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E26 The Kill at Koorlea Raid The appalling brutality of a Nazi general makes him a prime target for an Allied offensive. Mon, March 18 1968
E25 The Never Say Die Raid An Italian officer's sense of humor helps facilitate the escape of two Rats. Mon, March 11 1968
E24 The Tug of War Raid Troy hurriedly disposes of microfilm but putting it in an open grave. Mon, March 04 1968
E23 The Hickory Dickory Dock Raid Moffitt decides to risk everything to avenge his younger brother. Mon, February 26 1968
E22 The Double Jeopardy Raid The arrival of a team of tough young guerilla fighters spells trouble for the Rat Patrol. Mon, February 19 1968
E21 The Field of Death Raid A captured RAF pilot serves as the bait in a scheme to destroy the Rat Patrol. Mon, February 12 1968
E20 The Touch and Go Raid The Rat Patrol falls prey to a clever Nazi scheme when they rush to the aid of trapped Allies. Mon, February 05 1968
E19 The Decoy Raid A sadistic SS captain arrests a Red Cross worker who is vaccinating a North African village. Mon, January 22 1968
E18 The Fatal Reunion Raid A French Resistance fighter joins the Rat Patrol to rescue a space scientist. Mon, January 15 1968
E17 The Boomerang Raid A Nazi soldier posing as an Allied contact raises suspicion before an ambush on German soldiers. Mon, January 08 1968
E16 The Pipeline to Disaster Raid The head of British Intelligence in the Near East bails out of his damaged plane behind enemy lines. Mon, January 01 1968
E15 The Street Urchin Raid Troy acquires secret photographs showing vital German installations. Mon, December 25 1967
E14 The Two If by Sea Raid Moffitt hijacks a truck in an attempt to sabotage a lighthouse off the coast of Nazi-held Africa. Mon, December 18 1967
E13 The Fifth Wheel Raid The Germans kidnap a British colonel who has just been briefed on a crucial Allied operation. Mon, December 11 1967
E12 The Life for a Life Raid A Frenchman blames his wife's death on a pregnant Arab woman. Mon, December 04 1967
E11 The Violent Truce Raid Moffitt takes over a mission to warn a British convoy of the contaminated plasma they are carrying. Mon, November 27 1967
E10 The Hide and Go Seek Raid Rescuing the kidnapped 13-year-old son of an Allied commander becomes the Rat Patrol's mission. Mon, November 20 1967
E9 The Kingdom Come Raid Hitchcock sets out on a special mission to deliver some new secret anti-aircraft shells. Mon, November 13 1967
E8 The Do Re Mi Raid Troy is responsible for freeing an American singer who has been captured. Mon, November 06 1967
E7 The Death Do Us Part Raid The Patrol is ambushed when members go to meet an unknown contact; Troy is wounded in the process. Mon, October 30 1967
E6 The Darkest Raid Capt. Richter conveys a cache of "confiscated" diamonds to Berlin to help finance a Nazi campaign. Mon, October 16 1967
E5 The Love Thine Enemy Raid A female nurse is the lone survivor of a Rat Patrol assault on two German supply trucks. Mon, October 09 1967
E4 The Darers Go First Raid A heavily guarded German fort seems impervious to Rat Patrol's efforts to destroy its supply depot. Mon, October 02 1967
E3 The Trial by Fire Raid An Arab family stands in Troy's way when the Patrol raids a German storehouse. Mon, September 25 1967
E2 The David and Goliath Raid An ambush on a German courier yields charts of desert waterholes and oases previously unknown. Mon, September 18 1967
E1 The Truce at Aburah Raid Captain Dietrich intercepts the Rat Patrol on their way to escort a supply convoy. Mon, September 11 1967
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