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E12 Wendy Stetler King suspects a man's uncle of his murder, but there is no evidence. Fri, May 25 2012
E11 Aurora O'Donnell A serial killer's dumping ground is discovered; Jess and her team must find the killer's identity. Fri, May 18 2012
E10 Justice Calvin Faulkner Jessica must solve the murder of a Family Court Judge found strangled with a negligee. Fri, May 11 2012
E9 Alicia Pratta Jess needs to find who's guilty after a college student is attacked at a sorority party. Fri, May 04 2012
E8 Chris Harris Ingrid Evans' brother is serving 15 years for murder, but Jess discovers a witness may have lied. Fri, April 27 2012
E16 Isabelle Toomey Chief Graci calls Jess to help solve a cold case that still gnaws at him. Fri, April 20 2012
E7 Jared and Stacey Cooper Crime, corruption and drug use are uncovered in the world of mixed martial arts. Wed, April 11 2012
E6 Freddy Boise King and the MCTF must race to find a stolen heart that mining baron Freddy Boise was waiting for. Wed, April 04 2012
E5 Sunil Sharma Convinced that Homicide is about to charge an innocent man, Jess takes over a multiple murder. Wed, March 28 2012
E4 Charlene Francis A critical intelligence breach forces King and her team to salvage a weapons bust. Wed, March 21 2012
E3 Jamila Karan The MCTF bails out the Robbery Squad on a botched kidnapping case. Wed, March 14 2012
E2 Josh Simpson King leads a hunt through the city's gambling underground in search of a cop shooter. Wed, March 07 2012
E1 Alina Minkute Jessica connects the son of former Police Chief Fielding to human trafficking. Wed, February 29 2012
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