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E7 You're Not the Man Tommy becomes worried after Holly speaks with the feds; Ghost explains his actions to Angela. Fri, May 29 2015 10:17 pm EDT
E6 Why Her? Angela learns that Jamie and Ghost are the same person; the drug syndicate welcomes a new member. Fri, May 29 2015 10:17 pm EDT
E5 Who You Are and Who You Want to Be Ghost and Tommy hustle to sell their product and pay Lobos; the FBI questions Holly. Fri, May 29 2015 10:17 pm EDT
E4 You're the Only Person I Can Trust Ghost struggles to keep Angela, Tommy, Tasha and Simon Stern in his control. Fri, May 29 2015 10:17 pm EDT
E3 Like We're Any Other Couple Ghost and Angela enjoy a getaway in Miami until reality intrudes on their fantasy life as a couple. Fri, May 29 2015 10:17 pm EDT
E2 No Friends on the Street Tommy offers to help Ghost if he agrees to one major condition; Kanan is released from jail. Fri, May 29 2015 10:17 pm EDT
E1 Consequences Ghost recommits himself to the drug business following the failed attempt on his life. Sat, June 06 2015 9:00 pm EDT
E9 Time's Up Tommy's locked up as Angela and the feds push him to flip on Lobos or spend his life in jail.
E10 Ghost Is Dead Bodies from Ghost's organization drop left and right, each death inching closer to Ghost and Tommy.
E8 Paid the Cost A wealthy New York City nightclub owner leads a double life as a drug kingpin.
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