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Ep Show Details Original Date & Time Channel
E31 They compete in three muck-filled, larger-than-life games. Mon, September 01 2014
E30 The Defenders get distracted eating bananas and autographing pictures for Attackers' mothers. Tue, September 02 2014
E29 Ten brave new attackers storm the castle to lay claim to the Crown of Splatalot. Tue, July 09 2013
E28 Five teams of parents and kids compete in three rounds of challenges to capture the crown. Tue, August 19 2014
E27 Senor Skabb gives an impromptu Spanish lesson and Madeva confuses Spain with Mexico. Mon, August 11 2014
E26 Call Matt the Handyman... Maybe! One Attacker's hero is the United States President, Barack Obama; an Attacker scares Skabb. Thu, August 29 2013
E25 Laundry Day! Wed, August 28 2013
E24 Parents & Kids Splatdown: Close Encounters Teams of parents and kids go up against the Dastardly Defenders. Tue, August 27 2013
E23 Jay and the Madman Ten new Attackers rush the castle. Thu, August 22 2013
E22 Bucket List: Check! Ten new Attackers try to capture the Crown of Splatalot. Wed, August 21 2013
E21 Best Friends Splatdown Five teams of best friends attack the castle. Tue, August 20 2013
E20 Three Cheers for Everything Skabb, Thorne and Faetal taunt an Attacker; Matt struggles with the intros. Thu, August 15 2013
E19 Splat-a-Lot! Dance-a-Lot! Dance-loving attackers try to cross the moat and get the crown. Wed, August 14 2013
E18 Car Trouble! To speed up the show and save his car, Matt double parks it. Tue, August 13 2013
E17 Awesome Sandwich Club! A new group of Attackers visits the Kingdom and try to be its new rulers. Wed, August 07 2013
E16 Dude, Where's My Crown?!! The Crown of Splatalot goes missing; Jason tries to solve the mystery. Tue, August 06 2013
E15 Twins vs. Twins Thu, August 01 2013
E14 When Hairy Met Matty! A new group of Attackers rush the castle; Senor Skabb gives a Spanish lesson. Thu, August 01 2013
E13 Spartak the Situation Sarthak starts out as an attacker; Tinkor's love connection goes well. Mon, June 17 2013
E12 Nation vs. Nation Splatdown! Ten patriotic teens represent their homelands and battle to capture the crown of Splatalot. Sat, March 02 2013
E11 Of Mice & Splatmen! Jason and Matt imagine themselves as super heroes, but can't agree on who the sidekick is. Sat, February 23 2013
E10 Splatalot Days & Splatalot Nights! Matt attempts to build his own computer; an Attacker who also models. Sat, February 16 2013
E9 The Magic of Television A new group of Attackers try to capture the crown. Sat, February 09 2013
E8 Two Drawbridges Up! Matt and Jason receive praise from magazines; rhyming. Sat, February 02 2013
E7 We Are Not Alone The Defenders play a game with an Attacker who is a fan of Michael Jackson. Sat, January 26 2013
E6 You Bet Your Trousers! Matt and Jason trade bets on the race. Sat, January 19 2013
E5 Parents & Kids Splatdown Parents and children compete for the crown; Jason and Matt are joined by their fathers. Sun, January 13 2013
E4 Sleepy Matty Matt falls asleep and leaves Jason to host all by himself. Sat, January 05 2013
E3 Classic Nana Defenders meet Castle Splatalot's new owner; Jay avoids his least-biggest fan. Sat, November 24 2012
E2 Girls vs. Boys Splatdown Girls square off against the boys for the crown. Sat, November 17 2012
E1 You Simmer Down A verbal match between Thorne and an attacker creates tension. Sat, November 10 2012
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