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E6 High School Musical Bruce assigns Becky, the least creative member of the faculty, to direct the school's musical. Thu, April 03 2008
E7 Frenemies Lisa asks Becky for dating advice; Bruce gives a rebellious student detention. Thu, April 03 2008
E5 Pool Party Becky must plan a 40th anniversary party for the oldest and most-hated teacher in the school. Thu, March 27 2008
E4 Rebel Yell Becky tries to rebel for the first time in her life by vandalizing Bruce's office. Thu, March 27 2008
E3 The List A student's blog creates drama; Becky tries to improve her ranking on the "do-able" teachers list. Thu, March 20 2008
E2 Hot Sub An attractive substitute teacher chooses Becky over Lisa, but his presence threatens Tim's job. Thu, March 20 2008
E1 Homecoming Becky encounters her high-school nemesis at her new job. Tue, March 18 2008
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