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E19 Wedding Bell Blues Rick and Matt tag along with Sophie to Andre and Kim's wedding. Mon, March 23 2009
E18 Safety First Sophie is convinced that her mother has lost her mind; Bridget finds the perfect role for Ophelia. Mon, March 16 2009
E17 Daddy Issues Sophie tells Rick he may be a father when Melissa shows up pregnant. Mon, March 09 2009
E16 Stolen Kisses Rick takes Sophie to visit his Aunt; Judith discovers a new vice while shopping with Robbie. Mon, February 23 2009
E15 Burning Bridgets Sophie has to hire a new assistant; Estelle gets a new sidekick on the Miss Mobility set. Mon, February 16 2009
E14 You've Got Mail After his break up with Tiago, Matt drags Sophie on a night of bar hopping. Mon, February 09 2009
E13 Benched Judith has an affair with the artist she hired; Matt gives Tiago an ultimatum. Mon, January 26 2009
E12 The Ex Beau Incident Sophie brings Rick to an ex-beau party in hopes of finding him a lover. Mon, January 19 2009
E11 An Outing With Sophie Sophie finds that she has way too many secrets to keep; Rick moves into Sophie's office. Mon, January 12 2009
E10 Trust or Bust Kim and Sophie square off over Andre; Tiago and Matt lead a double life. Mon, January 05 2009
E9 Bursting Balloons Rick's new client is a big hit at Robbie's first birthday party. Wed, December 03 2008
E8 Who's Your Daddy When Judith organizes a party for Robbie, some unexpected guests arrive. Wed, November 26 2008
E7 The Lost Weekend Sophie leaves Robbie with Estelle while she goes on a spiritual retreat. Wed, November 19 2008
E6 Bad Back to the Future Sophie gets a letter from Andre that could affect her relationship; Matt meets a hunky intern. Wed, November 05 2008
E5 The Casting Couch Estelle begs for work from an agent she treated badly years ago; Ophelia moves in with Judith. Wed, October 29 2008
E4 Robbing the Grave Judith throws a party to commemorate the anniversary of Robert's passing. Wed, October 22 2008
E3 Between Rick and a Hard Place Rick questions whether he wants to remain an agent in the future. Wed, October 15 2008
E2 It's My Party Sophie tries to focus on the premiere party and not Andre; Rick is having problems in the bedroom. Wed, October 08 2008
E1 Sophie's Choice Robbie's biological father meets his son for the first time; Melissa is worried. Wed, October 01 2008
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