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E40 No information found. Fri, October 24 2014 8:53 am EDT
E39 No information found. Fri, October 24 2014 8:53 am EDT
E38 No information found. Fri, October 24 2014 8:53 am EDT
E37 No information found. Fri, October 24 2014 8:53 am EDT
E36 No information found. Fri, October 24 2014 8:53 am EDT
E35 Friday News Feed; Weight Loss Secret in Your Pantry; Poo Bandit Befouling Bathrooms; Surprising Causes of Red Palms; 132-Pound Ovarian Tumor Health headlines; saving money on dental care; a mysterious skin condition. Fri, October 24 2014
E34 Invisible Shapewear to Age-Defy Your Eyes; Shocking Ingredients in Processed Food; Migraine or Something Worse? Woman Unable to Close Mouth Stomach-turning facts about processed food; an experimental fertility treatment. Thu, October 23 2014
E33 Ebola Vaccine in Sight? Baby Born Inside Out? Plastic Surgery Horror Story; 40-Year-Old Mom Becomes Pro Cheerleader Ebola; cosmetic surgery leaves a woman disfigured; a baby born with vital organs outside his body. Wed, October 22 2014
E32 Doctors Special Report: Women Being Sterilized Without Consent? Can Jealousy Lead to Alzheimer's? Illegal sterilization of female inmates in the California prison system. Tue, October 21 2014
E31 What Your Fridge Reveals About Your Relationships; Strange Addiction: Woman Can't Stop Eating Flour; Are Your Breasts Dangerous? What the contents of the refrigerator may reveal about one's love life. Mon, October 20 2014
E30 Newsfeed Friday; Doctors Exclusive: Reality TV Couple's Health Struggle; Woman Shaves Face Every Day; Psychic Medium James Van Praagh Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley; a shocking tale from the ER; James Van Praagh; poor posture. Fri, October 17 2014
E29 Lose Weight With Bananas? Woman Born With Bowels Outside of Body; Mystery Diagnosis: When Your Sore Throat Is Something Worse A fruit-based fad diet; life-changing surprises for women with physical and emotional scars. Thu, October 16 2014
E28 Switched at Birth: Do I Have the Right Parents? Upskirt Photos Legalized? Minimally Invasive Fix for Back Pain; A Dying Mother's Last Wish Families learn whether children were switched at birth; back pain; surveillance state technology. Wed, October 15 2014
E27 Are You Born to Be Fat? Alarming Zombie Game Turns Violent; Comic Rita Rudner's Overdue Doctor's Visit; Doctors Saved My Life A paralyzed bride-to-be goes on to become a wife and expectant mother; dangers of frequent flying. Tue, October 14 2014
E26 Illicit Drug Used to Treat Depression and PTSD? Melting Face Makeover Revealed; Magic Mascara Put to the Test Ecstasy to treat PTSD; a woman receives life-changing reconstructive surgery. Mon, October 13 2014
E25 Breaking Health News; Deadly Designer Drug in Your Neighborhood? Reality Star Gives Plastic Surgery Gift to Mom A deadly new designer drug; false-positive results on drug tests; blemishes and breakouts. Fri, October 10 2014
E24 Working Mom Is High-Class Escort? Treating Embarrassing Digestive Disorders; Woman's Teeth Keep Falling Out Parenting advice for controlling unruly children; a woman loses most of her teeth. Thu, October 09 2014
E23 How to Fix Your Boot Bulge; Beer-Chug Challenge to Strike Out PMS? Bacon Saves Child's Life? How Juicing Can Cause Weight Gain Surgery to help a baby born with a rare neurological condition; delicious, calorie-cutting recipes. Wed, October 08 2014
E22 Bizarre Beauty Trends Put to the Test; Getting Sick With Parasites From Your Pets? What's Causing Your Skin Discoloration? Fathers in the delivery room; a life-changing surprise for a woman with excruciating back pain. Tue, October 07 2014
E21 Doctors Special Report: Lose Weight With Jelly Beans? Fungal Infections Linked to Your Makeup? Alarming New Mosquito-Borne Virus A new mosquito-borne virus causes extremely painful side effects; undergoing anesthesia. Mon, October 06 2014
E20 Is Your House Making You Sick? Work Suspension for Being Smelly? Woman Gets Pregnant Despite Husband's Vasectomy? Potential vasectomy failures; a surgery to correct severe spinal curvatures; allergy symptoms. Fri, October 03 2014
E19 15-Minute Eye Lift; Can a Split-Second Decision Save Your Life? Surviving a Flesh-Eating Infection A non-surgical, anti-aging procedure; a woman talks about her experience with flesh-eating bacteria. Thu, October 02 2014
E18 Controversial Ad Shaming Overweight People? Home Invasion Takes Life-Threatening Turn for Intruder; Secondhand Botox Hurting Children? A controversial ad campaign promoting plant-based diets for weight loss. Wed, October 01 2014
E17 Liposuction to Reverse Vision Loss? A Drs' Investigation: Public Restroom Dangers; Bizarre Bowel Conditions Couples dealing with infertility; abdominal fat saves a woman's eyesight. Tue, September 30 2014
E16 Woman Terrified to Leave Her House; Kate Hudson's Hair Secret Revealed; Shocking Mile-High Heart Attack; Pre-Teen's Gastric Bypass Surgery A woman with an extreme anxiety disorder; a man has a heart attack on an airplane. Mon, September 29 2014
E15 Breaking Health News; Is It Plastic Surgery or Makeup? Boy With 35-Pound Hands; Family Vacations in War Zone? Solutions for Chronic Hip Pain A rare condition causes extreme overgrowth in a child's hands; chronic hip pain. Fri, September 26 2014
E14 100-Bite Diet; Drunk Without Drinking? 24-Hour Breast Lift; Hand-Lifts for Engagement Ring Selfies? A nonsurgical procedure provides a 24-hour breast lift; an intoxicating disorder. Thu, September 25 2014
E13 Father/Daughter Weight Loss Intervention; Scorching Cell Phone Danger; Power Your Home With Urine? Babies Grown in Artificial Wombs? Artificial wombs for human babies; a woman stages a weight-loss intervention for her father. Wed, September 24 2014
E12 Caught on Tape: Mom Struck by Lightning; Everyday Habits That Harm Your Skin; Sound Sleep Tips You've Never Heard Of A woman struck by lightning; warning signs of a stroke; removing blood clots from the brain. Tue, September 23 2014
E11 7 Unhealthy Sins You Never Knew You Were Making; Freeze Away Chronic Pain? Simple Secret to Boost Your Metabolism Risks of overly restrictive diets; dangerous effects of not seeking a second opinion. Mon, September 22 2014
E10 Breaking Health News; Marijuana-Smoking Mom Breastfeeds Baby; Daycare Workers Getting High on the Job; The Real Deal on Health Rumors Health headlines; when using medical marijuana crosses the line. Fri, September 19 2014
E9 Feeding Tube Diet; Baby's Head Grows Three Times Its Normal Size; The Real Deal on Rumored All-Natural Cures; Dangerous Fire Challenge Trend Losing weight with a feeding tube; a life-threatening condition in babies; a dangerous teen trend. Thu, September 18 2014
E8 Girl Survives Being Run Over by Lawnmower; Vicious Dog Attack; Bogus Doctors' Endorsements Exposed; Cellulite Treatment Put to the Test A vicious dog attack; a girl who survived a horrific lawnmower accident; a new anti-cellulite serum. Wed, September 17 2014
E7 Are You Stressing Yourself Sick? The Divorce Diet; Blister Triggers Life-Threatening Infection; 15-Minute Fix for Urinary Incontinence Healthy weight-loss recipes; hairstyle tricks for looking years younger; urinary incontinence. Tue, September 16 2014
E6 Controversial Obesity Campaign; Woman's Breasts Grow 9 Sizes in 2 Years; Doctors Investigate Mysterious Skin Condition A campaign to combat childhood obesity; risks of laser hair removal. Mon, September 15 2014
E5 Breaking Health News; Woman Who Sweats Red: Is Her House Making Her Sick? The Doctors Investigates Health headlines; a woman's chronic, rust-colored sweat; a paralyzed war veteran walks again. Fri, September 12 2014
E4 Drs Exclusive: Teen Prank Puts Mom in Critical Condition; The Doctors Investigates: DIY Plastic Surgery Dangers A teen prank leaves a mother of four in critical condition; a procedure banishes unwanted body fat. Thu, September 11 2014
E3 Doctors Exclusives: Woman Spends $40K to Look Like Kim Kardashian; Epic High-Dive Accident Caught on Tape; Woman Goes on Pet Food Diet A woman goes to great lengths to look like reality star Kim Kardashian. Wed, September 10 2014
E2 I Survived a Real-Life Horror Movie; Breakthrough Treatment for Seizures; Twins Born 39 Days Apart; How Can Beer Cut Cancer Risk? Epilepsy; a quick procedure for a seizure-free life; a shark attack; twins born 39 days apart. Tue, September 09 2014
E1 The Doctors' Season 7 Premiere: Home Audience Giveaways of a Lifetime; How The Doctors Saved My Life; Extreme Weight Loss Makeover Inspirational stories of those who have overcome huge health hurdles and personal hardships. Mon, September 08 2014
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