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E14 Come Shell or High Water; Dagski & Norb The boys build a sand castle; the beavers become detectives. Mon, June 11 2001
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E13 Beaver Master; Deck Poops A wizard sends a blundering prince to the pond; singing river-rats steal the dam. Wed, May 30 2001
E12 All in the Colony; Line Duncing Dag's ant farm causes trouble; an ancient oak falls into the dam. Sat, March 10 2001
E11 The Big Frog; Dag Con Carnie Dag decides to grow up; the boys work in a carnival. Sat, March 03 2001
E10 Damnesia; the Posei-dam Adventure Norb gets amnesia; the dam capsizes. Sat, February 17 2001
E9 Things That Go Hook In the Night; Specs Appeal The boys go camping and Norb decides to tell a scary tale; Norb wants a pair of X-ray glasses. Sat, January 06 2001
E8 Van-tastic Voyage; Blacktop Beavers Pete drives the van inside an enlarged Dag; Norbert and Dag race. Sat, September 30 2000
E7 House Sisters; Muscular Beaver 5 The boys win a trip and ask their little sisters to come over and check on the dam. Sat, September 30 2000
E6 Mom From U.N.C.L.E.; Spootiful Life The adventures of Daggett and Norbert, two fun-loving beavers. Sat, September 23 2000
E5 Moby Dopes; Present Tense Dag sneaks a killer whale from the marine park into the pond; a mysterious present arrives. Sat, September 23 2000
E4 Big Fun; Driving Misses Daggett The boys learn manners at Big Rabbit's house; the boys play indoor golf. Sat, September 16 2000
E3 Yak in the Sack Gets Thwacked; Canucks Amuck A creature appears to show the boys how to play fair; two Canadian beavers claim the pond. Sat, September 16 2000
E2 Fat Chance; Dag In the Mirror The adventures of Daggett and Norbert, two fun-loving beavers. Sat, September 09 2000
E1 Chocolate Up to Experience; Three Dag Night Dag and Norb sell candy; Dag buys an "Easy-Clone" oven. Sat, September 02 2000
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