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E13 The Wish A genielike link seeks to enslave Chicago by granting wishes to four masters. Wed, February 13 2002
E12 The Piper A crime spree involving children leads to a link with mind control powers. Wed, February 06 2002
E11 The Love A love potion causes an old school judge to start setting criminals free. Wed, January 30 2002
E10 The Straw A Link called the Scarecrow spreads fear throughout Chicago. Wed, December 19 2001
E9 The Wall Links overrun Kate's high school reunion and attempt to kill her classmates. Wed, November 28 2001
E8 The Beast The team's convinced that Jack the Ripper has moved to the Windy City. Wed, November 21 2001
E7 The Drag The theft of an ancient necklace unleashes a dragon that terrorizes Chicago. Wed, November 14 2001
E6 The Rocks Nick is in danger of turning to stone after skirmishing with Medusa. Wed, November 07 2001
E5 The Eve Nick discovers that a powerful link which emerges on Halloween killed his former partner. Wed, October 31 2001
E4 The Invisible A young boy helps Nick and Kate catch the murderous Boogeyman. Wed, October 24 2001
E3 The Years A 1000-year-old witch survives by sucking the youth out of her victims. Wed, October 17 2001
E2 The Skin Nick and Kate seek assistance from the original Chameleon when a new terror threatens Chicago. Wed, October 10 2001
E1 The Grain The Sandman invades Kate's mind and frees her repressed urges. Wed, October 03 2001
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