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E33 It's Not You, It's Me A look at break-ups in the movies; how Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn handle their break-up. Sat, January 12 2013
E32 Home for the Holidays A celebration of the holidays with classic Christmas films and characters; Jim Carrey. Thu, December 20 2012
E31 Gotta Dance! A countdown of movies that let you get loose and have fun as you dance like no one's watching. Thu, December 13 2012
E30 Best Westerns A countdown of the best westerns; Paul Newman and Robert Redford join forces as outlaws. Thu, December 06 2012
E29 Dude Looks Like A Lady It's all about role reversal as some favorite actors go from dudes to ladies. Fri, November 30 2012
E28 James Bond Movies The best of Bond movies including Sean Connery proving how you only live twice; Roger Moore. Thu, November 08 2012
E27 Movie Presidents The best movie Presidents including Michael Douglas on how the President can be a bachelor. Fri, November 02 2012
E26 Screen Queens The top evil queens in movies; Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen of Hearts. Fri, October 12 2012
E25 Dudes From The Dark Ages A countdown of the best medieval movies; Kenneth Branagh; Heath Ledger. Fri, October 05 2012
E24 Alien Invasion The best alien invasion movies; Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix deal with signs of alien life. Fri, September 28 2012
E22 She Works Hard for the Money Businesswomen taking charge on the big screen; Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton work a full day's shift. Fri, September 21 2012
E21 Back to School College-themed movies; Will Ferrell; Vince Vaughn; Luke Wilson; Lawrence Fishburn. Fri, August 31 2012
E20 Hungry for More Movies that center around food; Catherine Zeta-Jones; Keri Russell; Julia Roberts; Johnny Depp. Fri, August 24 2012
E19 Clint Eastwood A countdown of the best Clint Eastwood films shows the actor as: a gunslinger, a disc jockey. Thu, August 09 2012
E18 Olympic Movies Movies that pay homage to the 2012 Summer Olympics; Will Ferrell, Jared Leto and Kurt Russell. Fri, July 20 2012
E17 Order In the Court Memorable performances of actors laying down the law; Jim Carrey, Reese Witherspoon and Tom Hanks. Fri, July 13 2012
E16 Opening Scenes Memorable opening scenes from movies including John Travolta strutting in New York City. Sat, July 07 2012
E15 Bromance Male best friends in movies; Will Smith and Martin Lawrence; Mel Gibson and Danny Glover. Fri, June 29 2012
E14 Spy Games Featured film spy games; an entourage including Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis. Fri, June 15 2012
E13 Warriors Memorable warriors in movies; Tom Cruise as a samurai; Russell Crowe as a fighting gladiator. Fri, June 08 2012
E12 Mob Beat Downs Mob beatdowns in the movies; "The Godfather"; "Casino"; "The Departed"; "Donnie Brasco." Sat, May 26 2012
E11 Tough Chicks A look at the butt-kicking, beautiful women in movies from Charlie's Angels to T2's Sarah Connor. Sat, May 19 2012
E10 Life's Most Embarrassing Moments Humiliating, uncomfortable movie scenes; the hair-gel scene in "There's Something About Mary." Sat, May 12 2012
E9 Supervillains A look at the top super villains in movies and the way they make our super heroes even more heroic. Sun, April 22 2012
E8 Torture Scenes Counting down the most intense torture scenes in movies. Featuring scenes from "Syriana." Sat, April 21 2012
E7 Disaster Movies Counting down disaster movies. Titles include "Dante's Peak," and "Volcano". Sat, April 14 2012
E6 Adrenaline Junkies An escape from reality as the the most intense adrenaline movies are counted down. Sat, March 31 2012
E5 Steven Seagal Movies Movies starring Steven Seagal who is well-known for being a martial arts master and an action star. Sat, March 24 2012
E4 In The Ring A look at the greatest boxing and fight movies in history. Sat, March 17 2012
E3 Car Chases The top pedal-to-metal chase scenes from movies like "Casino Royale" and "The Dark Knight." Sat, March 03 2012
E2 Shoulda Won Best Picture A countdown of the top ten movies that should have won the Best Picture Oscar but didn't. Sat, February 25 2012
E1 Kick-Ass Fight Scenes A countdown of notable movie fight scenes from "The Matrix" to "Kill Bill" and many more. Sat, February 18 2012
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