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E22 Gathering Storm The leader of the Lazarus Group plans to subvert the Crow and destroy Draven. Wed, May 19 1999
E21 Dead to Rights Draven must save a man targeted by a cop killer using women as bait. Wed, May 12 1999
E20 Brother's Keeper Draven's estranged brother Chris comes to town; Eric must keep him from trouble. Wed, May 05 1999
E19 The Road Not Taken Hannah's spirit crow leads her to the distraught mother of a kidnapped infant. Wed, April 28 1999
E18 Closing Time A shady promoter has a sinister reason for convincing Draven to pick up his guitar again. Wed, April 21 1999
E17 Lazarus Rising A group of powerful men offers to reunite Draven with Shelly forever. Wed, April 14 1999
E16 Never Say Die A Russian priest needs access to Draven's portal in order to harness the spirit of the mad Rasputin. Wed, February 24 1999
E15 Birds of a Feather Albrecht is demoted; after being set free, Draven encounters another Crow. Wed, February 17 1999
E14 It's a Wonderful Death Draven, sent back to the day of his murder, tries to alter the events of history. Wed, February 10 1999
E13 The People vs. Eric Draven Draven is placed on trial for the murder of his love, Shelly Webster, and must prove his innocence. Wed, February 03 1999
E12 Disclosure Draven tries to protect Shea from her abusive mobster husband. Wed, January 20 1999
E11 Through a Dark Circle Incantations open the portal and unleash the force of an executed serial killer. Wed, January 13 1999
E10 Death Wish Draven meets a ghostly child who needs help to prevent his father's murder. Wed, December 16 1998
E9 Before I Wake After the portal closes, a devastated Draven tries past-life regression to contact Shelly. Wed, November 18 1998
E8 Give Me Death Top Dollar escapes, plotting to die at the hands of the Crow. Wed, November 11 1998
E7 Double Take Draven tracks down a young woman who assumed Shelly's identity in order to hide from the mob. Wed, November 04 1998
E6 Solitude's Revenge A prisoner released for good behavior captures Albrecht to exact a deadly vengeance. Wed, October 28 1998
E5 Voices At a carnival, Draven and Sarah meet a teenage medium who may be able to contact Shelly. Fri, October 23 1998
E4 Like It's 1999 A series of cult-related robberies leads Detective Albrecht and Draven to a sociopathic cult leader. Wed, October 21 1998
E3 Get a Life Draven must clear a man of the murder of his fiancee, so she can rest in peace. Wed, October 14 1998
E2 Souled Out Draven locates the man who ordered his death and faces an unimaginable evil. Wed, September 30 1998
E1 The Soul Can't Rest Rock musician Eric Draven returns for revenge on his killers. Wed, September 23 1998
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