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E19 Five friends reflect on the past as Beth undergoes brain surgery. Thu, January 31 2002
E18 Beth and Athena crash Joe's bachelor party; Joe tries to unravel a murder. Thu, January 24 2002
E17 Past: Athena conspires to buy Gregory's film; present: Athena moves; future: Beth loses her sight. Thu, January 17 2002
E16 Gregory's film fails; Joe searches for Carlito; Josh makes a dirty movie. Thu, January 10 2002
E15 Josh demands a divorce from Valerie; Athena tries to tell Gregory she's pregnant with his child. Sun, November 04 2001
E14 Athena might be pregnant; Amanda attempts to seduce Joe; Beth grows closer to Spencer. Sun, October 28 2001
E13 Joe breaks up with Beth; Josh elopes with Valerie; Joe's campaign suffers. Sun, October 21 2001
E12 Josh offers to finance Gregory's film; Josh spends time with Tammy; Beth struggles. Sun, October 14 2001
E11 Beth tells Josh that she can't marry him; Athena hires Gregory to direct her play. Sun, October 07 2001
E10 Joe makes a power play; Beth is asked for help; Josh is sued. Sun, September 30 2001
E9 Athena is torn between two roles; Gregory and Athena share a loss. Sun, September 23 2001
E8 Josh proposes; Joe's status; Gregory suffers a tragedy. Sun, September 16 2001
E7 Joe and Beth's friendship takes an unexpected turn; Gregory visits Athena. Sun, September 09 2001
E6 Greg secures funding for his film; Joe resists Frannie; Beth shares an awkward dinner. Sun, September 02 2001
E5 Beth runs into her ex-fiancee; Athena's drug problem gets out of hand. Sun, August 26 2001
E4 Joe is schooled in corporate politics in 1993, marital relations in 2001 and campaigning in 2008. Sun, August 19 2001
E3 Athena auditions for an important role in 1993; Athena promotes her album in 2001. Sun, August 12 2001
E2 Greg and Logan make an unusual request in 2008. Sun, August 05 2001
E1 Pilot New York actress Athena Barns throws a party; a gunman crashes the affair. Sun, July 29 2001
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