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E22 The Finale Susan flees before completing her wedding ceremony but asks Oliver to live in New York with her. Tue, December 26 2000
E21 The Finale Susan sells an article to another magazine, and Ian worries that she will quit The Gate. Tue, December 26 2000
E20 The Reversal Oliver desperately tries to prevent Susan from traveling to New York with her new beau. Tue, December 26 2000
E19 Susan and the Professor Susan dates a former English professor who loves to critique her work. Tue, December 26 2000
E18 The Bird in the Wall Oliver gives Susan a talking cockatoo that escapes into the ventilation system. Tue, June 27 2000
E17 Girls Night Out Ian, Nate and a male exotic dancer target Susan after her breakup with Oliver. Tue, June 20 2000
E16 The Break Up Susan worries that she might be pregnant; Oliver suggests Susan and he move in together. Tue, June 13 2000
E15 I Love You Susan obsesses over Oliver's apparent inability to say "I love you." Tue, June 06 2000
E13 Dinner Party Susan throws a dinner party to play matchmaker. Mon, January 03 2000
E14 Stock Tip Susan learns about a hot stock tip while eavesdropping on Ian and invests all of her savings. Mon, January 03 2000
E11 Susan's Ex Oliver charters a private jet for a romantic getaway. Mon, December 27 1999
E12 Luis Gets His Groove Back Susan and Nate take different paths to console Luis. Mon, December 27 1999
E10 The Birthday Party A psychotic co-worker throws herself a birthday party, and Susan shows up as the only guest. Mon, December 20 1999
E9 The Gay Parade Ian publishes an e-mail Susan wrote that mocks Nate's attitude toward homosexuals. Mon, December 13 1999
E8 First Date Oliver's illness at dinner leaves Susan wondering what the real reason is behind his condition. Mon, December 13 1999
E7 The Wish List Susan re-evaluates her old childhood goals and tries to kiss former teen idol Leif Garrett. Mon, December 06 1999
E6 The Cheerleaders Susan joins the San Francisco 49ers cheerleading squad to tackle an assignment. Mon, November 01 1999
E5 Halloween Susan accepts Oliver's invitation to carve pumpkins together but ends up sabotaging the date. Mon, October 18 1999
E4 Vicki Moves In Susan looks for a tactful way to tell Vicki that she is opposed to them living in the same building. Mon, October 11 1999
E3 The Pushkin Letters Susan claims fluency in Russian but runs into trouble when Ian asks her to translate letters. Mon, October 04 1999
E2 The Billboard Susan spies a sexy billboard of herself. Mon, September 27 1999
E1 The New Gate Susan resigns when the magazine's new owner intends to revamp her column. Mon, September 20 1999
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