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E15 Evans Family Jo helps a widowed father to regain control of his household. Fri, March 18 2011
E14 Federico Family A woman who wants to be a "fun mom" struggles to accept Jo's advice on discipline. Fri, March 11 2011
E13 Froebrich Family Helping parents with different approaches to discipline get their five children under control. Fri, March 04 2011
E12 Demott Family Helping a New Jersey cop and his wife with their unruly 4-year-old triplets and 11-year-old son. Fri, February 25 2011
E11 Merrill Family Jo helps a mother of four adopted children who is struggling to maintain control of the house. Fri, February 18 2011
E10 Potter Family Jo helps a couple whose conflicting parenting styles are driving a wedge between them. Fri, February 04 2011
E9 Colombo Family Jo helps a former parenting educator and her husband create rules and boundaries for their two sons. Fri, January 21 2011
E8 Miller Family Jo helps a couple establish boundaries and consequences for their six out-of-control children. Fri, January 14 2011
E7 George Family Jo helps a couple who are unable to discipline their five aggressive daughters. Fri, January 07 2011
E6 Fernandez Family Former high-school sweethearts struggle to maintain their relationship and control their children. Fri, December 17 2010
E5 Van Acker Family A 3-year-old boy, prone to tantrums and disrespect, refuses to be potty-trained. Fri, December 10 2010
E4 Young Family Jo travels to a secluded island off Seattle to help a couple who forgo disciplining their children. Fri, December 03 2010
E3 Swift Family Jo helps a couple with five unruly children who often play around the unfenced swimming pool. Fri, November 19 2010
E2 Peterfreund Family Jo tries to help a couple whose older sons have them neglecting the needs of their newborn. Fri, November 12 2010
E1 Atkinson Family Helping a couple with five children, including a defiant teen and a girl with separation anxiety. Fri, November 05 2010
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