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E21 The Final Frontier A grown-up Mabel (Janeane Garofalo) makes a film looking back at her twisted family. Mon, May 24 1999
E22 The Final Frontier A grown-up Mabel (Janeane Garofalo) makes a film looking back at her twisted family. Mon, May 24 1999
E20 The Dirty Little Secret Debbie's genealogy research indicates Paul and Jamie may be related. Mon, May 17 1999
E19 Paved With Good Intentions Paul accidentally injures Jamie's mom (Carol Burnett); Jamie's father (Carroll O'Connor) visits. Thu, May 13 1999
E18 Stealing Burt's Car Paul and Jamie get arrested after stealing Burt's broken-down car. Mon, May 10 1999
E17 Separate Beds Paul and Jamie spend a night apart; Ira meets wrestler Randy "Macho Man" Savage. Mon, May 03 1999
E15 Murray at the Dog Show Paul and Jamie enter Murray in a dog show, but a dedicated dog walker experiences problems with him. Mon, April 26 1999
E16 Millennium Bug A dry cleaner (Jamie Farr) ruins Jamie's dress; Paul's dream has Y2K bug solution. Mon, April 26 1999
E14 Uncle Phil Goes Back to High School Paul and Jamie are forced to play parents when Uncle Phil causes trouble after returning to school. Mon, March 01 1999
E13 Virtual Reality II Paul and Jamie meet Mark McGwire at a party; Ira's girlfriend harbors a secret. Mon, February 22 1999
E12 Valentine's Day Paul surprises Jamie on Valentine's Day by purchasing a house in the suburbs. Mon, February 08 1999
E11 The Honeymoon Dr. Lee (Steve Park) helps Paul and Jamie find a way to visit a honeymoon resort. Mon, January 25 1999
E10 Win a Free Car Ira seeks help for a business promotion; Mark (Richard Kind) returns for a visit. Mon, January 18 1999
E9 Farmer Buchman Jamie dislikes Paul's new documentary; Paul tends the super's rooftop garden. Mon, January 11 1999
E8 The Buried Fight Jamie is jealous of Paul's former nurse; Jamie and Maggie forge a friendship. Mon, December 14 1998
E7 Thanksgiving Show The Buchmans plan a Thanksgiving feast; Mabel may be allergic to the dog. Tue, November 24 1998
E6 Weekend in L.A. Paul and Jamie travel without Mabel to Los Angeles to meet with a superstar agent. Tue, November 17 1998
E5 The Silent Show The Buchmans' therapist suggests they remain silent for a day. Tue, November 10 1998
E4 There's a Puma in the Kitchen Afternoon trysts enhance Paul and Jamie's lunch breaks; Lisa adopts an unusual cat. Tue, November 03 1998
E3 Tragedy Plus Time Paul is stunned when a former lover of Jamie's leaves her his whole estate when he dies. Tue, October 27 1998
E2 A Pain in the Neck Jamie worries obsessively during Paul's tonsillectomy; guest William Christopher. Tue, September 29 1998
E1 Season Opener Paul experiments with Viagra; Jamie gets locked out of her health club wearing only a towel. Tue, September 22 1998
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