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E72 Gulper Eels; Lionfish Fri, March 14 2014
E71 Triggerfish; Saltwater Crocodile Kwazii is stranded in the open ocean with a triggerfish. Fri, January 24 2014
E70 Manatees; Mimic Octopus Barnacles tries to free his paw from a giant clam. Mon, November 04 2013
E69 Colossal Squid; Jawfish Peso and Kwazii venture down to the midnight zone to help a hurt creature. Wed, June 05 2013
E68 The Speedy Sailfish; The Vampire Squid Barnacles and Kwazii ride the Sailfish to round the Gups up when they go out of control. Fri, October 19 2012
E67 Pirate Parrot Fish; Electric Torpedo Rays Wed, September 05 2012
E66 Marine Iguanas; Dwarf Lanternshark While the octonauts plan their yearly seaweed fest, a few marine iguanas steal their seaweed. Fri, June 15 2012
E65 The Undersea Storm Fri, May 04 2012
E64 The Oarfish Dashi takes a picture of what looks like a sea serpent. Sun, April 29 2012
E63 The Baby Dolphin; The Scary Spookfish Kwazii babysits a baby dolphin that follows him home. Fri, April 20 2012
E62 The Snot Sea Cucumber; The Giant Whirlpool Mon, April 02 2012
E61 Lost Lemon Shark The Octonauts look after a Lemon Shark who's hurt his nose and can't find his way home. Fri, March 30 2012
E60 The Oarfish; The Combtooth Blenny Dashi takes a picture of what looks like a sea serpent. Thu, March 01 2012
E59 GoldenFly Thu, February 16 2012
E58 Crafty Cuttlefish; Lost Lemon Shark A cuttlefish takes Captain Barnacles' Octocompass; a Lemon Shark gets hurt and can't find its way. Fri, February 10 2012
E57 The Giant Kelp Forest; The Hermit Crab Fri, February 10 2012
E56 The Enormous Elephant Seal; The Sardine School The Octonauts help a large seal. Fri, January 27 2012
E55 The Slime Eels; The Arctic Orcas Kwazii wants the treasure in a sunken pirate ship but it's protected by Slime Eels. Thu, January 26 2012
E54 The Snapping Shrimp; The Kelp Forest Rescue The octonauts bump into a snapping shrimp. Thu, January 26 2012
E53 The Lost Sea Star; The Giant Jelly The team finds a sea star on the beach. Wed, January 25 2012
E52 The Hungry Pilot Fish; The Beluga Whales A lonely pilot fish devours the Octonauts' dirty gups; the Octonauts lead beluga whales to safety. Fri, January 20 2012
E51 The Cookiecutter Shark; The Jellyfish Bloom Cookiecutter sharks put holes in the Octonauts' equipment; Shellington is surrounded by jellyfish. Wed, January 18 2012
E50 The Giant Spider Crab Fri, February 11 2011
E49 The Humuhumunukunukuapua'a Thu, February 10 2011
E48 The Lost Lemon Shark Wed, February 09 2011
E47 The Crafty Cuttlefish The Octonauts are on a mission to recover Captain Barnacle's lost Octo compass. Tue, February 08 2011
E46 The Electric Torpedo Ray Mon, February 07 2011
E45 The Pirate Parrotfish Captain Barnacles and his intrepid band of explorers roam the oceans and find a parrotfish. Fri, February 04 2011
E44 The Dwarf Lanternshark Captain Barnacles and his band of explorers roam the oceans. The Octonauts help Dwarf Lanternshark. Thu, February 03 2011
E43 The Marine Iguanas Wed, February 02 2011
E42 The Eel Ordeal Tue, February 01 2011
E41 The Dolphin Reef Rescue Mon, January 31 2011
E40 The Sardine School Fri, January 28 2011
E39 The Enormous Elephant Seal Thu, January 27 2011
E38 The Slime Eels Wed, January 26 2011
E37 The Arctic Orcas Tue, January 25 2011
E36 The Scary Spookfish Mon, January 24 2011
E35 The Baby Dolphin Capt. Barnacles and his intrepid band of explorers roam the oceans in search of adventure and fun. Fri, December 17 2010
E34 No information found. Thu, December 16 2010
E33 No information found. Wed, December 15 2010
E32 No information found. Tue, December 14 2010
E31 No information found. Mon, December 13 2010
E30 The Giant Jelly The Octonauts must rescue Peso when he gets trapped inside a giant Comb Jelly. Fri, December 10 2010
E29 No information found. Thu, December 09 2010
E28 The Vampire Squid Peso travels deep down to the very bottom of the ocean and encounters the mysterious Vampire Squid. Wed, December 08 2010
E27 The Hungry Pilot Fish A lost Pilot Fish who eats ocean gunk cleans up the Octonauts' dirty Gups. Tue, December 07 2010
E26 The Beluga Whales The Octonauts discover a pod of Beluga Whales stranded and use music to lead them to safety. Sat, November 06 2010
E25 The Decorator Crab A decorator crab is stealing things from the Octonauts to decorate his shell. Fri, November 05 2010
E24 The Kelp Forest Rescue Cuando el hermano menor de Peso, Pinto llega de visita, se interesa más por ser pirata que médico. Thu, November 04 2010
E23 The Mixed Up Whales Wed, November 03 2010
E22 No information found. Tue, November 02 2010
E21 The Giant Whirlpool Los Octonautas corren contra el tiempo para rescatar el amigo de Tweak, una tortuga de mar. Mon, November 01 2010
E20 The Snot Sea Cucumber Fri, October 29 2010
E19 The Snapping Shrimp Thu, October 28 2010
E18 No information found. Wed, October 27 2010
E17 The Narwhal Tue, October 26 2010
E16 No information found. Mon, October 25 2010
E15 No information found. Fri, October 22 2010
E14 No information found. Thu, October 21 2010
E13 The Lost Sea Star The Octonauts help an unusual Sea Star find its home. Wed, October 20 2010
E12 The Monster Map Octonauts follow an old map to what Kwazii believes is treasure guarded by a sea monster. Tue, October 19 2010
E11 The Blobfish Brothers Un equipo de héroes submarinos que se lanza a la acción dondequiera que hayan problemas bajo el mar. Mon, October 18 2010
E10 The Speedy Sailfish When the Gups go out of control, Barnacles and Kwazii round them up. Fri, October 15 2010
E9 No information found. Thu, October 14 2010
E8 The Great Algae Escape Captain Barnacles and crew must catch a runaway Octopod. Wed, October 13 2010
E7 No information found. Tue, October 12 2010
E6 The Giant Squid The Octonauts are in search of a giant squid. Mon, October 11 2010
E5 The Flying Fish Un equipo de héroes submarinos que se lanza a la acción dondequiera que hayan problemas bajo el mar. Fri, October 08 2010
E4 No information found. Thu, October 07 2010
E3 No information found. Wed, October 06 2010
E2 No information found. Tue, October 05 2010