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E22 Endgame After the Tang Godfather is assassinated, the team almost separates over Michael's real agenda. Sat, May 02 1998
E21 Family Reunion The Tang Godfather arrives in town and Li Ann has premonitions about her brother. Sat, April 25 1998
E20 Politics of Love Mac's life is threatened when the team protects a love-stricken politician from environmentalists. Sat, March 28 1998
E19 Shaken Not Stirred A top spy helps stop a bomber who may have links to a terrorist group. Sat, March 21 1998
E18 The Director Files The Director turns against the agency thanks to a close encounter with an unknown force. Sat, March 14 1998
E17 Little Sister Victor is summoned to rescue his little sister from a gang of alt-culture criminals. Sat, March 07 1998
E16 Kangaroo Court The gang attempts to save Jackie from an underground justice system. Sat, February 28 1998
E15 True Blue Victor is haunted by criminal ex-cop buddies who think he is ratting them out. Sat, February 21 1998
E14 Li Ann's Choice Li Ann is suspended; Jackie, Mac and Victor shut down arms dealers. Sat, February 14 1998
E13 Mama's Boys Mac is adopted by jewel thieves who are being manipulated by a murderous mastermind. Sat, February 07 1998
E12 Last Temptation of Vic Victor finds himself getting mixed up with a gang of wiseguys. Sat, January 31 1998
E11 That Old Gang of Mine Mac and Li Ann investigate a teenage mob boss and encounter their "Godfather.". Sat, January 24 1998
E10 Wedding Bell Blues Mac falls in love with a woman suspected of selling nuclear grenades. Sat, January 17 1998
E9 Jaded Love Victor's old flame asks him for help after she's threatened by a client. Mon, November 17 1997
E8 Drive, She Said Victor and Mac are sent to a safe house after the assassination of male agents. Mon, November 10 1997
E7 It Happened One Night An Arabian prince is kidnapped while under the team's protection. Mon, October 27 1997
E6 Wang Dang Doodle The team investigates the Agency's use of a dangerous drug on agents. Mon, October 20 1997
E5 Mac Daddy Mac's long-lost father appears; Li Ann investigates a spa linked to arms dealers. Mon, October 13 1997
E4 Art of Death A cop who arrested Mac and Li Ann works with the agency to stop a terrorist cult. Mon, October 06 1997
E3 Trial Marriage Mac tracks a terrorist team; scientists die after a convention. Mon, September 29 1997
E2 Rave On An investigation into the death of several teens uncovers dangerous youth rave culture. Mon, September 22 1997
E1 Big Bang Theory Members of an elite law enforcement agency fight crime in North America. Mon, September 15 1997
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