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E26 Ozzie's Game Room Ozzie wants to turn David and Rick's old bedroom into a game room. Sat, March 26 1966
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E25 Ozzie the Babysitter Baby sitters Ozzie and Joe find a hidden gift. Sat, March 19 1966
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E24 Dave's Other Office David's apartment doubles as his workplace while his office is repainted. Sat, March 12 1966
E23 Rick's Assistant A neighborhood boy studies law with David and Rick. Sat, March 05 1966
E22 Waiting for Joe Ozzie and Harriet must deal with a tardy Joe at a picnic event. Sat, February 26 1966
E21 The Trip Trap Wily June wants David to take her to Hawaii. Sat, February 19 1966
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E20 Ozzie a Go-Go Ozzie and Harriet experience the night life at a local discotheque. Sat, February 12 1966
E19 The Hong Kong Suit The life and events of the Nelson family. Sat, February 05 1966
E18 An Honor for Oz A local club honors Ozzie with an unusual gift. Sat, January 29 1966
E17 Wally's Traffic Ticket Wally fights a ticket for running a stop sign. Sat, January 22 1966
E16 Sheik of Araby Ozzie and Harriet are chosen to entertain an Arabian Prince. Sat, January 15 1966
E15 Kris, the Little Helper Rick's fraternity thanks Kris for her housework. Wed, January 05 1966
E14 David Picks a Pie June wants David to judge a pie contest on television. Wed, December 15 1965
E13 Ghost Town Ozzie and Harriet think an old town will have lots of antique treasures. Wed, December 08 1965
E12 Dave, the Worrier June wants David to forget about work and relax. Wed, December 01 1965
E11 The Equestrians Kris takes Rick up on his offer to buy a horse. Wed, November 24 1965
E10 Flying Down to Lunch Ozzie and Joe fly to Mexico for lunch. Wed, November 17 1965
E9 A Message From Kris Wally confuses a message from jealous Kris to Rick. Wed, November 10 1965
E8 Wally, the Author Wally has included embarrassing tidbits about everyone in a book he is trying to sell. Wed, November 03 1965
E7 Secret Passage A fraternity prank could backfire on the boys. Wed, October 27 1965
E6 The Nelsons Revisited Rick's fraternity invites the Nelsons to a party. Wed, October 20 1965
E5 The Prowler Ozzie says he's going fishing so he can get out of playing bridge with Joe and Clara. Wed, October 13 1965
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E4 Helpful June June wants to play private detective for David. Wed, October 06 1965
E3 Kris and the Queen Wally and Ginger need Rick and Kris' help to get back together. Wed, September 29 1965
E2 A Rose a Day Someone sends Harriet a rose each day. Wed, September 22 1965
E1 The Tangled Web Ozzie unwisely goes along with Clara's fib. Wed, September 15 1965
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