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E20 Lunch Tables Fri, May 02 2008
E19 Out of Jimmy's Body After switching bodies with Jimmy, Sonny can finally see cartoons. Fri, April 25 2008
E18 Bad Fad Jimmy falls into a clique who believes in being in touch with one's inner child. Fri, April 11 2008
E17 Movie Craig and Jimmy trick Yancy into starring in an alien invasion movie. Fri, April 04 2008
E16 Princess When Robin brings a date to movie night, Jimmy animates a cartoon princess so he can date her. Fri, March 28 2008
E15 Stunt Craig and Jimmy go to war with Internet video star Donny Ironsides. Fri, March 21 2008
E14 Craig Steals Dad Craig offers to occupy Dad during Jimmy's birthday party. Fri, March 14 2008
E13 Cartoons Drive Mon, February 18 2008
E12 Outdoors Convinced his father lied, Jimmy goes into the wilderness with a cartoon owl. Fri, February 01 2008
E11 Ambush Robin seeks revenge during a school-wide game of ambush after Jimmy ruins her rock opera. Fri, December 14 2007
E10 Detention Jimmy and Craig enlist Golly's help in tunneling out of detention. Fri, December 07 2007
E9 Skate Head In order to get a date with Robin, Jimmy needs to learn how to skate. Fri, November 16 2007
E8 Bully Fri, November 09 2007
E7 Sick Day Fri, November 02 2007
E6 Ghosts Fri, October 12 2007
E5 Mascot Jimmy uses a Crocco costume to become the school's mascot. Fri, October 05 2007
E4 Sleepover Jimmy tries to sneak into a sleepover. Sat, September 29 2007
E3 Soda Craig starts running bootleg soda into the school. Fri, September 28 2007
E2 Friends Fri, September 21 2007
E1 Talent Show Fri, September 14 2007
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