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E13 On the Edge A St. Patrick's Day celebrant will go to any lengths to board a flight. Thu, July 12 2012
E12 Wake Up Dude A sleeping passenger misses his flight; an agent must decide if a sombrero breaks baggage rules. Thu, July 05 2012
E11 Gave My Seat Away A woman is furious when her seat is given away; a passenger is caught smoking in the bathroom. Thu, June 28 2012
E10 Frantic to Fly A husband and wife are fighting on board a plane; a first time flier is shaken up. Thu, June 21 2012
E9 That Dog is Obnoxious A bridesmaid is stranded by a snowstorm; a supervisor must decide if a barking dog is fit to fly. Thu, June 21 2012
E7 Mardi Gras Madness A supervisor must figure out if a reveler is fit to fly; a supervisor performs CPR on a passenger. Thu, June 14 2012
E8 Stay Classy Alabama A couple's father has gone missing; a passenger with an offensive sticker. Thu, June 14 2012
E5 Stir That Pot A passenger tries to stir up the crowd; a mandolin player tries to earn a boarding pass. Thu, June 07 2012
E6 Show Me What You Got A passenger tries to use bribery; Ingrid challenges a team of performers to a dance-off. Thu, June 07 2012
E3 But I Have a Life! A passenger refuses to turn off his cell phone; a delay leaves passengers with missed connections. Thu, May 31 2012
E4 I Give You A Disclaimer: I Curse! An oversold flight has passengers venting; a cursing passenger's bag won't fit in the overhead bin. Thu, May 31 2012
E1 I Want to Leave This Place! A passenger in a wheelchair unleashes her wrath; a passenger travels in disguise. Thu, May 24 2012
E2 Delayed and Enraged A supervisor deals with an angry passenger; passengers vent their frustrations. Thu, May 24 2012
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