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E22 Losing It Sarah plans to have sex with Jared so he will not forget her. Fri, May 10 2002
E21 Daughter Nose Best Sarah makes arrangements to have cosmetic surgery on her nose. Fri, May 03 2002
E20 Bully Sarah stands up to a bully (Willa Ford) and ends up being sentenced to detention by her father. Fri, April 26 2002
E19 The House of Stewart Matt's tries to keep a handsome boy away from Sarah, but his efforts might be sending mixed signals. Fri, April 19 2002
E18 Home Plates Matt takes his father to Fenway Park to relive a happy memory. Fri, April 12 2002
E17 A Kiss Is Still a Kiss Sarah freaks out after catching her dad kissing the vice principal. Fri, April 05 2002
E16 Miss Communication Matt forces Sarah to take a job at the school rather a job at the skating rink, which she prefers. Fri, March 22 2002
E15 Attending a Family Dysfunction Sarah arranges a reunion between Grandpa and his estranged daughter (Deana Carter). Fri, February 22 2002
E14 The Math Problem Sarah's math grades start to slip because she can't get a date for a dance. Fri, February 15 2002
E13 Mentor Matt Sarah believes one of Matt's former students, a successful novelist, plagiarized her father. Fri, February 01 2002
E12 Sam's Enchanted Evening Matt's father sets a bad example for the girls by staying out the whole night on a date. Fri, January 25 2002
E11 First Date Sarah and Emily have a hard time accepting that their father is returning to dating. Fri, January 18 2002
E10 Matt&Sarah.at.Gossip.com Sarah lets slip confidential information Matt told her about a new student. Fri, January 11 2002
E9 Teacher Evaluations Matt campaigns to get the highest marks from students on evaluation day. Fri, December 14 2001
E8 The New Room Sarah demands her own bedroom after catching Emily reading her diary. Fri, December 07 2001
E7 The Drama Club Sarah unwittingly casts her boyfriend and the quarterback in the lead role for the school play. Fri, November 16 2001
E6 We'll Always Have Scrabble Matt tries to find an activity in which he can spend more time with Sarah. Fri, November 09 2001
E5 Fight for Your Right to Party The most popular senior in school invites Sarah to the biggest party of the year. Fri, November 02 2001
E4 For Mature Audiences Only Sarah sneaks her 10-year-old sister Emily into an R-rated movie. Fri, October 26 2001
E3 Baby, You Can't Drive My Car Frustrated with her father's reluctance, Sarah turns to her grandfather for secret driving lessons. Fri, October 19 2001
E2 Sex Ed Matt teaches his 15-year-old daughter Sarah's sexual education class; Sam loses his car at the mall. Fri, October 12 2001
E1 Pilot A widower raises two daughters with little help from his father. Fri, October 05 2001
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