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Ep Show Details Original Date & Time Channel
E10 Super Sleuths Emi and friends team up with forensic scientists to solve the theft of a ceremonial mask. Thu, December 13 2012
E9 Pedal Power The girls engineer an ice cream-maker powered by their bikes. Thu, December 06 2012
E8 Bee Haven Math, mapping and data visualization benefit a colony of bees in Phoenix. Thu, November 29 2012
E7 Workin' It Out Jekima and friends hike, play soccer, dance and do yoga to find out which exercise suits them best. Thu, November 22 2012
E6 Insulation Station Passive solar heat and bubble wrap insulation warm up an ice shanty. Thu, November 15 2012
E5 Multitasking Mania Teens juggle computers, smartphones, music, homework and television at the same time. Thu, November 08 2012
E4 The Awesome App Race A smartphone app highlights the history of the 1989 San Francisco Earthquake. Thu, November 01 2012
E3 Habitat Havoc Comparing the non-native Canary Island palm to native trees. Thu, October 25 2012
E2 Mother Nature's Shoes Nature's designs inspire the girls to create a safer shoe for walking on icy winter streets. Thu, October 18 2012
E1 Aquabots Underwater robotics at the U.S. Naval Academy; a SeaPerch ROV investigates artificial oyster reefs. Thu, October 11 2012