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E22 Finish Line Leland announces his early retirement because of a life-threatening illness. Thu, May 19 1994
E21 Whistle Stop Arnie's ex-girlfriend is the prosecutor when he is arrested for murder. Thu, May 12 1994
E20 How Am I Driving Arnie represents a man whose wife seeks a one-sided divorce through blackmail. Thu, May 05 1994
E19 Tunnel of Love After a romantic interlude, a prosecutor becomes obsessed with Becker; a dentist sues a rival. Thu, April 28 1994
E18 Dead Issue Stuart defends a muckraking journalist accused of libeling a scientist. Thu, April 21 1994
E17 Silence Is Golden New associate Patrick Flanagan helps represent a girl who says she was molested. Thu, April 14 1994
E16 Whose San Andreas Fault Is It, Anyway? Jane's client returns multimillion-dollar settlement; David threatens to quit. Thu, March 24 1994
E15 Three on a Patch Older gentlemen create a disturbance after agreeing to test a testosterone patch. Thu, March 17 1994
E14 God Is My Co-Counsel Jane defends a teacher who was dismissed for teaching creationism. Thu, March 10 1994
E13 The Age of Insolence Jane represents a librarian against a library employee who talks dirty to her. Thu, February 24 1994
E12 Cold Cuts Eli defends a mountain climber who suffocated and ate a comatose outdoorsman. Thu, February 17 1994
E11 McKenzie, Brackman, Barnum & Bailey Jane represents a ballet dancer in a civil suit against a choreographer. Thu, February 10 1994
E10 He Ain't Guilty, He's My Brother A woman (Didi Conn) sues her baker boyfriend (Kurt Fuller) for sexual fraud. Thu, February 03 1994
E9 Rhyme and Punishment Roxanne returns with her newborn daughter and remarried to her ex-husband Dave. Thu, December 16 1993
E8 Eli's Gumming Tommy prosecutes a record-industry executive accused of sexual assault. Thu, December 09 1993
E7 Pacific Rimshot Jonathan and Stuart use a risky tactic in defending a '60s political activist. Thu, November 18 1993
E6 Safe Sex Ann is furious when a client chooses Jane to wage a more aggressive legal attack. Thu, November 11 1993
E5 The Green, Green Grass of Home A girl feels guilty after she turns in her parents for growing marijuana. Thu, November 04 1993
E4 Foreign Co-respondent Witnesses against a smuggler of Chinese immigrants are threatened. Thu, October 28 1993
E3 How Much Is That Bentley in the Window? Becker wants to buy a Bentley convertible; the firm hires a design consultant to renovate. Thu, October 21 1993
E2 Leap of Faith Eli hires a private investigator to probe the husband of a murder victim. Thu, October 14 1993
E1 Book of Renovation, Chapter 1 Eli Levinson arrives from New York to represent a man accused of murder. Thu, October 07 1993
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