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E22 Singing for Your Supper Beth becomes Pam's manager in order to help her become a singer. Tue, May 25 2004
E21 Go Otis! It's Your Birthday! Beth and Jimmy ruin Otis' birthday party by obsessively trying to make it perfect. Tue, May 25 2004
E19 Kiss and Don't Tell Jimmy's brother Mark comes to visit and gets into a fight with Beth. Tue, May 18 2004
E20 Two's Company, Four's a Crowd Desperate for time alone, Jimmy and Beth stage a fake fight, hoping Carl and Pam get the hint. Tue, May 18 2004
E18 Love at First Flight While going on vacation with Carl and Pam, Jimmy and Beth reminisce about the first time they met. Tue, May 04 2004
E17 I Love You, You Don't Love Me Beth and Jimmy are determined to convince a prestigious preschool to admit Otis. Tue, April 27 2004
E16 Who's Your Da-Da? Jimmy realizes how much his family means to him when he misses hearing Otis' first words. Tue, April 20 2004
E15 Ca-Pam Carl and Pam hang out with another couple instead of Jimmy and Beth. Tue, April 13 2004
E14 Not So Grand Parents Beth's parents do not want to spend time with their grandson Otis. Tue, April 06 2004
E12 Look Who's Talking Jimmy and Beth agree to host a local TV morning show, but things go awry when they argue on air. Tue, March 30 2004
E13 Pretty Baby When Otis poses as a girl baby, Jimmy finds the sight of his son in a dress disturbing. Tue, March 30 2004
E11 Trading Spaces Jimmy is sent to sleep in the office after his snoring continues to wake Otis. Tue, December 09 2003
E10 Prior Engagement Beth learns that Jimmy had proposed to his ex-girlfriend years ago. Tue, November 25 2003
E9 The Difference Between Men and Women Jimmy fantasizes about Jessica Alba after an interview with the sexy actress. Tue, November 18 2003
E8 Girl Power Pam persuades Beth to take a striptease class after hearing about it on Jimmy's radio show. Tue, November 11 2003
E7 A Pain in the Aspen Jimmy and Carl renew old rivalries when they attend a DJ convention in Aspen. Tue, November 04 2003
E6 Pretty in Pink Eye Otis comes down with pinkeye and gives it to everyone at Jimmy and Beth's dinner party. Tue, October 21 2003
E5 Ring of Fire Listeners imitate one of Jimmy's on-air stunts; the Violent Femmes perform. Tue, October 14 2003
E4 Shift Shaft Jimmy and Carl get moved to the graveyard shift after making comments about management. Tue, October 07 2003
E3 Would I Lie to You? Jimmy smokes a joint during poker night and gets in trouble with Beth for not telling her about it. Tue, September 30 2003
E2 Coupling Beth invites one of the daddies from baby yoga class over for brunch. Tue, September 23 2003
E1 Pilot A provocative disc jockey gets a jolt when his son is born; Beth leaves for a girls night out. Tue, September 16 2003
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