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E26 Betty Jo's Business Betty Jo Elliot starts a day nursery to augment the family income. Sat, April 04 1970
E25 No, No, You Can't Take Her Away The Bradleys are shaken by a handsome and wealthy male doctor who is coming to visit Janet. Sat, March 28 1970
E24 Love Rears Its Ugly Head Billie Jo tries to spread love through the valley with sensitivity training. Sat, March 21 1970
E23 Last Train to Pixley The railway firm plans to sell the Cannonball. Sat, March 07 1970
E22 Whiplash, Whiplash Selma Plout tries to slap Uncle Joe with a lawsuit for an injury suffered in a fall from a hammock. Sat, February 28 1970
E21 Spare That Cottage Steve and Betty Jo's honeymoon cottage may be demolished for a new highway. Sat, February 14 1970
E20 Susan B. Anthony, I Love You Billie Jo returns from Chicago filled with zeal for the women's liberation movement. Sat, February 07 1970
E19 Steve's Uncle George Steve's uncle George has a reputation as a troublemaker, and lives up to that status. Sat, January 31 1970
E18 The Valley's New Owner Orrin becomes a big man when an old deed indicates he is legal owner of the entire valley. Sat, January 24 1970
E17 With This Ring ... Rumor spreads that Orrin will wed Bobbie Jo. Sat, January 17 1970
E16 Selma Plout's Plot Selma's matrimonial plot endangers Steve's job. Sat, January 10 1970
E15 How to Arrange a Marriage Bobbie Jo attempts to soften up Billie Jo's new boyfriend for marriage. Sat, January 03 1970
E14 But I've Never Been in Erie, Pa. An industrialist (Rudy Vallee) offers Uncle Joe a chance to make a fortune. Sat, December 27 1969
E13 The Golden Spike Ceremony Uncle Joe strikes oil at the Hooterville-Pixley golden spike ceremony. Sat, December 20 1969
E12 Goodbye, Mr. Chimp Uncle Joe tries to get rid of the chimp who is gradually wrecking the Shady Rest. Sat, December 13 1969
E11 Kathy Jo's First Birthday Kathy Jo almost misses her first birthday party when she lands in jail with Uncle Joe. Sat, December 06 1969
E10 The Camping Trip While on a camping trip, Orrin rescues Uncle Joe from a hungry bear. Sat, November 29 1969
E9 A Most Momentous Occasion Joe installs a new bathroom in the hotel to keep Steve and Betty Jo from moving out. Sat, November 22 1969
E8 Sorry Doctor, I Ain't Taking No Shots Dr. Craig must give flu shots to a stubborn hillbilly family. Sat, November 15 1969
E7 The Tenant When a glamorous author moves into the Shady Rest, Billie Jo tries to make her move out again. Sat, November 08 1969
E6 The Glen Tinker Caper A unknown singer (Glenn Ash) tries to smuggle a Vietnamese orphan into Hooterville. Sat, November 01 1969
E5 The Three Queens The three Bradley girls and Dr. Craig vie for a beauty title. Sat, October 25 1969
E4 One of Our Chickens Is Missing Game Warden Pike deals with two tough motorcyclists suspected of poaching. Sat, October 18 1969
E3 The Other Woman Intruders disturb Steve and Betty Jo in their honeymoon cottage. Sat, October 11 1969
E2 The Game Warden Caught with too many fish in his possession, Uncle Joe is threatened with a jail sentence. Sat, October 04 1969
E1 Make Room for Baby The Elliotts displace the dog at the hotel. Sat, September 27 1969
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