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E18 All the Pretty Horses At an off-site army base, Joel and Zach get in a precarious situation. Wed, February 18 2015
E17 Fearless Alex and Dana try to save a single mother's life; a hockey player's mobility is at stake. Wed, February 11 2015
E16 A Simple Plan Alex and Charlie try to save the life of a man on the run; a spirit won't leave Alex alone. Wed, February 04 2015
E15 Remains of the Day Alex asks for help in diagnosing a teacher with a mysterious illness. Wed, January 28 2015
E14 Trading Places Alex and Maggie perform an intricate procedure; Joel thinks his dad is hiding something. Wed, January 21 2015
E13 Narrow Margin Alex encounters a trapped teenager during a hike in the woods. Wed, January 14 2015
E12 Hearts of Glass Two patients need the same heart; a patient has never-before-seen orthopaedic hardware. Wed, January 07 2015
E11 The Parent Trap Charlie tries to treat two female MMA fighters; Dawn must save a woman's heart. Wed, January 07 2015
E10 Days of Heaven Celebrated neurosurgeon Thor MacLeod gives Alex an offer; Charlie deals with a fatigued spirit. Wed, December 17 2014
E9 The Other Side of Midnight Alex and Joel must perform a marathon surgery; Charlie's day off is full of surprises. Wed, December 10 2014
E8 The Heartbreak Kid Alex and Charlie perform a double surgery on a teenage girl; Joel works at the clinic. Wed, December 03 2014
E7 The Way We Were Shahir and Alex attempt a radical surgery on an Alzheimer's patient. Wed, November 26 2014
E6 Joel 2:31 Alex, Maggie and Joel face a medical mystery; Charlie meets a patient with an usual link. Thu, October 23 2014
E5 Breaking Away When a son wants to be involved in his mother's surgery, her spirit tells Charlie how she feels. Thu, October 16 2014
E4 Stand By Me Alex meets her "buddy colleague" upon returning to work; Joel gets involved in a deadly situation. Thu, October 09 2014
E3 Awakenings A crisis at the hospital jogs Alex's memory; Charlie and Joel are forced to work together. Thu, October 02 2014
E2 Kiss Me Goodbye Alex's spirit goes on a journey with Charlie; Joel be-friends a drug addict. Thu, September 25 2014
E1 Heaven Can Wait Dr. Alex Reid has a profound experience and Charlie and Dawn try to save her life. Mon, September 22 2014
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