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E6 Terrorist Within Soldiers return from the Middle East bringing a mutant bacterium; a severe illness in children. Mon, September 12 2011
E5 Valley of Death A deadly fever spreads in California after an earthquake; a bacterial outbreak forces a food recall. Mon, September 12 2011
E4 Blood Sport Flu symptoms strike down men in Fort Collins; an elderly woman returns from China with a disease. Mon, September 12 2011
E3 Deadly Animals Among Us Organ donor recipients share similar symptoms before lapsing into coma; pox outbreak in the Midwest. Fri, May 06 2011
E2 Fatal Infestations A disease that kills 17,000 crows and zoo birds also fills a city's emergency room. Fri, April 22 2011
E1 The Every Day Turns Devastating The CDC, NYPD and FBI team up to deal with anthrax; a mysterious illness targets young girls. Fri, April 15 2011
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