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E170 Doctors Special Report: Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic; Cancer Risk in Your Car? Human Lungs Grown in Lab; Healing Power of Fish Oil? Scientists create human lungs in a lab; regenerative medicine; fish oil; helping others. Thu, July 17 2014
E169 Candace Cameron Bure's Beauty Secrets; Natural Solutions for Hormonal Imbalance; the 17 Day Diet; Nutrition Tips for Pets Weight loss; Candace Cameron Bure; boosting mood and lowering stress. Wed, July 16 2014
E168 Which Is Worse: Summer Edition; How to Avoid Traveler's Constipation; Causes of Frequent Urination; Allergies vs. Summer Cold Beer ingredients; stem-cell therapy; heat exhaustion; riptides; allergies vs. colds; circulation. Tue, July 15 2014
E167 Celebrity Beauty Blunders; Reality Star's Booty Secrets; Are Adults Skipping Life-Saving Vaccines? Ask the Dermatologist Aubrey O'Day; a war veteran inspires hope and healing through humor; managing ADHD. Mon, July 14 2014
E166 Shocking Medical Discrimination; Fountain of Youth Discovered? Rev. Run Opens Up About Growing Health Risk; Tattoos to Conceal Scars Rev. Run discusses a dangerous disease; concealing scars with tattoos; anti-aging research. Tue, June 17 2014
E165 Powerful Painkiller Causing Major Controversy; Skin Cancer Symptom You Never Knew; BreakthroughTumor Surgery; Dairy for Lactose Intolerance? New prescription painkiller; a mother who beat skin cancer; eradicating brain tumors. Mon, June 16 2014
E164 Lose Weight With Dessert? Nonsurgical Solutions for Heel Pain; Anorexia Recovery on Instagram; Ask Our Docs: Overactive Bladder Medical mistakes and hospital mortality rates; heel pain; chronic nerve disorder. Mon, June 09 2014
E163 Public Pool Health Hazards; Swimming Risks for Pregnant Women? Stinging Sea Lice; Deadly Amoebas; Safety of Salt Water Cleanses Staying safe in the water; a mother conquers her fear of deep water; swimmer's ear. Fri, May 23 2014
E162 Pizza Therapy to Boost Immunity? Suffering From Narcolepsy or Just Fatigued? Laser Cap for Hair Regrowth; Members-Only Restrooms A pregnancy complication nearly stops a woman's heart; daytime drowsiness. Thu, May 22 2014
E161 Mesh Implant Dangers; Can Dental Device Cure Back Pain? Tubal Ligation Side Effects; Animating Medicine; Skull-Expansion Surgery Skull surgery; jaw and neck pain; mesh implants for women with incontinence; a medical illustrator. Wed, May 21 2014
E160 Is Your Birth Control Deadly? Family's 300-Pound Weight Loss; Should Doctors Be Drug-Tested? Hope or Hype: Can Coughing Halt a Heart Attack? The risks of a popular contraceptive; lifestyle changes help a family lose 300 pounds. Tue, May 20 2014
E159 Supernatural Powers or Medical Explanation? Strict Parenting Linked to Childhood Obesity? Health Secrets Your Palms & Soles Reveal What colors can reveal about health; a woman's selfless act saves the life of another woman's baby. Mon, May 19 2014
E158 Measles Outbreaks on the Rise: You May Be at Risk! New Neck Lift Technique; Minimally Invasive Fix for Younger-Looking Legs A surge of measles outbreaks across the U.S.; procedures for women's biggest body complaints. Fri, May 16 2014
E157 Bully Attack Knocks Child's Nose Off Skull; Life-Saving Kidney Swap Reunion; Dr. Disgusting Helps Solve Blistering Boils Problem Kidney donors save each other's spouses; when a schoolyard altercation warrants an assault charge. Thu, May 15 2014
E156 Shoe Swaps for Painful Foot Conditions; Social Media Photo Helps Diagnose Girl's Urgent Health Problem; Summertime Myth or Reality Mothers giving birth to drug-addicted babies; foot conditions; the most nutritious foods. Wed, May 14 2014
E155 Which Is Worse: Celebrity Edition; Dr. Disgusting Solves Your Most Embarrassing Problems; Man Survives Chainsaw Impalement Getting better sleep; actress Shailene Woodley's reported health secrets; "The Doctor's Diet." Tue, May 13 2014
E154 Dr. Disgusting to the Rescue: Mysterious Face Bumps and Abnormal Bowel Movements; Surprising Hazards of Toilet Texting A woman lives with mysterious bumps on her face; four vital health numbers women need to know. Mon, May 12 2014
E153 Black and Blue Body Problems: Bruises, Bulging Veins; Belly Blackheads; Health Clues in Your Pupils; Lightening Dark Eyelids Bruises; visible veins on the face; the size of pupils; dark circles around the eyes. Fri, May 09 2014
E152 The Intermittent Fasting Diet: Does It Really Work?; Total Face Rejuvenation; Surprise House Calls; App for Fighting Domestic Violence Weight loss; an app to help victims of domestic abuse find refuge; erasing neck wrinkles. Thu, May 08 2014
E151 Fat-Melting Laser for Slimmer Thighs; Diamonds Made From the Dead? Ronnie Dunn's Health Secrets; Can Diet Pills Affect Heart Health? Singer Ronnie Dunn; diet-pill dangers; laser melts away fat; new way to memorialize the deceased. Wed, May 07 2014
E150 Amazing Weight Loss Makeover; LSD for Anxiety? The Chocolate Diet; Painless Hair Removal Laser; New Treatment for Chronic Acid Reflux A man loses 150 pounds; polycystic ovarian syndrome; acid reflux; chocolate and weight loss. Tue, May 06 2014
E149 Medical Condition Mistaken for Child Abuse? High-Tech Knee-Replacement Surgery; Severe Acne or Something Worse? Doctor on Demand Couples lose custody of their children when their babies are born with a rare medical condition. Mon, May 05 2014
E148 Melting Face Syndrome; Melt Away Cellulite; Melt-Proof Makeup; Breakthrough Treatment for Skin Cancer; Painless New Smile Procedure Disorder causes half of a woman's face to lose its volume; cellulite; skin-cancer lesions; veneers. Fri, May 02 2014
E147 Drs. Exclusive: Loni Anderson's Family Health Crisis; Robin McGraw's Revelation Makeover; Polio-Like Mystery Illness Paralyzing Children A mystery illness paralyzes children; Loni Anderson; glamorous makeovers. Thu, May 01 2014
E146 500-Pound Woman's Intervention; Kindergarten Sex Scandal; Severe Reaction to Heartburn Medication; Top Secret for Sexy Legs An obese woman wants to be saved from her life-threatening food addiction. Wed, April 30 2014
E145 The Doctors' 1000th Episode! Viewers Share Stories of How Watching the Show Saved Their Lives! Some of the most memorable moments of the past six seasons; a glimpse behind the scenes. Tue, April 29 2014
E144 Head-to-Toe Makeovers; Weight Loss From a Robot? 24K Gold Thread Lift; 30-Minute Fix for Flabby Arms; Bushy Brow Fix Breakthrough treatments for head-to-toe body problems; a robot performs gastric bypass surgery. Mon, April 28 2014
E143 Plastic Surgery in High School to Land a Husband? Dangers of Black Market Butt Injections; 13-Year Stuffy Nose; Doctor on Demand "Princeton Mom" Susan Patton; chronic sea sickness; severe sinus symptoms; buttock enhancements. Fri, April 25 2014
E142 8-Month-Old Baby Weighs as Much as a 6-Year-Old; Mother Becomes Human Speed Bump; Skin Removal Makeover; Selfless 3-Year-Old A mother saves her twin toddlers from a rolling car; a woman who lost 150 pounds; summer skin care. Thu, April 24 2014
E141 Dangerous Secret Ingredients in Your Food; Health Benefits of Eating Insects?; Dog Saves Owner's Life; Human Body Art Alarming facts about what may be in food; nutrition labels; insect-based diets. Wed, April 23 2014
E140 Craving to Eat Soap and Dirt?; Skin Feels Like Glass; Sudden Loss of Taste and Smell; Surprising Reasons for Your Digestive Disorders Texting; male breast cancer; a mysterious skin problem; inflammatory bowel diseases; cravings. Tue, April 22 2014
E139 Ice Cream Cleanse? Lies and Betrayals: Family in Crisis; Ear Piercing Gone Wrong; Surviving a Killer Bee Attack; Hot Home Health Gadgets A new diet trend; a severe reaction to a routine ear-piercing; surviving a swarm of killer bees. Mon, April 21 2014
E138 Explosive Body Problems Solved; Is There a Secret Cure for Cancer? Must-Know Anti-Hangover Tips; Nasal Filter for Allergy Relief? A cutting-edge procedure restores a young man's sight; a nasal filter; cancer myths. Fri, April 18 2014
E137 Extreme Weight Loss Makeovers; Treating Embarrassing Health Conditions; Celebrity Health Scares: Could They Happen to You? Weight loss; diagnosing bumps below the belt; hemophilia; Alex Borstein; celebrity health scares. Thu, April 17 2014
E136 Linda Blair's Health Scare; Bullied Teen Turns to Plastic Surgery; Gastric Balloon Pill; Off-Hour Hospital Dangers; Dogs in the O.R. A teen has cosmetic surgery in hope of stopping bullying; actress Linda Blair; umbilical hernias. Wed, April 16 2014
E135 Fake Online Gynecologist Busted; Ultimate Vending Machine Meltdown; Living With Extreme Facial Pain Facial pain; Joey helps children meet their medical needs; tattoos; saving money on health care. Tue, April 15 2014
E134 Robin McGraw Revelation; Real-Life Rapunzel; Extreme Selfie Addictions; Shocking Food Investigation; Troy Dunn on Building Your Best Family Skin care; strategies for better family dynamics; harmful ingredients in pizza; saving money. Mon, April 14 2014
E133 Breaking Health Headlines; The Doctor's Diet: Weight Loss Success Stories; Jeff Lewis on Living With OCPD Weight loss; Jeff Lewis ("Flipping Out") discusses obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. Fri, April 11 2014
E132 Birth Defects Controversy; Surprisingly Nutritious Produce Parts; At-Home Tip for Healthy Hair; Pets and Compatibility A mysterious surge in severe birth defects in rural Washington; healthy produce parts. Thu, April 10 2014
E131 Jane Fonda on Educating and Empowering Teens; Dads Banned From Delivery Room? Controversial Cancer Awareness Campaign Jane Fonda; nail-biting leads to a man's fatal heart-attack; what to know before undergoing surgery. Wed, April 09 2014
E130 Shocking Medical Confessionals; Bloating at Bedtime? Natural Solutions for Better Sleep; Simple Trick for Treating Leg Cramps Dreams and gender; a sleep disorder; bloat; insomnia; melatonin; foods that may induce sleep. Tue, April 08 2014
E129 Drs. Exclusive: 200 Lb. Pre-Teen's Medical Crisis; Tim Gunn's Health Secrets; Phantom Pregnancy; Silver Supplement Dangers Tim Gunn discusses obsessive-compulsive disorder; a 12-year-old undergoes weight-loss surgery; PMS. Mon, April 07 2014
E128 Exploding Drug Danger; Eye-Popping Beauty Trend; Family With 30 Pet Snakes; Baby Selfies App; Treating Hormonal Imbalances Marijuana; headaches; a device that melts fat without touching the body. Mon, March 31 2014
E127 Wardrobe Choices Dictate Health? Health Hazards Lurking in Your Purse; Fat-Fighting Foods; Unexpected Benefits of the Doctor's Diet Lawrence Zarian; Dr. Travis Stork's diet; a romance novel could enhance one's health. Tue, March 25 2014
E126 Woman Wants to Turn Into a Doll: Hypnotherapy to Become Brainless; Gruesome X-Rays on Social Media; Real Housewife Yolanda Foster A woman tries to become a living Barbie doll; a life-changing smile makeover; Yolanda H. Foster. Mon, March 24 2014
E125 Drs Exclusive: Surgery for Woman Without a Birth Canal; Shocking Danger Lurking in Backyard; Pet Kills Child; Restaurant Glove Law Backlash A woman undergoes life-changing surgery; questions all cancer patients must ask their doctors. Mon, March 17 2014
E124 Breaking Medical News; Treating Severe Eczema; Funeral Selfies Trend; Spray Away Nasal Allergy Symptoms Health mistakes; foods that may minimize Monday morning stress; eczema; health headlines. Fri, March 14 2014
E123 Celebrity Health Scares; Restaurant Rat Maps: Are You Dining With Rodents? Spanking Law Controversy; Controlled Heroin Dosing Spanking; weaning opiate addiction; Countess Vaughn discusses the dangers of wigs; ADHD. Thu, March 13 2014
E122 Dangerous Bacteria Lurking in Tanning Salons? Extreme Body Lift; Dangerous New Drug Trend; Truth or Scare: New Pig Virus Harmful to Humans? Flesh-eating bacteria; a viral outbreak on pig farms; a dangerous new party-drug cocktail. Wed, March 12 2014
E121 Surprising Nightmare Triggers; Extreme Pelvic Pain; Why Are You So Forgetful? Unsightly Leg Makeover Revealed Car sickness; causes of nightmares; temporary amnesia; a former ballerina's leg makeover. Tue, March 11 2014
E120 Dying to Be Thin: Anorexia Intervention; Period Causes Collapsed Lung; Unexplained Hair Loss; Real Housewife Lisa Vanderpump Former Miss America Kirsten Haglund; Lisa Vanderpump ("The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"). Mon, March 10 2014
E119 Breaking Health News; Nose Job Nightmare; Triplet Makeover; Shiver Yourself Skinny? One man's bad experience with plastic surgery; lowering the thermostat may help with weight loss. Fri, March 07 2014
E118 Alarming Hot Headlines: Airplane Assaults; Plastic Surgery Fraud; Crack Pipe Vending Machines? A cancer awareness campaign; initiative to prevent the spread of blood-borne diseases. Thu, March 06 2014
E117 The Ick Factor: Gross Health Problems Revealed; Is Your Coffee Intake at Toxic Levels? Healthy Foods That May Harm Thyroid The potential dangers of too much caffeine; a rare disorder causes a woman to vomit every day. Wed, March 05 2014
E116 Kristin Chenoweth Reveals Health Secret; 3 Surprising Reasons You're Constipated; Foods That Treat High Cholesterol Singer Kristin Chenoweth talks about her health; a Girl Scout scores big selling cookies. Tue, March 04 2014
E115 31 Unexpected Health Secrets for March; Health Danger Lurking in Faucets; Shocking Health Confessionals; Surprising Risk for Deadly Clots Health tips for every day in March; protection from blood clots; fruit that may be toxic. Mon, March 03 2014
E114 Breaking Health News; Pregnancy-Induced Stroke; Doctors' Health Scare Experiment; Heart Attack Warning Signs A new mom has a stroke; a teen smoker undergoes a lung-disease simulation; heart disease. Fri, February 28 2014
E113 Dangerous Trends on the Rise: Why You Should Be Worried!; Family Struck by Extreme Medical Condition; Rocco DiSpirito's Pound a Day Diet Dangerous new teen trends; chef Rocco DiSpirito; a toddler overcomes severe physical challenges. Thu, February 27 2014
E112 Attempted Murder by Feces; How Immortality May Be a Possibility; Extreme Home Cures Debunked; Fever Reducers Spreading the Flu? Bizarre health headlines; kidney donation; building muscle mass; shingles; fever-reducing drugs. Wed, February 26 2014
E111 Hush-Hush Health Problems Exposed; Dr. Travis Reveals Very Intimate Secret; Unexplained Skin Infections on Breasts; Personality Secrets Accidental injuries to the genitals; yeast infection under the breasts. Tue, February 25 2014
E110 A Doctors' Health Scare Experiment; Family's Drastic Weight Loss Measures; Secret Tricks to Disguise Your Flu Face; 15-Minute Face Lift Excessive UV exposure; gastric surgery to lose weight; cosmetic surgery. Mon, February 24 2014
E109 Breaking Health News; Laser Away All of Your Ailments: Zap Away Unwanted Hair; Smooth Your Scars Away; Combat Kidney Stones in Seconds Breaking medical headlines; scars; kidney stones; unwanted body hair; whitening teeth. Fri, February 21 2014
E108 Extreme & Embarrassing Health Confessions Revealed; Cosmetic Infidelity: Secret Anti-Aging Treatments; Foods That Fight Flatulence Guests divulge their deepest, darkest medical secrets; foods for fighting flatulence. Thu, February 20 2014
E107 Health Scare Experiment; Man With No Butt Crack; Ask Dr. Rachael; Which Is Worse? A self-proclaimed "food addict" gets an ominous glimpse into her potential future. Wed, February 19 2014
E106 Erase Your Varicose Veins; the Ultimate 300-Pound Weight Loss; Egg Donor Stripped of Fertility Dr. Ian Smith's weight-loss diet; egg donation dangers; varicose veins; risks of anesthesia. Tue, February 18 2014
E105 Psychotic Breakdowns From Diet Pills? 12-Year-Old Unable to Control Weight Gain; Does ADHD Really Exist? Root Canals A child becomes obese after brain surgery; a woman says diet pills caused a psychotic breakdown. Mon, February 17 2014
E104 5 Secret Health Mistakes Damaging Your Relationship: Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger; Ask Our Docs: Romance Edition Five ways to fire up the love life and enhance health; Patti Stanger helps Dr. Jennifer Berman. Fri, February 14 2014
E103 Test to Predict Heart Attacks? Health Secrets in Your Sweat & Tears; What's Really Making You Throw Up? Contact Lens Nightmares The 32 fluids in the human body; predicting a heart attack. Thu, February 13 2014
E102 Woman Eats Away Illness? Fat-Free Foods You Should Never Eat; Must-See Warning Labels; Controversial Parenting Techniques Food fixes; a woman says dietary changes helped cure her chronic bowel disease; parenting. Wed, February 12 2014
E101 Too Hot for TV 2: Hot Temper Can Trigger Stroke? Fire Ant Deaths; Surprising Reasons for Your Burning Throat; Flaming Feet Fixes Sore throats; scarlet fever; foot fungus; excessive anger could trigger a stroke; male grooming. Tue, February 11 2014
E100 The Doctors' 2,500-Pound Weight Loss Makeovers! Couple Loses Weight to Save Relationship; Friends Are the New Diet Plan? Inspirational stories of 12 men and women who lost a total of 2,500 pounds. Mon, February 10 2014
E99 Breaking Health Headlines; Mistakes Your Doctor Might Be Making; Health Clues Your Face Can Reveal; Secret Sauce for Better Sex What to know before getting tests and treatments; health clues a reflection can reveal. Fri, February 07 2014
E98 The Doctor's Diet Challenge; Minute Makeovers; Ask Dr. Rachael; Which Is Worse? Supermarket Secrets; Bizarre in the E.R. Weight loss; a carpenter tells of accidentally shooting himself in the heart with a nail gun. Thu, February 06 2014
E97 Must-See Body Transformations; 5 Healthy Foods Making You Fat; Woman Tweets Live At-Home Birth; Bizarre Beauty Trends; Worth a Try? Body transformations; foods may sabotage weight loss; mother tweets live during labor and delivery. Wed, February 05 2014
E96 Housewife NeNe Leakes' Health Scare; The Doctors' Lose It for Love Boot Camp Finale; SWV's Health Secrets Revealed NeNe Leakes; Dan Marino and Marie Osmond reveal the Lose It for Love Boot Camp winners; Haylie Duff. Tue, February 04 2014
E95 Bad Body Parts Every Woman Fears; Tips for a Tighter Tush; How to Beat Belly Bloat; Fix for Cleavage Wrinkles; Inject Away Oily Skin? Body issues about which women are self-conscious; sculpting a shapely booty. Mon, February 03 2014
E94 Breaking Medical News; Gel Manicure Dangers; Teacher Fired for Facebook Faux Pas; Anti-Rape Underwear? Cosmetic Quick Fix Underwear designed to protect women against rape; a teacher is fired because of a risque photo. Fri, January 31 2014
E93 Out-of-the-Box Health Remedies; Shocking Celebrity Beauty Treatments; Dr. Sears' Surprise Reunion; Doctor on Demand Remedies for wrinkles, age spots, bloating; enhancing the sex life; an app to chat with a physician. Thu, January 30 2014
E92 Jaclyn Smith Reveals Beauty Secrets; Bride-to-Be Health Dilemmas; Drink Yourself Healthy; Should Kids Have Bulletproof School Supplies? Actress Jaclyn Smith; ruptured brain aneurysm; bulletproof school supplies. Wed, January 29 2014
E91 Total Body Lift; Foods That Improve Digestion and Reduce Belly Fat; Urine Therapy? Living With an Ostomy Bag Embarrassing bodily functions; foods to improve digestive health; a big body transformation. Tue, January 28 2014
E90 Clint Black's Family Tragedy; No-Knife Tummy Tuck; Skinny Kitchen Secrets; Plastic Surgery Obsession; Ask Our Docs: Cristina Ferrare Singer Clint Black; melting fat using thermal energy; simple ways to cut calories. Mon, January 27 2014
E89 Breaking Medical News; Health Clues Your Hair Reveals; Hidden Hazard Lurking in Your Spice Rack; Milk & Cookie Disease? Startling food facts; an all-natural way to get shiny, healthy hair; health headlines. Fri, January 24 2014
E88 Bullied Teen's Battle to Heal Torn Scalp; Brain Surgery While You're Awake! Dreaded Back-Fat Removal; Breast Cysts: When You Need to Worry Bullying leaves a child with potentially permanent bald spots; breast condition; brain surgery. Thu, January 23 2014
E87 New Implant for Treating Alcohol Addiction; a Condition That Turns Skin to Stone; Gloria Gaynor Opens Up About Her Personal Health Music; alcohol addiction; a young boy's skin turns rock-hard; Gloria Gaynor performs. Wed, January 22 2014
E86 Tyrese Gibson Discusses the Death of Friend Paul Walker; New Surgery for Sinusitis; Quick Fix forReceding Gums; UTI Treatment and Prevention Tyrese Gibson; sinus pressure; receding gums; UTIs; chef Jeff Henderson. Tue, January 21 2014
E85 Extreme Life-Changing Face Makeover; Mom & Daughter at Odds; Must-Have Health Gadgets for 2014; Co-Ed Nude Yoga; Word of the Day Giveaway A dramatic dental makeover; Pastor Miles McPherson; health and beauty gadgets. Mon, January 20 2014
E84 Must-Know Product Recalls; Plan B Contraceptive Controversy; Save Money on Meds; Are Your Vitamins Tainted? Health headlines; cutting-edge technology saves a young child's life; saving money on prescriptions. Fri, January 17 2014
E83 Health Secrets Your Lips Reveal; Unhealthy Feet, Unhealthy Body? 5 Tips to Disguise Crying Eyes; 3 Surprising Reasons You're Getting Fevers Never-before-seen footage from past shows; five health clues the lips reveal. Thu, January 16 2014
E82 Living Without a Colon; Dr. Ian's Super Shred Diet; TLC Singer's Battle With Lifelong Illness A weight-loss diet; beating intestinal cancer by having the colon removed; Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins. Wed, January 15 2014
E81 Embarrassing Body Issues; Revealing Celebrity Snapshots; Severed Hand Surgery; Excessive Sweating & Butt Fungus Embarrassing health questions; a man's ankle helps to save his severed hand. Tue, January 14 2014
E80 Girl With Half a Face; Shocking New Research on C-Sections; Country Singer Mark Wills Severe facial tumors; children with special needs; cesarean sections; singer Mark Willis. Mon, January 13 2014
E79 Cynthia Bailey's Health Confession; Carrie Underwood's Beauty Secret; Are Large Breasts Ruining Your Life? Cynthia Bailey; breast reduction surgery; beauty benefits of baby products. Fri, January 10 2014
E78 Eat Away Your Illness; Bizarre in the E.R.; How to Prevent Beauty Blunders; Which Is Worse? Cures From the Animal Kingdom Ways animals can cure humans; strange tales of emergency medicine; four superfoods. Thu, January 09 2014
E77 Drs. Exclusive: Born Without a Birth Canal; Bizarre Health Trends; Ask the Vet: Pet CPR; The Vegan Rapper A woman was born without internal sex organs; body art exhibits; rapper the Vegan Boss. Wed, January 08 2014
E76 The Doctors Unplugged: Shocking Celebrity Health Trends; Star From The Hangover; Drs. Get Pranked! Anti-Aging Down There Health questions; an animal actor; a trendy new procedure; Dr. Jim Sears goes bungee-jumping. Tue, January 07 2014
E75 Dr. Travis' Top Weight-Loss Tips; Anti-Aging Secrets; Cindy Crawford's At-Home Secret for Supermodel Skin! Weight loss; getting the most nutrients out of vegetables; a new treatment to reduce signs of aging. Mon, January 06 2014
E74 Hot Health Headlines; Doctor Sued for Woman's Private Part Problem?; 5-Year-Old Saves Mom's Life; Emergency Labor and Delivery Tips A 5-year-old girl who saved her mother's life; creating an emergency plan with a child. Fri, December 20 2013
E73 Obamacare 101: How the Affordable Care Act Affects You Information on the Affordable Care Act; opposing views and effects. Thu, December 19 2013
E72 The Doctors' Holiday Health Special! Honoring men and women in the military; makeovers; health benefits of Christmas music. Wed, December 18 2013
E71 Dangerous Viral Trends; Deadly Danger Lurking in Your Air Conditioner?; Eyeball Licking; Condom Snorting; Salt & Ice Burns Weird and extreme stunts; a new and dangerous way teens are getting high; new drug slang words. Tue, December 17 2013
E70 Mary Murphy's Health Scare; Italian Comfort Food Diet; Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas Surprises Blind Gymnast; Shocking Social Media Dangers Choreographer Mary Murphy; social media dangers; a 14-year-old blind gymnast. Mon, December 16 2013
E69 Breaking Medical News; Pregnant & Didn't Know It; Drop 5 Pounds Without Knowing It; Cooking With Rapper 2 Chainz Rapper 2 Chainz; ingredient swaps to cut calories; breast cancer treatments; health headlines. Fri, December 13 2013
E68 5 Items in Your Purse Making You Fat; Top Health Myths Exposed; Teen Mom Star Maci Bookout's Mystery Illness Revealed Maci Bookout ("Teen Mom"); separating health myths from reality. Thu, December 12 2013
E67 The Doctors Investigates: What's Really in Your Food? Surprising Additives, Addictive Ingredients & Potentially Hazardous Chemicals Decoding food labels to identify potentially hazardous chemicals; grass-fed vs. grain-fed beef. Wed, December 11 2013
E66 Dr. Travis' Weight Loss Secrets; Kate Hudson's Trick to Rock-Hard Abs; Drs. Take on Carol Burnett's Health Concern; Dramatic Weight Loss A three-step diet; one of Dr. Travis' favorite healthy meals; Kate Hudson's weight-loss method. Tue, December 10 2013
E65 Shocking Causes of Bad Sleep; 30-Minute Fix for Back Pain; Cage-Fighting Kids; Lisa Whelchel Rumor Fix; HPV Vaccine Debate Chronic back pain; a bad night's sleep; cage fighting for children; the HPV vaccine; Lisa Whelchel. Mon, December 09 2013
E64 New Flu Dangers You Never Knew; Surprising Hazard in Your Beauty Routine; Dr. Rachael Investigates Teen Health Issues Flu; "N-Bomb"; safe sex and self-respect; anti-aging cream; breast health. Fri, December 06 2013
E63 Niecy Nash's Split Earlobe Fix; Bulging Leg Disorder: Extreme Mom Intervention; Beauty Treatments That Help You Heal Actress Niecy Nash; a woman has benign tumors on her legs; beauty treatments for cancer patients. Thu, December 05 2013
E62 Allergic to Husband? Life-Threatening Food Allergies; Fix for Over-Plucked Eyebrows; 6-Pack Ab Secrets Revealed Viewers' health questions; getting six-pack abs; sex allergies and fertility. Wed, December 04 2013
E61 Drs. Exclusive: Vanessa Carlton's Health Scare; Rocco DiSpirito's Food Swaps; Exploding Head Syndrome; New Microwave Dangers Vanessa Carlton; Rocco DiSpirito; exploding head syndrome; microwave oven dangers. Tue, December 03 2013
E60 Dangerous Mold in Your Washing Machine? Heart Attacks at Younger Ages; New Treatment for Painful Elbows; Snoring Solutions Common household items that could be harming health; ultrasonic energy to alleviate pain. Mon, December 02 2013
E59 Man Dies From Caffeine Overdose? Virginity Testing; Pediatric Acne; Shocking Cyst Removal Controversial and bizarre medical news; a shocking live procedure. Fri, November 29 2013
E58 Too Hot for TV: Burning Lungs, Spicy Food Dangers, Blistering Skin, High Fevers, Fiery Throats & More! Soothing the burn of eating spicy foods; how to tell if a child's fever is dangerously high. Wed, November 27 2013
E57 Dr. Rachael's BRCA Test; Out-of-Whack Hormones; Stem Cell Therapy Down There; Cookie Johnson Dr. Rachael Ross discusses her family history of breast cancer; stem-cell therapy; HIV/AIDS. Tue, November 26 2013
E56 Unbelievable Nose Makeover; Medical Marijuana for Kids; Severe Seizures; Female Odors Revealed A mother gives medical marijuana to her child to control her severe seizures. Mon, November 25 2013
E55 Breaking Health Headlines; Dr. Travis & Dr. Sears' Dual Colonoscopy; DIY or Visit the ER? Colonoscopies; a man struck by a car while saving another man's life. Fri, November 22 2013
E54 Dr. Phil's Medical History; Extreme Mommy Makeover; Dr. Ian's Glaucoma Exam; the Vet Visits Dr.Travis! Dr. Phil McGraw; skin cancer; glaucoma; pet health; beauty advice; a mother of five gets a makeover. Thu, November 21 2013
E53 Ali Larter; Celebrity Beauty Fixes; Dr. Travis' Big Surprise; Dr. Ashton's Skin Scare? Achieving celebrity looks at home; Kyle Richards; Ali Larter; a potentially lifesaving skin exam. Wed, November 20 2013
E52 Parents of 17 Kids! The Docs as Patients; Armless Bodybuilder; Illegal to Touch Pregnant Bellies? Couple with 17 children; woman without arms; pregnant women; prostate exam; vitamin supplements. Tue, November 19 2013
E51 Celebrity Gyno-logues, With Joanna Krupa, Jenifer Lewis, Kim Fields & Fran Drescher Female anatomy and disorders; Patti Stanger and pre-menopause. Mon, November 18 2013
E50 Which Is Worse for You; Moll Anderson's Minute Makeover; Embarrassing Medical Confessions; Drs' Stool Squad House Call A one-minute fix for shiny, healthy hair; bizarre things people do that put them in the ER. Fri, November 15 2013
E49 Dr. Phil Comes Clean About a Big Secret; Ultimate Foot Makeover; Adult Acne Solutions; Fixing a Fistula; Life-Changing House Call Dr. Phil McGraw; deciphering emails and texts from an ex; a woman born with 12 toes. Thu, November 14 2013
E48 3 Shocking Weight Loss Transformations; James Van Praagh; Dr. Ashton's Urgent House Call; Man Fired From Walmart for Saving Woman? Three women transform their bodies and their lives; medium James Van Praagh. Wed, November 13 2013
E47 Twins, Triplets, Quads, Quints & More! Dr. Ian Twin Brother Prank! Dr. Travis' Adventures in Baby-Sitting Dr. Travis Stork baby-sits quadruplets; a twin sibling impersonates a doctor. Tue, November 12 2013
E46 Drs. Take Over Entertainment Tonight; A-List Celebrity Health Secrets; Questions Direct From the Red Carpet Hollywood's hottest health and beauty trends; tattoo technology erases the signs of aging. Mon, November 11 2013
E45 Breaking Health News You Can't Miss; 3 Foods You Should Never Eat; Do You Stink & Don't Know It? Healthy habits; nonsexual ways of catching STD; cocoa butter; caffeine; pregnancy myths; body odor. Fri, November 08 2013
E44 Get Inside Dr. Phil's Head: What's He Really Thinking? Plus, Academy Award-Winning Actress' Vision Scare; Bullied Teen's Suicide Dr. Phil McGraw; a woman's teen son committed suicide because of relentless bullying; Marlee Matlin. Thu, November 07 2013
E43 Crash Landings: Must-Know Tips; Robin Quivers' Health Scare; Boy With Butterfly Skin Robin Quivers; a boy's skin disorder; what to know before boarding a plane; alcohol and aging. Wed, November 06 2013
E42 Dr. Phil's Interview With Ariel Castro Hostage; Chaz Bono's Cosmetic Surgery; Dr. Ordon's Potentially Life-Saving House Call Show Dr. Phil McGraw; Chaz Bono; Dr. Andrew Ordon helps a woman confront her fear of skin cancer. Tue, November 05 2013
E41 Drs. Exclusive: Real Housewives Star Comes Clean; Don't Let Turkey Wattle Give Away Your Age; Decrease Your Back Flab Joanna Krupa ("The Real Housewives of Miami"); eliminating back flab; bulging body-parts. Mon, November 04 2013
E40 Drs Weigh In; Matthew McConaughey's Extreme Weight Loss; Tori Spelling's Confessions; Chris Brown's Reported Anger Issues Hot health headlines; Dr. Ian Smith; getting a picky eater to eat; Mark Wahlberg's personal trainer. Fri, November 01 2013
E39 Scared Straight to Lose Weight; Hollywood Legends Return From the Dead; Dr. Travis Surprises Biggest Fan Halloween; weight loss; hazards of sugar-free candy; a zombie-infested 5K. Thu, October 31 2013
E38 Nightmare Mouth Makeover; The Drs. Save a Life; The Delivery of a Lifetime A smile makeover; a couple's journey to have a child; the doctors help to save a guest's life. Wed, October 30 2013
E37 Super Shred Diet; Paralyzed Man Walks Again; Life-Saving Domestic Abuse App Losing 20 pounds in four weeks; a paralyzed man defies medical odds; stopping domestic violence. Tue, October 29 2013
E36 6 Everyday Items Dirtier Than a Toilet; Our Own Dr.'s Cancer Scare; Debra Messing Debra Messing; reducing the risk of breast cancer; unexpected hot spots for germs. Mon, October 28 2013
E35 140-Pound Weight Loss; Autistic Hate Letter; Cancer Drug Denial A spiteful letter targets the mother of autistic children; a cancer patient is denied treatment. Fri, October 25 2013
E34 Naomi Judd's Panic Attacks; Erin Brockovich; Family Survives Cruise Ship Disaster Singer Naomi Judd discusses her history with hepatitis C and ongoing battle with panic attacks. Thu, October 24 2013
E33 What's Hiding in Your Home? Shocking Videos You Must See to Protect Your Family A shocking home video that could save a child's life; protecting one's family from home toxins. Wed, October 23 2013
E32 Doctors Get Pranked; 3 Purse Items to Avoid an Awkward No. 2; Banish Bloating, B.O. & Bad Breath At-home solutions for fighting foot fungus, combating cold sores and banishing bloating. Tue, October 22 2013
E31 Mom Fakes Son's Cancer?; 3 Beauty Tips to Do Before Bed Tonight; One Woman's Shockingly Swollen Foot A police case involves a mother who may have faked her 4-year-old son's cancer diagnosis. Mon, October 21 2013
E30 Breaking Medical News; Celebrity Rumor Fix; Home Remedies Using Vodka The most current medical news; whether Hollywood health headlines are real or rumor. Fri, October 18 2013
E29 What Really Happens After the Show: Boils, Itchy Eyes, Diabetes, Poor Circulation, Erectile Dysfunction Impromptu health questions from fans; carpal tunnel syndrome. Thu, October 17 2013
E28 Vicki Lawrence; 200-Pound Weight Loss Makeover; Mystery Food Challenge Vicki Lawrence; mystery health-food challenge; a disabled woman loses 247 pounds in a year. Wed, October 16 2013
E27 Fat, Tired & Ugly: 6 Surprising Causes! Dan Marino; Marie Osmond; habits with a negative impact on health; regulating hormones; defying age. Tue, October 15 2013
E26 Sharon Osbourne's Weight Loss Secret; Chronic Pelvic Pain; Tongue Patch Diet; Sarah Michelle Gellar on Whooping Cough Awareness Sharon Osbourne; Sarah Michelle Gellar; symptoms of a UTI may be a more serious condition. Mon, October 14 2013
E25 Medical Confessionals; Celebrity Home Remedies; New Drug Dangers; New Skin Cancer Risk A 25-state food poisoning outbreak; side effects from the drug crazy clown; home remedies for acne. Fri, October 11 2013
E24 Wardrobe Malfunctions Making You Sick; Nighttime Health Dilemmas; Stacy London Stacy London discusses psoriasis; health risks of wardrobe malfunctions; side effect from hickeys. Thu, October 10 2013
E23 Shocking Headlines: Contact Lens Blindness?; How Toxic Is Your Tuna?; Water Therapy for Autism Traffic stop results in a federal lawsuit; contact lenses; autistic children benefit from water. Wed, October 09 2013
E22 What Really Happens After the Show!; Fix Puffy Eyes, Saggy Breasts & Joint Pain Doctors provide consultations and procedures for audience members; solutions for under-eye circles. Tue, October 08 2013
E21 Nick Carter's Battle With Addiction; Farrah Abraham; Get Summer Skin in the Fall! Singer Nick Carter; Farrah Abraham ("Teen Mom"); preparing one's skin for the fall. Mon, October 07 2013
E20 Medication Mix-Ups: Are You at Risk? Sleep-Texting; Aphrodisiacs to Boost Libido Health news; the danger of sleeping near a cell phone; exotic aphrodisiacs. Fri, October 04 2013
E19 Surprising Home Germ Hot-Spots; Late-Night Snacks for Better Sleep; Scrubs Star Sarah Chalke on Her Son's Illness Reducing stress; actress Sarah Chalke; parts of the kitchen harboring harmful bacteria; snacks. Thu, October 03 2013
E18 Modern Family's Julie Bowen; Life-Threatening Allergies; Foods to Help You Lose Weight Julie Bowen; allergies and life-threatening allergic reactions; prebiotics; whiter teeth; coffee. Wed, October 02 2013
E17 Angelina Jolie's Breast Surgeon; Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risks; Designer Babies Genes may predetermine a person's weight; Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy. Tue, October 01 2013
E16 Bruce Jenner's Cancer Diagnosis; Flesh-Eating Drug Danger; Nigel Lythgoe Bruce Jenner; an illicit drug eats a user's flesh from the inside out; Nigel Lythgoe. Mon, September 30 2013
E15 Mom Cannabis Clubs; Sanjay Gupta; Danger Lurking in Your Cocktail? Private parties; medicinal marijuana; dangerous ingredients in cocktails. Fri, September 27 2013
E14 New Heroin Epidemic; Cord Blood Debate; Surgery to Cure Diabetes? Mackenzie Phillips; heroin; bariatric surgery; a new use for umbilical cord blood. Thu, September 26 2013
E13 Secrets Your Doctor May Not Be Telling You! Unnecessary treatments; medical procedures that may pose more risk than benefit. Wed, September 25 2013
E12 25-Year-Old Zit; Dangerous Bra Mistakes; Is Your Urine Normal? Embarrassing and unsightly body problems; dangers of wearing the wrong bra; body noises. Tue, September 24 2013
E11 Back Pain, Throbbing Joints, Heartburn; Cheap Ways to Fight Aging; Bizarre in the ER New medical advances to reduce pain; strange stories from the emergency room. Mon, September 23 2013
E10 Breaking Health News, Surprising Household Toxins and Age-Defying Wrinkle Treatments Toxic chemicals and fumes around the house and yard; a new age-defying treatment; seizures. Fri, September 20 2013
E9 Drs.' Exclusives: Gender-Creative Child & YouTube Weight Loss Sensation Jon Calvo Parenting a gender-creative child; a man loses more than 175 pounds in three years. Thu, September 19 2013
E8 Get A-List Lips, Tush & Tummies: No Surgery Required! Getting the most-desired "celebrity body" parts without surgery; flattening abs overnight. Wed, September 18 2013
E7 Get Better Breasts, a Tighter Tush, & a Healthier Number 2! Advice and treatments for embarrassing body issues; boosting the behind without surgery. Tue, September 17 2013
E6 Drs.' Exclusive: Mike Sorrentino's Prescription Pill Addiction Mike Sorrentino; making skin look younger; a shark-attack survivor; warning signs of a sinkhole. Mon, September 16 2013
E5 The Doctors' Exclusive: Tamera Mowry's Big Health Announcement Tamera Mowry reveals her plan to have another baby; factors affecting fertility; dangerous fads. Fri, September 13 2013
E4 How to Detect an Illness Before It Strikes Medical advances to stop disease and disability before they start; a viewer saves a TV host's life. Thu, September 12 2013
E3 Celebrity Health Fads: Real or Rumor? Hollywood health fads; Chaz Bono; foods to spice up the sex life; a makeover. Wed, September 11 2013
E2 TMI Tuesday: Secrets About Your Private Parts Leaky female-body parts; a smartphone app to predict penis size; back pain; discharge. Tue, September 10 2013
E1 Pregnant Woman Struck by Lightning; 13-Lb. Natural Birth A couple struck by lightning; weight discrimination; bone cancer. Mon, September 09 2013