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E22 Final Conflict Scorpio collapses under the weight of a reunited Sammo and son. Sat, May 13 2000
E21 Final Conflict The Scorpio crime ring has Grace kidnapped, Terrell badly beaten, and Amy buried alive. Sat, May 06 2000
E20 In the Dark The Scorpio crime ring disables all electronic equipment in a town outside Los Angeles. Sat, April 29 2000
E19 Heartless The governor's daughter needs a heart transplant, but a man steals the donor heart. Sat, April 22 2000
E18 The Thrill Is Gone Sammo and Terrell investigate a drug called "thrill," which gives the user superhuman strength. Sat, March 11 2000
E17 Freefall Sammo faces deportation when he is accused of stealing a top-secret military device. Sat, February 26 2000
E16 Honor Among Strangers Sammo and the gang receive assistance from Texas Ranger Walker (Chuck Norris). Sat, February 19 2000
E15 Deathfist 5: Major Crimes Unit A pompous actor tags along with Sammo and Terrell to research a film role. Sat, February 12 2000
E14 Dog Day Afternoon Sammo befriends an unlikely witness, a dog, that saw someone murder its owner. Sat, February 05 2000
E13 No Fare Sammo finds work as a cab driver when he is forced to take his vacation time. Sat, January 22 2000
E12 Scorpio Rising An international crime organization threatens to kill the heads of multimillion dollar companies. Sat, January 15 2000
E11 No Quarter A corrupt city councilman demotes Sammo and Terrell to parking enforcement. Sat, January 08 2000
E10 Sammo Claus Sammo goes under cover as Santa Claus, with Amy as an elf, to catch robbers stealing toys. Sat, December 18 1999
E9 Blue Flu Sammo and Terrell must find the origin of a biological toxin threatening the lives of police. Sat, November 20 1999
E8 Call of the Wild Average citizens are committing bizarre murders with no apparent motive. Sat, November 13 1999
E7 The Friendly Skies Fugitives hijack plane, take Terrell and Grace hostage; guest Dave Navarro. Sat, November 06 1999
E6 My Man Sammo Amy must go under cover to help Sammo and Terrell break up a major artillery market. Sat, October 30 1999
E5 90 Million Reasons to Die Woman deposits large sum of money into Sammo's account; Sammo loses a fight. Sat, October 23 1999
E4 24 Hours Criminals abduct a world-renowned thief from Sammo and Terrell's custody. Sat, October 16 1999
E3 This Shogun for Hire When a notorious assassin arrives, Sammo and the gang must identify his next target. Sat, October 09 1999
E2 Thieves Among Thieves Sammo and Terrell pose as thieves in a gang to investigate a complex robbery ring. Sat, October 02 1999
E1 Sammo Blammo Abducted Sammo awakes with a bomb attached to him that will explode if he stops moving. Sat, September 25 1999
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