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E22 The Last One Auschlander fights to prevent the closing; Fiscus has trouble leaving. Wed, May 25 1988
E21 The Abby Singer Show A fire ruins the annual Doctor of the Year awards dinner; Fiscus has disturbing news for his mother. Wed, May 18 1988
E20 Split Decision Craig arranges multiple organ transplants from a single donor. Wed, May 11 1988
E19 Requiem for a Heavyweight Axelrod has a heart attack; a drug-dependent Rosenthal confronts old demons. Wed, May 04 1988
E18 The Naked Civil Surgeon Doctors must do surgery nude; Morrison and Novino. Wed, April 27 1988
E17 Their Town Westphall provides third-person commentary in the style of "Our Town.". Wed, April 20 1988
E16 Down and Out on Beacon Hill Gideon kicks Craig out of the hospital; Rosenthal is forced to face her drug problem. Wed, February 17 1988
E15 Fairytale Theater Catatonic friend; Craig sued; gunman shoots at Gideon. Wed, February 10 1988
E14 Curtains Morrison must tell a patient that she has Huntington's disease. Wed, February 03 1988
E13 Heaven's Skate Kiem tries to save a gang member; Rosenthal learns Bobby has died of AIDS. Wed, January 13 1988
E12 Final Cut Auschlander tries to save a cancer patient's life with a controversial treatment program. Wed, January 06 1988
E11 A Coupla White Dummies Sitting Around Talking The heart-transplant patient curses Craig; an AIDS patient leaves his lover. Wed, December 16 1987
E10 No Chemo, Sabe? Reporters meet the artificial-heart recipient; Fiscus comforts his father. Wed, December 09 1987
E9 Weigh In, Way Out Craig tries to recapture his youth while Fiscus deals with turning 30. Wed, December 02 1987
E8 Heart On Morrison's wife leaves him; an AIDS patient is a victim of gay bashing. Wed, November 18 1987
E7 Handoff Craig interviews potential recipients of an artificial heart. Wed, November 11 1987
E6 The He-Man Woman-Haters Club Ellen to run the food service; chief resident named. Wed, November 04 1987
E5 Night of the Living Bed Craig performs an artificial-heart transplant on a cuddly sheep. Wed, October 28 1987
E4 Ewe Can't Go Home Again The orderlies plan to strike; Craig fails to reconcile with his wife. Wed, October 21 1987
E3 A Moon for the Misbegotten Westphall wants an AIDS clinic; Fiscus' mother visits. Wed, September 30 1987
E2 The Idiot and the Odyssey New hospital head second-guesses fuming Westphall. Wed, September 23 1987
E1 Resurrection The hospital is spared from demolition; Craig realizes the seriousness of his wife's divorce plans. Wed, September 16 1987
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