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E22 Our Man in Washington Stiles jeopardizes both his life and Terri's in order to rescue her from North Korea. Sat, May 17 2003
E21 Our Man in Korea A CIA investigation reveals that a murder in North Korea might be the result of a mole. Sat, May 10 2003
E20 Mi Cena Con Andrei Gage orders Stiles to kill a Russian scientist suspected of manufacturing an anthraxlike virus. Sat, May 03 2003
E19 War Inc. Gage's team attempts to discover who has been killing members of the Saudi royal family. Sat, April 26 2003
E18 Spy Finance Gage and Quinn must deal with an organized crime leader involved with an al-Qaida cell. Sat, April 12 2003
E17 Soft Kills The murders of the wives of several servicemen lead to an investigation. Sat, March 15 2003
E16 Unholy Alliances Gage's car blows up while he is in Israel to help broker a peace treaty. Sat, February 22 2003
E15 Absolute Bastard When the team goes to Africa to rescue former informants, Stiles learns he is a father. Sat, February 15 2003
E14 Coventry Lex must conceal information on a terrorist attack so a future attack can be prevented. Sat, February 08 2003
E13 Debbie Does Djkarta The CIA works behind the scenes to rig the results of Indonesia's presidential election. Sat, February 01 2003
E12 An Isolated Incident Stiles and Terri pursue a terrorist who fled the Unites States to the Gaza strip. Sat, January 18 2003
E11 Elite Meat to Eat Haisley stumbles upon a weapons deal between al-Qaida and the IRA. Sat, December 14 2002
E10 Trust Director Gage fears one of his own staff members is leaking secrets to terrorists. Fri, December 06 2002
E9 Thanksgiving The agents must cancel their Thanksgiving Day plans to search for missing Stiles. Sat, November 23 2002
E8 First Born Stiles is assigned to be the guardian of the president's reckless brother. Sat, November 16 2002
E7 Heartless After a mission goes horribly wrong in Colombia, the agency's future is in doubt. Sat, November 09 2002
E6 Home Grown The CIA and the FBI hunt for the ringleader of a possible terrorist cell in the United States. Sat, November 02 2002
E5 The Prisoner CIA agents may have mistaken the identity of a man believed to be an Iraqi defector. Sat, October 26 2002
E4 C.S. Lies When a CIA plane crashes in China, the operatives must hide the evidence before it is discovered. Sat, October 19 2002
E3 The Great Game Agents face danger when they oversee the development of the Afghanistan Ministry of Intelligence. Sat, October 12 2002
E2 Air Lex Gage must decide whether a hijacked plane carrying Stiles and Lex should be shot down. Sat, October 05 2002
E1 French Kiss The agencia unleashes a special team to hunt Matt Callan's killer in France. Sat, September 28 2002
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