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E25 Mr. Finale The gang follows Dang to Vietnam, in hopes of convincing him to come back. Thu, November 28 2013
E24 Mr. Spin Off Thu, November 21 2013
E23 Mr. Kidd Adam tries to stop Mr. Kidd from stealing. Sun, November 17 2013
E22 Mr. Interview Thu, November 14 2013
E21 Mr. First Impression--Part 3 Adam uses a time machine to go back in time so he can make a better first impression on Echo. Sun, August 18 2013
E20 Mr. Court When Mrs. Straupersson is found dead, Ivy gets put on trial. Tue, April 02 2013
E19 Mr. Kid Tue, March 26 2013
E18 Mr. Memory Tue, March 19 2013
E17 Mr. First Impression-Part 1 Adam uses a time machine to travel back to his very first day as a science teacher. Tue, March 12 2013
E16 Mr. Freshman Adam and his old professor tell Ivy about Adam's first day on campus. Tue, March 05 2013
E15 Mr. Love Letter A student takes credit for writing Adam's love letter to Echo and Adam must prove him wrong. Tue, March 05 2013
E14 Mr. Double Date Echo decides she and Adam should set each other up on a double date. Tue, February 26 2013
E13 Mr. Slumber Party Ivy invites Echo to a slumber party at the Young house; Adam must not let Echo find the shrine. Tue, February 26 2013
E12 Mr. Sasquawk After freeing a Sasquawk, a giant chicken monster, Adam is kidnapped by the beast who loves him. Tue, February 19 2013
E11 Mr. Heart Echo gets sick on Valentine's Day, so Adam shrinks down to fight the cold. Thu, February 14 2013
E10 Mr. Club Adam is determined to join Finnegan's secret club. Tue, February 05 2013
E9 Mr. Tutor Adam tutors Ivy in exchange for tickets to a music festival. Tue, January 29 2013
E8 Mr. Sci-Fi Adam is hired as a science advisor for a sci-fi movie being shot in Finnegan. Tue, January 22 2013
E7 Mr. Time Time is accelerated after an experiment went wrong; Adam and Derby age. Tue, January 08 2013
E6 Mr. Elf Adam accidentally gets Santa Claus's elves fired and must work to get them rehired. Wed, December 12 2012
E5 Mr. Hyde Adam creates a serum that turns him into a monster. Fri, November 30 2012
E4 Mr. Apartment Adam moves into an apartment. Tue, November 20 2012
E3 Mr. Magic Adam tries to turn a group outing to the Magic Mansion into a date with Echo. Tue, November 13 2012
E2 Mr. and Mrs. Roboto Arthur returns with his new robot family. Sun, November 11 2012
E1 Mr. Candy The gang tries to remember what they did during their candy-fueled haze the night before. Tue, October 16 2012
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