whether they are hired; Lady Antebellum performs. Fri, November 15 2013
E49 Exclusive With Real Husbands of Hollywood/Nelly Performs Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon, Nelly, Boris Kodjoe, Duane Martin, Selita Ebanks, Cynthia Kaye McWilliams. Thu, November 14 2013
E48 Revolutionary Face Transplants/Jessica Lange A woman who received a full face transplant; Jessica Lange; Star Jones gives job-interview advice. Wed, November 13 2013
E47 Young Men Killing in America/Glamour Women of the Year Recent killing rampages and gun violence; Lady Gaga, Barbra Streisand and Lena Dunham. Tue, November 12 2013
E46 Katie's Helping Women Get Jobs!/Taye Diggs Katie tries to find jobs for three women; making a resume stand out; Taye Diggs; Hilaria Baldwin. Mon, November 11 2013
E45 Avril Lavigne/Exclusive Katie vs. Joy Behar Chopped Challenge The host and judges of "Chopped" and Joy Behar; Avril Lavigne performs. Fri, November 08 2013
E44 Innocent & Sentenced to Death/Inside the CMAs A man spends 18 years in prison for a crime he did not commit; the Country Music Awards. Thu, November 07 2013
E43 Treasures in Your Trash!/Guinness World Records Broken Appraisers; Dan Cortese ("Guinness World Records Unleashed"); a bid to break two world records. Wed, November 06 2013
E42 Lindsey Vonn/Katey Sagal Olympians Lindsey Vonn, Evan Lysacek and Julie Chu; Katey Sagal ("Sons of Anarchy"). Tue, November 05 2013
E41 Mom Inventors Win Big!/Aziz Ansari Three mom inventors compete to win an amazing prize with a quirky twist; actor Aziz Ansari. Mon, November 04 2013
E40 Orlando Bloom & Beauty Secrets With Michelle Phan Orlando Bloom; beauty advice; a surprise panel talks about trending topics; social media responses. Fri, November 01 2013
E39 Trick or Treat With Bette Midler Bette Midler; the Count from "Sesame Street"; the Broadway cast of "Wicked" performs. Thu, October 31 2013
E38 Bill O'Reilly's New Book: Killing Jesus Unbelievable moments caught on camera; author Bill O'Reilly ("Killing Jesus"). Wed, October 30 2013
E37 One Year After Hurricane Sandy Devastation and rebuilding from Hurricane Sandy; pen light leads to a woman's rescue; Steve Buscemi. Tue, October 29 2013
E36 Inside Katie's Cluttered Bathroom/Win a Scholarship! Keeping life clutter-free; Scholarship America; how to go to college free of charge. Mon, October 28 2013
E35 Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx; women's health issues; a surprise panel discusses trending topics of the week. Fri, October 25 2013
E34 Food Porn! With Today's Top Chefs Chefs Art Smith, Ming Tsai, Grant Achatz, Cat Cora and Roblé Ali. Thu, October 24 2013
E33 Sole Survivor of a Plane Crash/Michael Ian Black The only survivor of a plane crash tells her story; Michael Ian Black and D.L. Hughley. Wed, October 23 2013
E32 Hidden World of Counterfeit Purses/Regis Philbin The shady world of faked goods; clothing manufacturing in America; Regis Philbin. Tue, October 22 2013
E31 Former Plus Size Women Seek Revenge Women lose weight in order to get back at people who ridiculed them because of their size; Mandisa. Mon, October 21 2013
E30 The Walking Dead Cast/Dylan McDermott Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira and Steven Yeun ("The Walking Dead"); Dylan McDermott. Fri, October 18 2013
E29 Molly Deadly Club Drug/Mouth and Foot Painters Deadly club drug "Molly"; mouth- and foot-painting artists; People Magazine's teacher of the year. Thu, October 17 2013
E28 Spied On Through a Webcam/Benedict Cumberbatch Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf discusses cyber-hackers; actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Wed, October 16 2013
E27 Life According to Sam Documentary/Lauren Conrad's Beauty Tips Teens with progeria, a rare and fatal aging disease; New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Tue, October 15 2013
E26 Teens Who Are Cyber-Bullied/Cate Edwards The mother of a teen who was cyber-bullied and tormented until she took her own life; Cate Edwards. Mon, October 14 2013
E25 TGIF! Drug-resistant superbugs; Sandra Oh; trending topics; social media responses to recent shows. Fri, October 11 2013
E24 Scott Baio; People Magazine A 12-year-old girl who got a brain-eating amoeba from swimming in a lake; Scott Baio. Thu, October 10 2013
E23 Lyme Disease; Daniel Radcliffe Actor Daniel Radcliffe; how to protect oneself from Lyme disease. Wed, October 09 2013
E22 LL Cool J; Criss Angel Actor LL Cool J ("NCIS: Los Angeles"); illusionist Criss Angel performs magic. Tue, October 08 2013
E21 Blair Underwood; Cast of Janis Joplin The former wife of the Amish schoolhouse shooter; actor Blair Underwood; cast of "Janis Joplin." Mon, October 07 2013
E20 Judge Judy/Master Chef Junior Judge Judy Sheindlin; chef Joe Bastianich helps to judge children's competition; Bridget Moynahan. Fri, October 04 2013
E19 David Arquette/Padma Lakshmi David Arquette ("Dream School"); Padma Lakshmi ("Top Chef"); People Magazine's latest scoop. Thu, October 03 2013
E18 Memory/Alzheimer's A family's battle with early-onset Alzheimer's disease; actor Victor Garber; foods for brain health. Wed, October 02 2013
E17 Race in America Trayvon Martin's parents and Tavis Smiley discuss the reality of race in America; John Quiñones. Tue, October 01 2013
E16 Snowflake Babies/Gina Gershon Embryo adoption; Gina Gershon ("House of Versace"); stretching summer styles into fall. Mon, September 30 2013
E15 Julianna Margulies/Bill Hader Julianna Margulies ("The Good Wife"); actor Bill Hader. Fri, September 27 2013
E14 Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Stephen Merchant Joseph Gordon-Levitt; Stephen Merchant; hot news and the latest scoop from People magazine. Thu, September 26 2013
E13 Kate Gosselin/Julianne Moore Mother-of-eight Kate Gosselin; author Julianne Moore; "Days of Our Lives" cast members. Wed, September 25 2013
E12 Reincarnation/Suzanne Somers Stories of reincarnation; Katie gets hypnotized to learn about her past lives; Suzanne Somers. Tue, September 24 2013
E11 Mariska Hargitay/Domestic Violence Mariska Hargitay; woman who inspired a "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" episode; Troy Vincent. Mon, September 23 2013
E10 Meet the Sharks: The Cast of Shark Tank Season Five The cast of "Shark Tank" season five; how the show changes lives; mom entrepreneurs present ideas. Fri, September 20 2013
E9 The Cast of Prisoners Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Terrence Howard, Viola Davis, Melissa Leo, Paul Dano and Maria Bello. Thu, September 19 2013
E8 Alexa Ray Joel/Golf Kids Alexa Ray Joel discusses her family and performs; 7-year-old golfers. Wed, September 18 2013
E7 Katie Nicholl/Model Mom Author Katie Nicholl discusses Kate Middleton; blending two families together. Tue, September 17 2013
E6 Child-Free by Choice Couples who have chosen not to have children; judgment by those with children; actress Diane Farr. Mon, September 16 2013
E5 Robert De Niro & Michelle Pfeiffer/America's Got Talent Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer; Valerie Harper; Emeli Sandé performs. Fri, September 13 2013
E4 Billy Crystal/Aimee Copeland Billy Crystal; an update on a guest who lost parts of all of her limbs to a flesh-eating bacteria. Thu, September 12 2013
E3 Orange Is the New Black/Eve Taylor Schilling and Jason Biggs and the woman who inspired TV series "Orange Is the New Black." Wed, September 11 2013
E2 Vanished John Walsh discusses human trafficking in America; a former teen sex slave; CeeLo Green. Tue, September 10 2013
E1 A Katie Exclusive: Lil' Wayne Lil' Wayne; Michael Strahan helps to surprise several people from recent news headlines. Mon, September 09 2013
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