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E Lady Hoggers
E Lady Hoggers
E Lady Hoggers
E Lady Hoggers
E Lady Hoggers
E Lady Hoggers
E Lady Hoggers
E Lady Hoggers
E8 The Last Stand A "phantom hog" eludes capture; Gary and a sheriff work to remove hogs from the highway. Wed, December 14 2011
E7 Fresh Blood An aggressive boar invades an RV community; the women battle a large pack of hogs on a local ranch. Wed, December 07 2011
E6 Wild Florida Preparations are made for an annual festival; a family fears wild hogs lurking in the woods. Wed, December 07 2011
E5 Boss Hog Gary and the girls bet on who will be able to catch a large hog terrorizing a local rancher. Wed, November 30 2011
E4 Mud Hoggin' Gary and Paul track hogs at a yacht club; hogs damage an airstrip runway. Wed, November 30 2011
E2 Big Nasty Gary hunts a boar that scarred him in a past encounter; a ranch is plagued by boars and alligators. Wed, November 23 2011
E3 Crooked Toe Hog Golf course with an aggressive hog issue; hogs in an expectant mother's backyard. Wed, November 23 2011
E1 Attack of the Juvies A domestic sow in heat attracts boars and juveniles to a family's backyard. Wed, November 16 2011
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