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E11 Dethecution; Dethlessons Dethklok is lured to the outside world; Toki is fed up playing in the shadow of Skwisgaar. Wed, February 12 2014
E10 Fatklok; Skwisklok Dethklok hosts an event with the London Philharmonic; Skwisgaar hosts an event. Wed, January 29 2014
E9 Dethfam; PerformanceKlok Dethklok's parents are in town; Dethklok has a fight on stage. Wed, January 22 2014
E8 The Curse Of Dethklok; Dethwater A French chef is chopped to pieces; Dethklok commissions a submarine. Wed, January 15 2014
E7 Prankklok; Motherklok Murderface prank calls Skwisgaar and Toki; Dethklok does a series of Dethfairs. Wed, January 08 2014
E6 Dethdad; Snake n' Barrels 1 Toki gets news that his dad is dying; Pickles discovers that the band has reunited without him. Wed, January 01 2014
E5 Dethrace; Revengencers William Murderface creates the Theatrical Hybrid Event. Wed, December 25 2013
E4 Dethwedding; P.R. Klok Pickles' brother invites Dethklok to his wedding; Pickles' gets a P.R. agent. Wed, December 18 2013
E3 Dethvengeance; Dethdoubles Dethklok spends studio time recording water; look-a-likes of Dethklok make public appearances. Wed, December 11 2013
E2 Dethclown; Girlfriendklok A clown gathers information on Dethklok; Dethklok is asked to host the American Pornography Awards. Wed, December 04 2013
E1 The Doomstar Requiem a Klok Opera The band members must get past their egos to save Toki. Sun, October 27 2013
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