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E27 War and Peace The family members gather for a final farewell after Bea's stroke. Sat, May 04 1996
E28 War and Peace The family members, including Frankie (Julianne Phillips), gather for a final farewell. Sat, May 04 1996
E26 Taking a Gamble Teddy and Dr. Sorenson resort to drastic measures to produce a baby. Sat, April 27 1996
E25 Housecleaning Alex finds that she has an abundance of free time after her show is canceled. Sat, April 20 1996
E24 Nothing Personal Alex's show is canceled; Teddy's past hinders Sorenson's appointment to a new job. Sat, April 13 1996
E23 Guess Who's Coming to Seder A bigoted businessman prompts Big Al to research his heritage; Wes tells his parents about Charley. Sat, April 06 1996
E22 The Price Alex is delighted to learn that her show might be broadcast nationally. Sat, March 30 1996
E21 Dreamcatcher Alex persuades Reed to fight for joint custody of her daughter. Sat, March 23 1996
E20 Leap Before You Look Trevor is MIA in North Korea; Beatrice and Billy's father may buy the Sweet Sixteen. Sat, March 16 1996
E19 Where There's Smoke ... Alex and Norma try to gain admittance to Pug's "men only" cigar club. Sat, March 09 1996
E18 Don't Go to Springfield The Reed women are stranded together in a snowbound limousine. Sat, March 02 1996
E17 A Little Snag Family members gather at the hospital for Big Al's heart transplant. Sat, February 10 1996
E16 The Best Man The family fears that Teddy will suffer the "wedding curse.". Sat, February 03 1996
E15 Impersonators Alex vies with her new co-host to win an interview with a local hero. Sat, January 27 1996
E14 Double, Double, Toil and Trouble Teddy considers becoming the fourth Mrs. Sorenson; Alex challenges a journalist. Sat, January 20 1996
E13 The Man That Got Away Cat investigates Teddy's carjacking; Big Al plans for his own demise. Sat, January 13 1996
E12 A Sudden Change of Heart Convicted of pandering, Reed is sentenced to community service in an AIDS hospice. Sat, January 06 1996
E11 A Tough Act to Follow Alex begs Reed to close her business; Cat is asked to gather information on Reed. Sat, December 09 1995
E10 Sleeping Beauty Teddy confronts Sorenson about a woman; Wes worries about Jesse. Sat, December 02 1995
E9 A Perfectly Reasonable Explanation Thanksgiving proves to be a series of trials and tribulations for the family. Sat, November 25 1995
E8 Renaissance Woman Teddy battles Kiri over who will represent the company at an annual fashion fair. Sat, November 18 1995
E7 Change of Life Alex goes to extremes when she denies menopause; Reed's escort service booms. Sat, November 11 1995
E5 Deceit Alex becomes involved when Norma's mother fights for custody of Norma's baby. Sat, November 04 1995
E6 A Perfect Circle Alex thinks she may be pregnant; Teddy may lose her job to a younger designer. Sat, November 04 1995
E4 One Fine Day Suffering from amnesia, Teddy learns how the family would fare without her. Sat, October 21 1995
E3 The Passion of Our Youth Cat reluctantly allows Reed to move in with her; a college beau seeks Alex's help. Sat, October 07 1995
E2 Out of the Woods Teddy's gunshot wound has a profound effect on many family members. Sat, September 30 1995
E1 100 Teddy purchases guns after she and Cat are carjacked; Reed returns to Winnetka. Sat, September 23 1995
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