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E22 Once Upon a Time Device that lets kids enter into their fairy tale. Mon, October 22 2007
E21 Sportucus Saves the Toys Machine that pulls toys away from kids. Mon, October 15 2007
E20 Dancing Dream Disguised Robby tricks Stephanie into traveling far away. Mon, October 01 2007
E19 The Lazy Genie Robbie Rotten uses a magic genie's wishes to make LazyTown lazy. Mon, September 24 2007
E18 Lazy Rockets Robbie decides to enter the LazyTown car race to prove he is the fastest. Mon, September 17 2007
E17 LazyTown Goes Digital Pixel is convinced technology can cure anything, but Robbie wires everything. Mon, September 10 2007
E16 Birthday Surprise Robbie turns an argument into a huge conflict. Mon, August 20 2007
E15 Energy Book How to use an Energy Book to keep track of how much sports candy they eat. Thu, April 12 2007
E14 School Scam Robbie poses as a teacher in order to keep the children from learning new things. Thu, April 05 2007
E13 Pixel TV Pixel sets up LazyTown TV so that the townspeople can create TV programs. Wed, April 04 2007
E12 Friends Forever! Robbie lures the children away from Stephanie's Play Park with candy and a thrill ride. Tue, April 03 2007
E11 The LazyTown Circus The LazyTown children decide to put on a circus. Mon, April 02 2007
E10 The LazyTown Snow Monster Robbie Rotten poses a scary snow monster to frighten the LazyTown children. Fri, December 15 2006
E9 Haunted Castle Trixie convinces the children to join her inside an old, unsafe castle. Tue, October 24 2006
E8 Double Trouble Robbie poses as the mayor of LazyTown when the real mayor goes away for the weekend. Thu, September 28 2006
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E7 Trash Trouble Robbie makes a huge mess in LazyTown so that the children cannot find their toys. Wed, September 27 2006
E6 Little Sportacus Robbie turns Sportacus into a 10-year-old so that he can teach him rotten behavior. Tue, September 26 2006
E5 Rockin Robbie Robbie pretends to be the mayor's favorite rock 'n' roll singer. Mon, September 25 2006
E4 Sportacus on the Move Sportacus goes through his daily routine. Thu, May 18 2006
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E3 Ziggy's Alien A lonely Ziggy makes friends with an alien named Zobbie, who's really Robbie Rotten. Wed, May 17 2006
E2 Dancing Duel Robbie creates a robot to compete against Stephanie in a dance competition. Wed, May 17 2006
E1 Sports Candy Festival Robbie tries to get the children to stop eating healthy foods. Tue, May 16 2006