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E13 Crossroads Wyatt has to decide what he wants from his relationship with Alice before she accepts a job offer. Mon, September 04 2006
E12 Tango Paramedics Cole and Hallon prepare to testify in lawsuit that could end their careers. Mon, August 28 2006
E11 Code Zero Two brothers carjack Wyatt and John's rig; Angela has temporary duty as a dispatcher. Mon, August 21 2006
E10 A Shock to the System The paramedics save a baby but get sued over its mother's death. Mon, August 14 2006
E9 Triage All four paramedics go to the scene of an explosion at a medical clinic. Mon, August 07 2006
E8 Secrets & Lies Wyatt discovers a secret about Alice during a surprise visit from her mother. Mon, July 31 2006
E7 Who Do You Trust? The new supervisor installs black boxes in the ambulances to track the paramedics. Mon, July 24 2006
E6 Cowboys & Independents A new boss makes Wyatt's life miserable; Wyatt risks his job to save an accident victim's life. Mon, July 17 2006
E5 Family Wyatt's brother ropes him into helping plan their father's 60th birthday party. Mon, July 10 2006
E4 Fog A treacherous fog descends on Portland; Wyatt tries to teach John how to play poker. Mon, July 03 2006
E3 Living Dead Wyatt and Sack respond to a bizarre call; police mistake Harper for a man who is posing as an EMT. Mon, June 26 2006
E2 The Lady & the Tiger Wyatt helps an old schoolmate; Sack tries to connect with his son. Mon, June 19 2006
E1 Pilot Wyatt Cole finds comfort in the fast-paced world of a paramedic. Mon, June 12 2006
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