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E12 Showcase, Debut! Surrounded by friends and rivals, both old and new, Serena has her Pokémon Showcase debut. Sun, March 29 2015 8:46 pm EDT
E11 Under the Pledging Tree! When a Coumarine City tradition is threatened, the heroes must avert a major crisis. Sun, March 29 2015 8:46 pm EDT
E10 Green, Green Grass Types of Home Ash's Coumarine City Gym battle arrives with a chance to learn and grow. Sun, March 29 2015 8:46 pm EDT
E9 Thawing an Icy Panic! Sat, April 04 2015 8:00 am EDT
E8 One for the Goomy! When the newest member of the group is in trouble, the smallest member steps in to offer help. Sat, March 28 2015
E7 A Slippery Encounter After a chance encounter with a Pokémon in need, the gang starts an unexpected adventure. Sat, March 21 2015
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E6 Facing the Grand Design When the world is in danger, an unlikely group of foes must join forces. Sat, March 14 2015
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E5 A Race for Home The heroes face unexpected challenges at a Skiddo ranch. Sat, March 07 2015
E4 A Stealthy Challenge After a run-in with a friend, the heroes go on an adventure full of stealth and surprises. Sat, February 28 2015
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E3 An Undersea Place to Call Home! Prior to Ash's Cyllage City Gym Battle, the gang has an aquatic adventure on the Muraille Coast. Sat, February 07 2015
E2 When Dark and Light Collide When Ash makes a mistake, his Hawlucha is involved in the performance of a lifetime. Sat, February 07 2015
E1 Pathways to Performance Partnering! When friends squabble, they are given a chance to team up after a chance meeting. Sat, February 07 2015
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