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E27 High Treason Posse seeks Brisco and Bowler, convicted of high treason. Fri, May 20 1994
E26 High Treason The duo seek a newspaper mogul's kidnapped daughter. Fri, May 13 1994
E25 Bad Luck Betty An accident-prone deputy helps the duo save Socrates from a vengeful ghost. Fri, April 29 1994
E24 And Baby Makes Three Martial-arts experts threaten the infant heir to the Chinese throne. Fri, April 22 1994
E23 Wild Card A family of mobsters tries to take over Dixie's sister's Reno nightclub. Fri, April 08 1994
E22 Stagecoach Brisco escorts an attractive spy to the Mexican border. Fri, April 01 1994
E21 Ned Zed Brisco (Bruce Campbell) tracks a robber targeting a new bank and reunites with an old flame. Fri, March 11 1994
E20 Bye Bly Bly and Brisco have final showdown; orb mystery solved. Fri, February 18 1994
E19 The Brooklyn Dodgers Brisco and Bowler escort two orphans to their inheritance. Fri, February 11 1994
E18 Hard Rock Bowler's ex-flame battles hoods trying to take over city. Fri, February 04 1994
E17 Fountain of Youth A magical orb holds the secret of eternal youth. Fri, January 14 1994
E16 Bounty Hunters Convention Brisco, Socrates and Lord Bowler search for a killer at a bounty hunters' convention. Fri, January 07 1994
E15 AKA Kansas A gang led by Dixie's ex-husband (Christopher Rich) plots to steal the orb. Fri, December 17 1993
E14 Mail Order Brides Brothers stealing mail-order brides' dowries target a $1 million bull; guests Mark & Brian. Fri, December 10 1993
E13 Steel Horses Gang steals rare motorcycles to pursue the magical orb. Fri, November 19 1993
E12 Crystal Hawks A tenacious bounty hunter (Sheena Easton) tracks Brisco (Bruce Campbell) for the murder of a banker. Fri, November 12 1993
E11 Deep in the Heart of Dixie Brisco and Bowler try to get Dixie to testify against general. Fri, November 05 1993
E10 Showdown Brisco enlists the aid of his childhood sweetheart to rid his hometown of a villainous cattle baron. Fri, October 29 1993
E9 Brisco for the Defense Brisco (Bruce Campbell) defends a friend accused of murder. Fri, October 22 1993
E8 Senior Spirit John Bly (Billy Drago) kidnaps a boy, demanding a piece of the orb as ransom. Fri, October 15 1993
E7 Pirates Brisco and Bowler (Bruce Campbell, Julius Carry) pursue Blackbeard (Andrew Divoff) and his pirates. Fri, October 08 1993
E6 Riverboat After Socrates loses money in a crooked poker game, Brisco challenges the card shark responsible. Fri, October 01 1993
E5 Socrates' Sister Socrates' lawyer sister (Judith Hoag) gets a criminal (William Russ) released from jail. Fri, September 24 1993
E4 Brisco in Jalisco A Civil War general masterminds the heist of a trainload of guns in Texas. Fri, September 17 1993
E3 No Man's Land Brisco and a professor (Bruce Campbell, John Astin) encounter a town exclusively for women. Fri, September 10 1993
E2 Ace in the Hole Brisco saves the life of a professor who possesses a mystical orb. Fri, September 03 1993
E1 Pilot Five robber barons hire Harvard-educated Brisco County Jr. to catch the West's most notorious. Fri, August 27 1993
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