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E13 Location, Location, Location A couple wants to sell a Georgia home; moving to a closer condo; single-family home. Thu, May 26 2011
E12 Sizing Up, Sizing Down Adding on or moving into a larger home; downsizing for travel; investing in a kitchen remodel. Mon, May 23 2011
E11 Selling and Seeing Green Moving into a fixer-upper; moving forward with a master bedroom project; learning a home's value. Thu, May 19 2011
E10 Relying on Recouping Current home value; upgrading for a growing family; recouping expenses. Mon, May 16 2011
E9 Assessing the Investment Refinancing for projects; continuing with renovations; applying equity. Thu, May 12 2011
E7 Relocating and Remodeling A race to relocate; remodeling the attic; a first single-family home. Thu, May 05 2011
E6 Prosperous Projects A couple hopes for enough equity for a kitchen remodel; projects in a Phoenix home. Mon, May 02 2011
E5 A Fixer-Upper Future A couple wants to downsize; ready for a fixer-upper; neighborhood comparison. Thu, April 28 2011
E4 Equity Expectations Mon, April 25 2011
E3 Additions and Investments Renovation projects in West Linn, Ore.; adding a pool; renovating a house's bathrooms. Thu, April 21 2011
E2 Visualizing Value A desire to sell; tackling projects; planning for the next house. Mon, April 18 2011
E1 Profits and Plans Enough equity for a vacation home; installing a high-end master closet. Thu, April 14 2011
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