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E26 A Stitch in Time Becky and her friends create time capsules to keep their memories. Thu, January 20 2011
E25 Day in the Life Documentarians follow Becky and her friends to show a day in the life of a teenage mayor. Thu, January 13 2011
E24 Temporary Insanity Mrs. D goes on vacation, so Becky hires a timid temp to takes her place. Thu, January 06 2011
E23 Me & My Shadow Kiki feels suffocated by her new boyfriend so she has an anti-makeover. Thu, December 30 2010
E22 Strange Bedfellows Becky sees the dark side of politics when Hop Ling is closed due to sanitary issues. Thu, December 23 2010
E21 G is for Gavel Margo directs an indie film and casts Becky in the lead without testing her acting abilities first. Thu, December 16 2010
E20 Lost in the Woods Becky and Jack accidentally lose the bus that would take them hiking. Thu, December 09 2010
E19 Opposites Detract A friendship is tested when neat freak Kiki moves in with disorganized Becky for a week. Thu, December 02 2010
E18 Becky Takes a Pass Becky gets two free concert tickets; Margo and Kiki compete to be her guest. Thu, November 18 2010
E17 Halloween Becky holds a Halloween party at city hall to see if it's haunted. Sat, September 04 2010
E16 Pranked A video of Becky dancing in her office at City Hall leaks on the Internet and becomes a viral hit. Sat, June 12 2010
E15 Never Say Sorry Former mayor of Mayfield, Mort Braddock, trips on the skateboard Becky and threatens to sue her. Sat, June 05 2010
E14 Becky for a Day Becky takes a day off while Kiki commands a disastrous budget meeting. Thu, March 25 2010
E13 Filibuster Club Councilor Pugh is organizing a town hall meeting while Becky is stuck in detention. Thu, March 11 2010
E12 Art Show Becky organizes an art show to protest the cut in investment to the arts. Thu, January 28 2010
E11 Pageant Blues Becky wants to change her image by entering a beauty pageant. Thu, January 21 2010
E10 Great Eggs-Spectations Becky and her friends have an unusual idea to increase tourism in Mayfield. Thu, January 14 2010
E9 Just Desserts Becky gets a pie in the face from a mystery person; Jarmin and Mo help track him down. Thu, January 07 2010
E8 Halloween Becky suspects that City Hall could be haunted so she decides to throw a party there. Thu, November 26 2009
E7 A Tiny Glitch A mayor from Mayfield, England, in the United Kingdom visits Becky. Thu, November 19 2009
E6 Me & My Big Ideas Becky isn't happy when she must work with a nemesis on an environmental project for the city. Thu, October 15 2009
E5 Becky Knows Best Mayor Becky is grounded by her mother, and exacts revenge by using her political power position. Thu, October 08 2009
E4 A Promising Start Becky gets into trouble when she allows access to the Mayfield Aquatic center. Thu, October 01 2009
E3 Day One Becky discovers her first day as mayor will not as easy as she thought. Thu, September 24 2009
E2 There's Something Rotten in Mayfield Becky begins her campaign for mayor of Mayfield against the current mayor, Mort Braddock. Thu, September 17 2009
E1 Majority Rules Becky's friends accidentally get her on the ballot as a candidate for mayor. Thu, September 10 2009
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